How to obtain recipients’ acceptance on documents with Revv’s document management system?

How to Get Consent on Documents with a Document Management System? – Digital Sign-Offs Part 2

Electronic signatures make documents legally enforceable. But documents like quotes, bills of materials, offer letters, etc., may not always need an electronic signature to complete the process. An affirmation from recipients on such documents is enough to proceed to the next steps. Revv’s document management system facilitates this through its ‘Send for acceptance’ feature.

What is Revv’s ‘Send for acceptance’ feature?
Why should you opt for ‘Send for acceptance’ feature?
How does the ‘Send for acceptance’ process work in Revv’s document management software?
Revv – Driving the future of document automation
Revv’s pricing plans – Incomparable among other document management systems
Summing it up but there is more!
Frequently asked questions

What is Revv’s ‘Send for acceptance’ feature?

‘Send for acceptance’ is a free alternative to e-signature. 

These are soft signatures equivalent to a ‘clickwrap agreement’ where a user is required to tick on the checkbox of “I agree” or “I accept” when installing a software system, downloading a mobile app, browsing a website, etc. 

This soft signature feature works well for not-so-sensitive-documents that are produced in high volume. Signing off each of these kinds of documents with electronic signatures can be an expensive affair. 

Revv’s document management system offers users the flexibility to obtain recipients’ consent on documents through a simple process of sending for ‘acceptance.’ 

It benefits both small and large organizations in terms of cost-saving, ease-of-use, and freedom from paper documents.

Quick bite:

What is a document management system (DMS)? What are its key features?
A document management system is mostly a cloud-based solution that frees up businesses from the horrors of a paper-heavy and error-prone manual document management of files. 

A document management system is infused with automation features. The software helps to digitize the process of drafting, organizing, managing, controlling, and storing documents. It also provides a sturdy security system to protect the files. 

The document management system features list includes – ready-to-use templates, no-code workflow automation, eSignatures, real-time collaboration and tracking, business platforms integration, API integration, alerts, version control, access control, information management, records management, and file type conversion.

Why should you opt for ‘Send for acceptance’ feature?

What are the benefits of send for acceptance feature in Revv?

A free alternative to the electronic signature – Whether solopreneurs, startups, or larger organizations – signing documents is a key enabler of business processes. 

Depending on the document’s type and criticality, users can choose to close legally enforceable files with eSignatures or with just a formal acceptance from recipients.

Did you know?

Revv eSignatures are completely safe and secure, and follow all compliance measures of various governing bodies. For instance, the eSignatures adhere to eIDAS Regulations, UETA, and E-SIGN Act.
Besides compliance, Revv also gives flexibility to the signers to choose their signatures. For instance, if a recipient receives a document for eSign in Revv, he/she can sign it as they wish. 

They can:
Draw signature: Using a mouse or digital pen, signers can draw their signatures
Scan and upload: If you want to sign a document with your exact wet-ink signature, all you have to do is scan and upload the image of your signature to the platform. 
Pre-formatted text styles: Just type your name or initials or customize your name as you like by typing it. Revv will give you nice stylized signature options to pick from.
Connect crypto-wallet: You can even sign documents by connecting your crypto-wallet such as MetaMask.

Revv eSignature solution protects your sensitive documents with bank-grade security. Some of the benefits are:

– Freedom to sign documents from a desktop or mobile device.
OTP-based identity authentication via SMS.
– Flexibility to upload a PDF or DOCX file type and send for signature.
– Obtain crucial information from the recipients along with the signatures through the ‘Fill and Sign’ feature.
Know MoreLearn how to eSign a document?

Documents can be sent with requests for acceptance to internal teammates and external parties, just like an eSignature process.

While eSignatures may come at a price, getting acceptance on documents is completely free in Revv. 

Upload your own files – Businesses can upload multiple file types like Microsoft Office PDF and DOCX documents and send them for acceptance.

A touch of personalization – For better accountability, you can add personalized text and video when sending your documents for acceptance. The recipients can see the video when they open the document link sent to them via email. 

Enable recipients’ verification by video KYC (Know Your Customer) In today’s virtual workplace, businesses are running on an internet connection, and there are least in-person interactions. 

In such scenarios where documents are signed-off virtually, Revv brings in the video KYC feature to authenticate the identity of the recipients. 

Revv complies with the highest safety standards and has tight data security measures to keep videos protected. 

Easily accessible – With an internet connection and mobile access to documents, the documents can be accepted/rejected and closed faster within a few clicks, irrespective of where the recipient is.

Smart sharing – Revv facilitates easy sharing of electronic documents through magic and snap links. This enables external users to quickly view the files without signing into Revv.

Tracking and analyticsThe ‘Activity’ tab provides real-time monitoring on documents – who opened the document and when, how many times, when the document was accepted, etc. It helps identify the obstacles, where the document is stuck, and by whom, and speeds up the process.

