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Looking for a business proposal template? Revv is a proposal software that helps you create stunning proposals in minutes.


Digital marketing proposals by Revv that helps you win deals and close deals faster.


Select from hundreds of professionally designed and legally vetted templates available in Revv, including sales proposals.


Looking for a market research proposal that will help you win deals and close sales pipeline faster? Revv is here to help.


Choose from the hundreds of legally vetted document templates like the web design proposal from Revv.


Looking for a public relations proposal or a business proposal, Revv helps you to create stunning proposal faster.

Over 400

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Finally, a Document Builder that's Powerful and Great Value!

Unshackle your business from paying for every user of your proposal software. Revv gives you an all-in-one document management solution that's easier on the pocket and unbeatable value for your business.
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Drag & Drop Proposal Builder

Easily create an stunning proposal in just a few minutes without writing any code.
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Online Sharing and Magic Links

No download required, share online using live or snap links to collaborate on proposals.
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eSignature and Soft-sign

Choice of using our bank grade secure eSignatures or soft-sign (Accept/Reject) to get consent for your proposals.
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Activity Tracking and Notifications

Your proposals work while you sleep. Keep a track of who opened the email, opened the proposal, and signed it.
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Google Sheet Integration

Pull in pricing, inventory, or product information from Google Sheets into your proposal, no copy-paste needed.
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Readymade Proposal Templates

Select from hundreds of ready-to-use proposal templates to save even more time.
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Form-driven Proposals

Use proposals as forms to upload information and attachments, reduce data scattered in email.
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Payments Made Easy

Direct integration with payment providers such as Stripe for adding payment options to your proposals.
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Comments, Notes, and Attachments

Converse with your team and customers on the proposal itself. Attach all relevant information right there for reference.
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Zapier Integration

Connect to 1000+ business apps and create workflows using Zapier. Move data and signed proposals across systems per your process

Top 4 Reasons Why Professionals love Revv

Revv is the perfect proposal maker solution for YOU. Here's why over 3,000 smart business owners, agencies, service providers, and consultants love Revv, and you will too!
Use Revv templates to build your documents that caters to the needs of business owners and sales teams.


Build Proposals in minutes, not hours

Use our extensive Template library to quickly select the template that meets your needs. Revv is continuously improving and adding to its library of proposal templates. Templates tailored to the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. Templates drafted by experts. Templates legally vetted. Templates universally accepted. Templates for Speed, Simplicity, and Success.


All the features that you need to make a successful proposal

Personalize templates to make your brand shine. Add in stunning cover pages, images, tables in a magazine layout for a proposal to impress your customers. Convert proposals into forms with radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down options for faster selction and closure of deals. Efficiently communicate between proposals and your business applications directly or using Zapier.
Use Revv, a next gen proposal software and avail all of its stunning features like the ability to customize cover themes.
Invite team members to your document to draft and execute business documents with Revv, your proposal software.


Smarter collaboration, Faster closing

Work together fluidly from wherever you are. Invite your team or clients to instantly create and execute documents in a single frictionless workspace. Securely share documents with stakeholders via a magic link or snap link for faster reviews. Track path to closure with emails opens, document access, and consent actions. Get an audit log post closure to track document history, be in control at all times.


Paperless and contactless, no downloads required

Put an end to manual signing, scanning and uploading documents. Request and track secure e-signatures from all parties to close documents faster. Close using our soft-sign for proposals that need consent but not eSign. Organize your documents in any way you do business. Organize folders based on employee, partner, customers, unlimited ways.
Send across documents faster for esignature with a proposal software like Revv.

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Revv Blog & Resources

Learn how to create a business proposal in this blog by Revv, your no code proposal software.

How to Write a Business Proposal That Stands Out?

Business proposals are document offerings to prospects. It is critical that you know how to write a business proposal that holds the prospective client’s interests.
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Use Revv, your next gen proposal software to automate sales quote process.

How to Create a Sales Quote Automation Process through Business Apps Integration?

Learn how to create and streamline sales quote automation with Revv through business apps integration – Zoho CRM, Zapier, and Google Sheets.
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Use Revv to draft, share, esign your sales order forms.

Master the Order of Order Form (from Templates)

An order form is an agreement, a legally binding document that lists down products and/or services required to be bought, sold, delivered, and received as per the agreed terms and conditions.
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3000+ Companies trust Revv with their documents

Built for Service Providers, Professional Services, Agencies, Freelancers, and Consultants

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Brett Suarez
Salesflow Inc.

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Great software for proposals. Love the Feature that shows if the recipient had opened the proposal/document.
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These icons represent the reviews that Revv has received in various platforms like G2, Capterra, etc.

Julie Preval
Earth Insurance Agency & More Inc.

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Best Company....Amazing, Outstanding CST. Love!
Everything is amazing and the immediate assistance to any issues outstanding. The energy you receive along with service is incomparable.
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These icons represent the reviews that Revv has received in various platforms like G2, Capterra, etc.

