How do I create multiple documents using form-based templates?
  • 16 Mar 2021
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How do I create multiple documents using form-based templates?

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Article Summary

To create multiple documents from a form-based template, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Revv using your credentials.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Select an already-created form template from your list or you can create a form-based template.
  4. Publish the template as a form template.
  5. Click the drop-down button beside Create.
  6. Click Create documents in bulk.
  7. Click Download CSV to download the CSV file that contains the description of all form fields included in the template.
    Note: The names of form fields are represented as the column headers.
  8. Enter the details that you want to be included in your documents.
    Note: You create the same number of documents as the number of rows you add in the CSV file.
  9. Go to the Revv Templates page. Either drag and drop the CSV file or click browse to upload the file from your system.
  10. If you want to send documents only and not send the documents to recipients, check the checkbox beside Create documents only. Do not send to recipients.
  11. Click Create documents.
    Note: If you want to create and send documents, then do not check the checkbox besideCreate documents only. Do not send to recipients.
  12. If you have not checked the checkbox, then click Create and send documents.

You have successfully created the documents and you can view them on the Documents page.


  • You can create up to 10 documents at once. To create more documents, contact us at
  • You cannot create documents if the uploaded CSV file does not contain mandatory data.

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