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Revv for Financial Services - accelerate loan processes, upload PDF tax forms and eSign insurance documents with one-click.  

CPAs, tax consultants, brokers, wealth advisors, agents and other professionals in the financial services industry use Revv  to execute, file and eSign time sensitive documents with crucial information. With Revv, you can share secure document links and quickly eSign PDF and DOCX form types, ensuring an efficient signing and
closing process.
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A modern document workflow automation system designed to transform the financial services industry

Generate proficient insurance and tax forms with Revv's all-in-one document composer. You can assign specific recipients to fill fields in forms, get all the required signatures on time, while adhering to the necessary requirements laid down by IRS in compliance with the GLBA act.
You can upload any PDF and DOCX files like form 1099 (miscellaneous income) , W2 (wage & tax statement) in Revv, add signatory blocks, and file your e-returns without any hassle.

Upload and send your PDF/ DOCX files

Upload or create your own PDF or DOCX documents efficiently in Revv. Edit the document as per client requirements, add signature blocks, and share it for eSign.
Sign your documents with Revv's bank grade security eSign feature and get an evidence summary and audit trail of your online signature. eSign form 1040 and electronically file your returns with IRS.

ESign and soft sign tax forms with ease

Share your document with recipients for eSign where they can - click to sign, draw signature, or eSign with initials. Revv captures every eSign transaction with the evidence summmary. With IRS's e-file signature authorization (Form - 8879), you can easily e-file your returns digitally.
 Keep a track of your document activities and status with Revv's activity feature through real time notifications

Track users' activities in your document

Monitor users' activities on your shared documents - you can see who has opened the email, who viewed the tax forms, and who has eSigned it. Such tracking helps to identify and clear bottlenecks and ensure a smooth process flow.
Update form fields and upload CSV to Revv & generate documents in bulk to share for eSign.

Create and send documents in bulk

Revv lets you draft and send multiple documents at one go using CSV files. Generate multiple documents by auto-populating form fields data at once and send the documents to recipients for eSignature.
Assign recipients, get relevant details, ready your tax forms like 1120, 943, W4 to esign and file returns on time.

Assign recipients to update forms efficiently

Assign the filling and updating of form fields to specific recipients and ensure faster closure of transactions.
Revv's two factor authentication ensures the forms and documents are secure and accessed by rightful recipients for review or eSignature.

Ensure document safety with two-factor authentication

The OTP-based identity authentication allows Revv users to mitigate risks, keep a check on fradulent activites, and ensure safety of your documents.
Collect data from recipients,create document and send for eSignature.

Publish fillable forms and collect data

Create form-based templates with a shareable link. This can be posted on web or shared anywhere to collect data via easy form fill.
Revv's template library offers a range of templates to kickstart your document creation process.

Leverage ready-to-use document templates

Utilize readymade vetted templates to draft legal documents in compliance with GLBA act as a requirement for financial institutions. Revv offers 1000+ ready-to-use templates for you to start with.
Use Revv's magic link or snap link to quickly share time sensitive documents like tax forms with the recipients online.

Share documents conveniently with online sharing and magic links

You can send the document link that can be shared and opened with a click. There is no hassle to download documents which enables faster processing.
Cooordinate & collaborate within the document in revv using notes, comments, @mentions.

Collaborate in notes and comments, and add attachments

Work in tandem with your team and client by collaborating within the document through notes and comments. You can also add relevant files as attachments in the document.
Revv's native API, Zapier and retool integrations allows to stitch together, multiple applications and automate the overall process.

Integrate with multiple business applications

Use Revv’s APIs and a no-code, low-code platform to create your internal applications without any hassle. Get Zapier and Retool integration capabilities to connect your account with different business applications from where the data needs to be retrieved.

Top 4 Reasons Why Financial Services Industry professionals love Revv

Revv is the perfect document automation solution that empowers CPAs, accountants, agents and consultants to streamline document process and be proactive in their tax planning or wealth management opportunities.

You can now focus on your client's financial success with knowledge,
expertise and trailblazing technology


Create, manage, and store electronic documents

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and filling cabinets and enjoy the power of doing paperless business.

It's time to take charge of your document process and digitize the way you do business.

Create insurance documents, eSign online tax forms with one click and manage all the documents by organizing them in folders to make it easily
retrievable for any future reference.
Document and form templates
Organize in folders
Stop chasing paper. Get onboarded with Revv and digitize the way you manage financial documents and tax forms for your business.
Collect specific information you need and create required documents with right inputs to reduce unnecessary back and forth email exchange for updates and changes.


Form-driven documents

Reduce the data scatter over your emails. Create form-based documents and capture relevant information.

You can assign specific recipients to your form fields to obtain correct and required information without much hassle.