Collaboration within the document – It frees up users from sharing and reviewing documents over long email threads. Both senders and recipients can collaborate over the document through notes and comments, tag other users with @mentions, and sort out their doubts. 

Some documents might require supporting files. Revv’s ‘attachments’ feature supports both the upload and download of supporting files.

Notifications – Once sent, the recipients receive email alerts to accept the documents. The sender will also be notified about the document activity via email. For instance, when the recipient opens the document for review, the sender will receive an email alert regarding the same.

Cloud storage – Cloud storage is an innate part of an electronic document management system. Cloud services enable users to quickly search and retrieve documents from an organized central repository, from any location, and at any time.   

Security and protected environment to process documents – Every recipient receives a document link unique to them. These links are highly secure and can only be accessed by the assigned recipients. Revv complies with the latest industry standards and provides heightened safety and security on documents. 

How does the ‘Send for acceptance’ process work in Revv’s document management software?

  1. First and foremost, sign up and set up your account in Revv. It is effortless and quick.
Sign-up in Revv - one of the best document management systems

2. Sign in to Revv’s document management software, click on the ‘Create document’ button, and start drafting the document.

How to send documents for acceptance with Revv's document management solution?

3. Revv document management solution provides options to –

How to search for templates in Revv's document management system?

4. To explain this ‘Send for acceptance’ process, we have selected a sales quote template.

The next step is editing the template. 

Create professional and visually appealing documents in a few minutes using Revv’s rich drag and drop text editor. 

Users can also edit documents by clicking on the plus (+) icon and selecting the required field. 

Revv also allows users to integrate Google Sheets and fetch price tables from Google Sheets to document.

How to customize data and information in a template with Revv's document management system?

5. When the document is ready, click on ‘Send’ button and select ‘Send for acceptance.’

How to obtain consent on documents with Revv's document management system?

6. Enter recipient(s) details – email id and name, add a message that should go to the recipient along with the document, and hit ‘Send for acceptance.’ You can also add a personalized video for the recipient.

Fill recipients' information before sharing the document for acceptance.

7. The recipient(s) receive an email to review and accept the document.

Revv's electronic document management sends automated email alerts to recipients to take actions on the doc.

8. When a recipient clicks on the ‘View document’ button, he/she can directly access the document and see the video message without logging into Revv. 

Revv shares document information to the recipients and notifies them through automated email alerts.

9. After reviewing, the recipient can accept/reject the document by clicking on the ‘Accept/Reject’ button.

Recipients can read the document's information directly by clicking on the link and accept/reject it.

10. When the recipient clicks on ‘Accept’ button – a window pops-up to add a supporting text or record a video before finally accepting the document.

11. Senders can keep an eye on the status of the shared document through ‘Activity’ tab – when the document was opened, by whom, how many times, etc.

Monitor activity on documents and see their status information in real-time through 'Activity' tab in Revv.

12. The sender also receives updates on document status through email alerts.

Revv's cloud-based system sends information on document status through email notifications.

Watch Video:

How to obtain consent from the recipient(s) through the ‘Send for acceptance’ feature in Revv?

Revv – Driving the future of document automation

Revv stands out from the many document management systems available today. It provides holistic management of web-based documents empowered by automation features that help businesses stay competitive in today’s virtual working environment.

The below points highlight how to automate workflow processes and achieve end-to-end management of electronic documents with Revv – 

A library of professional templates – Users spend hours scrolling the search engine to find the right template. Still, they struggle to find a comprehensive one. 
With a document management system like Revv, businesses get access to 1000+ customizable, design-rich, and legally-vetted templates with an easy-to-use text editor.

“What I love most about Revv is the template library. It saved me so much time on research and writing from scratch. Revv also enables speedy communication and allowed me to be more productive with the saved time. It is the right fit for my small startup.”William H, Owner, Pharmhill (Source – G2)

Greater business value through API integration – Revv’s advanced yet simple document management system enables seamless integration of business processes and product suite through native API integration. Create streamlined information management and records management across all third-party applications like customer relationship management (CRM), accounting software, and many more. 

Business apps integration through ZapierConnect Revv with other business applications through Zapier in just a few clicks, and automate repetitive and crucial document tasks. 

Integration of other business platforms with document management systems saves tremendous time and effort and helps achieve consistent data and information across all platforms.

Did you know?

With Revv’s Data Studio feature, transfer small to large data from your existing business platforms to documents in Revv easily. No special APIs or codes are needed for the data import. All you have to do is connect your business applications like Salesforce, Google Sheets, etc., and with a simple pick-and-drop feature map the required data to your documents.

No-code workflow automation – With in-built automation features, workflow tools, business applications integration proficiency, and an easy-to-use visual user interface (UI), Revv’s cloud-based document management software allows businesses to automate and streamline document workflows end-to-end – without any coding or programmer’s help.  