Luis Miro
Crawler Web Solutions

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Boosts Efficiency and production. I love how easy and efficient it is to use the software.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about Revv? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us at
  • Who should use Revv?

      Revv is perfect for business owners, service providers, freelancers, consultants, agencies, and basically everyone else. If you want to create a custom proposal, then you need to use Revv.

  • What’s required to use Revv?

    • Revv is a web application just as Gmail is. All you need is to sign-up for the service and get started

  • Do I need coding skills to use Revv?

    • Absolutely not. You can create and edit proposal without any coding knowledge. Revv is amongst the most user friendly proposal builder solutions in the market.

  • How much do I pay for Revv?

    • We have various plans to suit your needs starting from a basic forever free plan. Our $49/month plan is our most popular one. We do NOT charge you based on number of users, you can add as many users as you need. The plans are consumption-based, such as on eSigns or storage you need/consume.

  • Can I eSign the proposals I created?

    • Yes, Revv has in-built eSignature support. If you don't need eSign, you can also send for soft-sign (or Accept/Reject) to obtain consent for the proposal you send to your clients.

  • What is the ideal length of a business proposal?

    • The answer to this question relies a lot on the following factors

      What you are selling - A complex project might require a lengthier description than a specific job or service that may take only a few pages.

      Whom are you selling to - If you are selling to a new customer, you would want to include information like case studies, guarantees, testimonials, etc to make an impression. On the contrary, when an existing customer asks for a quick proposal, you can just provide specific information.

      The value to be exchanged - A high-value proposition accompanied by minimal information will drive the customer away. Focus on what information can be included and what you can leave out that doesn’t impact the buyer’s decision.

      Keep in mind is that the information shared should not confuse the customer, rather help them in making the right choice.

  • How do I write a proposal outline?

    • The outline of your proposal will rely on the information shared by your prospective customer.

      By focusing on the customer’s asks and needs, you can create a proposal that addresses their requirements in a more direct manner. This can help convince the customer that you are the best fit for them.

      Research your prospects well and create a tailored business proposal that closes deals for you.

  • What goes into a business proposal?

    • A business proposal will vary in content based on your industry and product or services you provide to your customers. The level of detail will change accordingly.

      However here are a few sections that most business proposals include:

      A stunning cover page, for first impressions matter

      A brief Introduction or Executive Summary that outlines the problem faced by your prospects

      Company overview, this includes details of your team

      Clients, social proof, and qualifications that build credibility and set you apart from the competition

      Products and services you offer to address the problem faced by your customers

      Pricing and charges for the services offered

      Terms and conditions associated with the delivery of the solution

      A space for signatures to formalize the agreement.

  • What are proposals used for?

    • Proposals are drafted with an aim to convince potential clients to buy what you have to offer.

      Proposals with a defined structure and well-researched information create a powerful impact on the buyer’s mind and fare well in a competitive crowd. It provides the buyer with sufficient information to make the right decision.

      The exchange of a proposal between the buyer and the seller also helps to streamline the complex sales process.

  • Business proposal templates from Revv

    • Business proposals are crucial documents and in specific cases time-bound as per customer’s requirements. This mounts the need to create powerful proposals that stand out.

      Drafting a proposal from scratch can be time-consuming whereas the teams need to churn out quick proposals.

      This is where Revv comes into play. We have a template library consisting of a variety of vetted proposals templates ready to use. You can easily customize these templates by signing up with Revv and share it with your prospective customer with just a few clicks.

      Go through our template library and you might stumble upon the most perfect proposal for your business.

  • How can I create my own business proposal template?

    • We've made it super easy to create your own business proposal template with Revv

      You can start by selecting one of the many business proposal templates in our library

      Customize the document per your branding and business needs.Share online with your prospects for their signature.Reuse the template as often as needed.

  • Can I create proposals in my local language?

    • Revv supports unicode which is a world standard for text and emoji. We support all left to right scripts for the proposal content.

  • What is the best proposal software?

    • The best proposal software is the one that serves your purpose the best. Here are some features that an ideal proposal software must possess

      1. Provides proposal templates
      2. Easy document editor to customize proposals as per the requirements
      3. Enables smooth collaboration
      4. Ability to track activities within the proposal
      5. Set up workflows
      6. Flawless provision for eSignature

  • What is proposal management software?

    • A proposal management software is a tool that can be used by knowledge workers, consultants, agencies, sales teams, solopreneurs, freelancers, or anyone looking to create proposal documents. Using such cloud-based software brings efficiency to the sales process. It helps save time by automating workflow setup, shortening the review process, and enabling follow-up notifications. It lets you focus on primary tasks.

  • How do you turn a contract into a proposal?

    • A proposal cannot turn into a contract. These are both two different documents, used for different purposes. A contract is a legally binding agreement consisting of core elements - offer, acceptance of offer, consideration, and mutual agreement. Whereas, a proposal is simply an offer drafted by one party and shared to another party as a service or solution. Only when a proposal is accepted and terms agreed by both parties that a formal contract is drawn to officiate the transaction and make it enforceable in the court of law.

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