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Esignature your documents with Revv without installation or signing up.

Finally, an eSign solution that comes with a Powerful Document Builder at Great Value!

Unshackle your business from paying for every user of your eSignature software. Revv gives you an eSignature platform along with all-in-one document management solution that's unbeatable value for your business.
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eSignature and Soft-sign

Choice of using our bank grade secure eSignatures or soft-sign (Accept/Reject) to get consent for your documents.
Use Revv's form driven document template feature to send across business documents faster.

Form-driven Documents

Use documents as forms to upload information and attachments, reduce data scattered in email, eSign the filled form.
Collab with stakeholders easily with Revv.

Collaboration-friendly Pricing

No limits on number of clients and users you can invite to the platform. $49/month is great value for any business
The document builder of Revv editor allows you to add text, tables, images etc. by dragging and dropping.

Drag & Drop Document Builder

Easily create stunning and professional documents in just a few minutes without writing any code.
Share business documents online with Magic Link feature of Revv.

Online Sharing & Magic Links

No download required, share online using live or snap links to collaborate on your documents.
Track activity on the document with Revv. This is a tracking activity icon.

Activity Tracking and Notifications

Your documents work while you sleep. Keep a track of who opened the email, opened the proposal, quote, or contract, and signed it.
Send across pdf for esignatures and share it with stakeholders from Revv, your all in one document management solution.

Upload PDF, send for eSignature

Create documents using Revv, or upload existing documents, add in the signature placeholders, and send for signature.
Easily integrate payment links directly on your business documents with Revv.

Get Consent and Payments

Direct integration with payment providers such as Stripe for adding payment options to your proposals, quotes, and invoices.
Choose from the hundreds of legally vetted document templates available at Revv.

Readymade Document Templates

Select from hundreds of ready-to-use proposal, quote, and contract templates to save even more time.
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Zapier Integration

Connect to 1000+ business apps and create workflows using Zapier. Push the signed document to downstream apps automatically.
Unlimited users. No risk. No credit card required

Top 4 Reasons Why Professionals love Revv

Revv is the perfect eSignature solution for YOU. Here's why over 3,000 smart business owners, agencies, service providers, and consultants love Revv, and you will too!
Quickly sign esignatures to your documents with Revv's esignature feature.


Paperless and contactless, no downloads required

Put an end to manual signing, scanning and uploading documents. Request and track secure e-signatures from all parties to close deals faster. Close using our soft-sign for proposals and quotes that need consent but not eSign. Organize your documents in any way you do business. Organize folders based on resellers, partners, customers, unlimited ways.


Smarter collaboration, Faster closing

Work together fluidly from wherever you are. Invite your team or clients to instantly create and close documents in a single frictionless workspace. Securely share documents with stakeholders via a magic link or snap link for faster reviews. Track path to closure with emails opens, document access, and consent actions. Get an audit log post closure to track document history, be in control at all times.
Quickly add notes to your business documents along with your esignature and close deals faster with Revv.
Looking for business document templates along with esignatures? Check out Revv's offerings here.


Build and Sign Documents in minutes, not hours

Use our extensive Template library to quickly select the template that meets your needs. Revv is continuously improving and adding to its library of document templates. Templates tailored to the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. Templates drafted by experts. Templates legally vetted. Templates universally accepted. Templates for Speed, Simplicity, and Success.


All the features that you need to make a successful document

Personalize templates to make your brand shine. Add in stunning cover pages, images, tables in a magazine layout for a quote to impress your customers. Convert documents into forms with radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down options for faster selection and closure of deals. Efficiently communicate between documents and your business applications directly or using Zapier.
Check out Revv's offering with its esignature feature that adds value to your business.

Revv is the perfect document builder for YOU. Simplify personalized document generation using forms and templates, collect electronic signatures, and accept payments — all on one, powerful platform.



Document essentials for freelancers, on-demand services, and new businesses.

  1. Ready-to-use 400+ templates and forms for you to customize for your business
  2. Create custom templates and forms
  3. Drag-and-Drop eSignatures, sign on any device
  4. Upload PDF & word documents, send for eSign
  5. Collect payments using Stripe
  6. Save unlimited documents securely in a central repository
  7. 3 e-Signs free
  8. Upto 2 users
  9. 5GB storage


Unlimited users

Document suite for teams, owner-operators, agents, brokers, and professional service providers.