Let’s take an example and understand how an automated workflow runs with Revv’s integrated document management system – 

  1. A sales quote gets automatically generated in Revv’s document management system when a new lead is added to a customer relationship management system (CRM)
  2. The user edits and modifies the sales quote by using Revv’s rich drag-and-drop text editor 
  3. The user sends the quote to recipients through Revv’s ‘Send for acceptance’ feature 
  4. The recipient accepts the file. Once accepted, the file gets automatically stored in Google Drive

Automate internal approvals on documents – An outstanding feature of document management systems is the automation of internal approval workflow on documents and putting better document control in place.

With Revv, users can define conditions and actions for each workflow that, when triggered, automatically routes the electronic documents to respective approvers. 

Quick bite: The above example is just the tip of the iceberg. Revv is transforming the world of document automation by integrating and streamlining document workflow processes for all business documentssales quotes, non-disclosure agreements, and many more.

Restricted access to templates with user management – Protect the sensitive data in templates. A template owner can select who all can access or use a template. 

Analyze documents with Metalens – Revv is an intelligent machine-learning based document management system. 

Its Metalens feature empowers businesses to extract relevant data and identify important points from any PDF or DOCX file type within Revv.  This extracted data helps identify obstructions and unlock new findings that help set-up workflow and optimize a business process.

Payment integration – Collect online payments instantly by integrating Stripe within your proposals, quotes, and contracts. Revv doesn’t collect any charges on your transactions and all the payments are managed by Stripe.

Above all, Revv provides the most affordable pricing plans to empower each business, whether big or small, with document automation. 

What are the best document management systems?

Looking for a cloud-based document management system for your business? Here is a guide to finding the best document management systems for paper-free business processes.

Summing it up but there is more!

We have already covered the benefits and application of eSignature in the previous digital sign-off series blog. 

This blog explained the second sign-off feature in Revv – Send for acceptance. It took an in-depth view of how ‘send for acceptance’ can save time and money, increase productivity, and enhance user experience.

We are now sailing towards the third and concluding part of this blog, which talks about ‘Send for internal approval’ sign-off.

The blog will blow your mind because the ‘Send for approval’ feature is one of a kind!

This feature detangles the document mess most smartly. It streamlines document approval workflows and automates the approval process.

To know more, follow the blogHow to Automate Document Approval Workflows with Document Management System? – Digital Sign-Offs Part

Frequently asked questions

How to digitally sign a word document?

Revv, an all-in-one document management system, has simplified signing web-based document files like a Word document. The best part is that you can get it done for free. 

Follow these simple steps –

  • Sign up to Revv (Our experts will provide customizable plans suiting to your business needs) 
  • Use our templates or upload your doc file
  • Edit your document with the rich editor
  • Complete your review and approval processes 
  • Add signature placeholders in your document
  • Add recipients information
  • Send the file for electronic signatures

How to electronically sign a document?

Sign electronic documents with Revv’s document management software. 

Steps to send docs for eSign –

  • Create or upload electronic documents 
  • Add signature placeholder in the doc 
  • Add recipient details
  • Click send. An email is sent to the recipient

Steps to eSign a file –

  • Open the document link sent in the email
  • Click on the eSign box, and it is done

How to sign a document online for free?

Revv’s automation features allow you to create your own documents or upload PDF and DOCX files and send them for eSignatures. 

Revv is the best cloud-based document management solution that also offers a ‘Send for acceptance’ feature – a free and flexible alternative to eSign for the files that just need recipients’ consent to move forward, saving time and money.

Sign up with Revv today!

What are the three benefits of a document management system?

A document management solution provides distinguished benefits to businesses. 

Brings standardization and compliance – With document automation, transparent information management and records management, tracking mechanism, and centralized cloud-based storage, document management solutions foster a compliant environment where every move is detectable. 

Air-tight security – Storage of documents in physical cabinets or common folders increases the risk of documents falling into the wrong hands. Document management systems provide high-level security and store all the documents on a secure cloud server with restricted user access.

Enhanced productivity – A right document management software saves countless hours of document search, document creation, and unending email communications. With automated workflows, smart collaboration, easy retrieval, simplified routing, expandable storage capacity on the cloud, in-built electronic signature system, customizable templates, and many more – document management systems make the document processes more streamlined and efficient. 

What is the purpose of a document management system?

The purpose of a document management system is to make documents based operations more efficient and transparent. 

A document management software provides a clear framework to create, edit, share, store, and manage documents. 

Document management systems make working in today’s virtual business environment a cakewalk. It offers a suite of automation features. 

Document management systems provide – 

  • A secure cloud database to secure all document-related information
  • Indexing of documents for easy search
  • Version control
  • Document control
  • Document workflow automation
  • Business platform integrations
  • Permissioned access to files
  • Document monitoring features
  • Electronic signatures
  • Watertight security
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Backup and disaster recovery benefits
  • Mobile-friendly document processing
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