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Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.

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What I like best about Revv - Where do I start?  It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.

Eric Yohay

Salesflow, Inc.
It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customer having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
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Masai School

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about Revv? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us at


What is a business proposal?

The aim of a business proposal is to provide your prospective customer with an outline of the goods and services you offer. It is a marketing pitch that positions you as the best individual or business for a specific job, specific project, specific service, or specific product. It is a formal document created with the intent to secure business from a prospect.

What goes into a business proposal?

A business proposal will vary in content based on your industry and product or services you provide to your customers. The level of detail will change accordingly.

However here are a few sections that most business proposals include:
  1. A stunning cover page, for first impressions matter
  2. A brief Introduction or Executive Summary that outlines the problem faced by your prospects
  3. Company overview, this includes details of your team
  4. Clients, social proof, and qualifications that build credibility and set you apart from the competition
  5. Products and services you offer to address the problem faced by your customers
  6. Pricing and charges for the services offered
  7. Terms and conditions associated with the delivery of the solution
  8. A space for signatures to formalize the agreement.

What is the ideal length of a business proposal?

  1. What you are selling - A complex project might require a lengthier description than a specific job or service that may take only a few pages.
  2. Whom are you selling to - If you are selling to a new customer, you would want to include information like case studies, guarantees, testimonials, etc to make an impression. On the contrary, when an existing customer asks for a quick proposal, you can just provide specific information.
  3. The value to be exchanged - A high-value proposition accompanied by minimal information will drive the customer away. Focus on what information can be included and what you can leave out that doesn’t impact the buyer’s decision.
  4. Keep in mind is that the information shared should not confuse the customer, rather help them in making the right choice.

How do I write a proposal outline?

The outline of your proposal will rely on the information shared by your prospective customer.

By focusing on the customer’s asks and needs, you can create a proposal that addresses their requirements in a more direct manner. This can help convince the customer that you are the best fit for them.

Research your prospects well and create a tailored business proposal that closes deals for you.

What is a good business proposal?

A good business proposal is a value proposition that describes what the service provider brings to the table. How they can help the prospect or customer resolve their issues in the best way possible. A good proposal consists of information and plans explained in a simple manner that makes it easier to take the right decision within stipulated timelines.


Is a business proposal the same as a business plan?

No, a business plan is used to seek investment. A business plan outlines the health and operating environment of the business to help make an investment decision.

A business proposal is used to seek customers. It outlines your products and services that a customer will benefit from making a purchase decision.

What are business proposals used for?

Business proposals are drafted with an aim to convince potential clients to buy what you have to offer.

Proposals with a defined structure and well-researched information create a powerful impact on the buyer’s mind and fare well in a competitive crowd. It provides the buyer with sufficient information to make the right decision.

The exchange of a proposal between the buyer and the seller also helps to streamline the complex sales process.


What type of business proposals do I need?

There are six types of business proposals that can be divided into two broad categories -

The first three proposal types are created to obtain a new customer. The proposal is shared with them irrespective of whether they have requested it or not.

Research your prospects well and create a tailored business proposal that closes deals for you.
  1. Formally solicited
  2. Informally solicited
  3. Unsolicited
Research your prospects well and create a tailored business proposal that closes deals for you.
  1. Continuation
  2. Renew
  3. Supplemental

Business proposal templates from Revv

Business proposals are crucial documents and in specific cases time-bound as per customer’s requirements. This mounts the need to create powerful proposals that stand out.

Drafting a proposal from scratch can be time-consuming whereas the teams need to churn out quick proposals.

This is where Revv comes into play. We have a template library consisting of a variety of vetted proposals templates ready to use. You can easily customize these templates by signing up with Revv and share it with your prospective customer with just a few clicks.

Go through our template library and you might stumble upon the most perfect proposal for your business.

How can I create my own business proposal template?

We've made it super easy to create your own business proposal template with Revv

You can start by selecting one of the many business proposal templates in our library

Customize the document per your branding and business needs.Share online with your prospects for their signature.Reuse the template as often as needed.


How do I make a business proposal stand out?

We have various plans to suit your needs starting from a basic forever free plan. Our $99/month plan is our most popular one. We do NOT charge you based on number of users, you can add as many users as you require. The plans are consumption-based, such as on eSigns or storage you need/consume.
  1. Make a visual proposal - Business documents can get very text-heavy. Try to include visuals like photos and snapshots, present data in table formats. This will hold the attention of the reader.
  2. A well-structured format - Leverage vetted templates that provide a set structure that is easy to read through and understand.
  3. Use simple language - Communication is key to win customers. One must aim to convince prospects not confuse them. Avoid using technical jargon.
  4. Address issues directly - Don’t beat around the bush. Talk to the point. Don’t give unnecessary information to confuse the prospect or too little information which makes it difficult to make a decision.

What should be included in a proposal?

Proposals are usually drafted in response to RFPs ( request for proposal) sent out by prospects. Some prospects specify guidelines to share the proposal in a certain format. If not, then here are some standard components that must be included in your proposal
  1. Title page/Cover page - This includes the basic information like name of the proposal, prepared by, prepared for, company logo.
  2. Table of content (ToC) - The ToC helps to easily navigate through the document
  3. Executive summary - Lays the basic foundation explaining what is being offered, why should the prospect choose your offering, etc.
  4. Service offering - This component address the issue and how the service provider’s offering will help.
  5. Pricing - This is the key section that lists the pricing information about the offerings.
  6. About the company - Details about the service provider such as testimonials, similar successful projects, and positive customer feedback.
  7. Terms and conditions - The legal provisions that govern the overall agreement is mentioned under this component.
  8. Signature - This is where one will find the dotted line. The main aim of creating the proposal is to get your prospect to sign it.

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