Everything in our Basic plan plus:

  1. Advanced eSignatures including in-app recipient activity tracking
  2. Advanced repository management with role based document access
  3. Metalens powered document data extraction for use by downstream apps
  4. Bring in pricing, inventory, salary and other tabulated information from Google sheets
  5. Connect your documents to other business apps via Zapier
  6. 10 e-Signs/month free
  7. Upto 10 users
  8. 30GB storage
For all our paid plans - Unlimited users, Unlimited documents, Unlimited downloads, 24x7 customer support, and dedicated onboarding,

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about Revv? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us at
  • Who should use Revv?

      Revv is perfect for business owners, service providers, freelancers, consultants, agencies, and basically everyone else. If you want to send a proposal, quote, or invoice for eSignature, then you need to use Revv.

  • What’s required to use Revv?

    • Revv is a web application just as Gmail is. All you need is to sign-up for the service and get started

  • Do I need coding skills to use Revv?

    • Absolutely not. You can create and edit a quote without any coding knowledge. Revv is amongst the most user friendly quote builder solutions in the market.

  • How much do I pay for Revv?

    • We have various plans to suit your needs starting from a basic forever free plan. Our $49/month plan is our most popular one. We do NOT charge you based on number of users, you can add as many users as you require. The plans are consumption-based, such as on eSigns or storage you need/consume.

  • What is an electronic signature?

    • While definitions vary slightly from country to country, in the United States, the the Federal ESIGN Act of 2000 (, provides the following definition:

      The term "electronic signature" means an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

  • What documents are electronic signatures used for?

    • Electronic signatures can be used for various document types including:

      • Sales and Business proposals
      • Quotes and Invoices
      • Employment offer letter and agreements
      • Non-disclosure or Non-compete agreements
      • Leases & Rental agreements, both residential or commercial
      • Forms used by Banks, Loan Providers, Insurance Companies and other financial institutions
      • Application and onboarding forms for Schools
      • Consent and Permission slips (such as a time-off request)

      Some documents that need to notarized or registered with a court of law may however not support electronic signatures. Please check your local regulations for signatures on such documents.

    • Using Revv to automate and streamline the quote creation process, ensure you not only save time but also reduce manual copy-paste errors so that you win more deals

  • Are electronic signatures legal?

    • Yes. Electronic signatures are considered legal and recognized as a substitute for handwritten signatures by various countries across the world.

      There are local nuances and legality may vary slightly based on the governing authorities, but they usually define how electronic signatures need to be captured to deem them legal. Primarily, this pertains to ensuring that the person signing the document was the correct person, had the intent to sign, and the process can be audited for compliance.

      We advise you check with your local legal counsel to affirm if electronic signatures are valid in your country and if there are any special requirements for the process.

  • Why should I use electronic signatures?

    • There are a number of reasons why you and your business may want to consider using electronic signature:
      Go Paperless, Contactless.
      With the world we live in today, it's so much more time consuming to get wet signatures. You waste both time and money in shipping documents from one location to another! .
      eSignatures become a faster and more cost effective option than handwritten signature requests.
      For the most part, eSigned documents are considered legal replacements for handwritten signatures.
      Digital documents consume no paper! And are easier to store and organize.
      Digital documents are easier to extract data from, and build workflows on which is otherwise a very manual and error prone process.

  • How do I create an electronic signature online?

    • Online signature has paved its way through businesses putting wet signatures on the back seat. This makes it essential to create your electronic signature and speed up the document closure process. Follow these steps:

      • Create or upload the document into the electronic signature application like Revv
      • Drag and drop the eSign component in your document where you need the signature
      • Click send. The eSign application will email a link to the recipient to for signature

    • Steps to follow when you receive an email to eSign a document:

      • Click the link and open the document
      • See where you need to eSign. Click on the eSign box with your name and you are done.

  • How do I sign my name electronically?

  • How can I create an electronic signature for free?

    • You can electronically sign documents with a single click through any electronic signature app. Some apps offers limited number of free signatures to try and see if it works as per your requirement. Sign up with Revv and eSign 3 documents for free.

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These icons represent the reviews that Revv has received in various platforms like G2, Capterra, etc.

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Everything is amazing and the immediate assistance to any issues outstanding. The energy you receive along with service is incomparable.
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