Once all the details are entered and reviewed, the recipient can eSign with one click and close the transaction.
Publish fillable forms
Create bulk documents using form


Grade A security and compliance

Revv complies with all the industry standards to ensure that all customer documents and data are safe.

All the required cloud and payment certifications are in place along with a proper eSignature authentication certificate.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that you focus on your business' and your client's primary requirements while Revv manages your documents and forms.
Bank-grade eSignature
Certified cloud infrastructure
Certified payment gateway
With Revv, electronically sign all tax forms and documents deemed valid for eSign by Internal Revenue System like form 1066 (tax return for real estate mortgage), form 1128 (adapt, change, or retain a tax year) and more.
Know the status of your documents, keep a check on the user activity and manage the access control of your documents within Revv.


Efficient tracking with a smooth workflow to enable faster closure

Revv offers you with the capability to keep track of the activities happening within the document.

You can see various information such as who opened the email, who viewed the document with date and time, and who eSigned the document.

With access control, you can limit the number of users who can view or edit the document which helps to uphold the confidentiality norms.
Document activity tracker
Document access control


Affordable and flexible pricing plans to align with your business requirements

Save upto 20% on Annual plans



Legally Binding eSignatures
Unlimited Documents
Audit Trail
Kanban Dashboard



Per user, per month
Document Studio
Reusable Templates
Access to 400+ Templates
Document Tracking
Email and Chat Support



Per user, per month
2FA eSignatures
CRM Integration
Zapier and Integromat Access
Bulk Send
Approval Workflows
Notes and Attachments
Unlimited Document Storage



Per user, per month
eSignature over SMS
Custom Branding
Clause Options and Content Locking
Advanced Workflow and Approval
Workspace Management
Powerful APIs
SSO Support
Salesforce Integration
Video Consent
Performance Reports
Dedicated Account Manager and Onboarding
Advanced API Access and Business Apps Integration
Premium Support
Custom Email Domain
Quoting Engine
AI enabled Contract Analyzer
Custom plan designed to meet your enterprise level needs



10,000+ Companies trust Revv with their
eSignature workflow

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.

Raphael R.

Chief Marketing Officer
Robertson Marketing & Branding
What I like best about Revv - Where do I start?  It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.

Eric Yohay

Salesflow, Inc.
It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customer having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
The transparency and operational efficiency are very high while using Revv because it resolves all the operational problems. Our team are highly benefitted in terms of saving turnaround time and operational cost. The eSign feature of Revv is as good as in-person doing this exercise ensuring the legality of eSigns and documents.

Yogesh Bhat

Co-founder and Senior Vice President
Masai School

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about Revv? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us at


How many documents can I send for eSignatures?

With Revv you don't have to worry about any limit with eSignatures. All our plans offer unlimited legally valid, tamper proof eSignatures.

Who should use Revv?

Revv caters to the needs of business owners, startups, service providers, freelancers, consultants and agencies for all businesses and departments. Whether you want to fill out a tax form, need to get your insurance document eSigned or safely store your insurance and tax forms, you can do all of this on a single platform within Revv.

What's required to use Revv?

Revv is a web-based and cloud based platfrom like Gmail. All you need is to Sign up with Revv and get started with the tool.

Do I need coding skills to use Revv?

Absolutely not. You can create, manage, track, store and eSign all you financial documents and tax forms without the need for any coding skills. Revv is the most user-friendly document composer and automation tool in the market.


What is a document automation workflow platform?

It is an all-in-one cloud based platform that lets users create, manage, store and eSign documents digitally. A document automation workflow platform brings efficiency to your business by automating overall document process and modernizing commercial operations. It ensures faster document signing and closing of transactions with automated workflows.

What does document automation workflow platform mean for the financial services industry?

Financial services industry comprising of CPAs and other finance professionals can definitely use a document automation platform like Revv. These tools focus not just on creation part of the document process but also on the process that follows. With document automation systems like Revv, you can send the document for review, easily collaborate with team members, track user activity, manage who sees your documents and safely store and retireve documents as required in future for any reference. Revv offers grade A security and compliance to it's user and ensures safety of all the critical documents being managed in Revv.  


Why should I use Revv to eSign forms and documents?

Working as a CPA or tax consultant in the financial services industry means working with multitudes of online tax forms and insurance documents that needs to be updated and signed. With Revv's seamless workflow, you can -
  1. Upload PDFs and DOCX files, add signatory blocks within the document and send it to recipients for eSignature.
  2. Send a document for eSign via SMS for easier access to the recipient.
  3. Get access to the evidence summary that defines the actions in the document for every transaction in Revv.
  4. Authenticate your eSign process with added layer of security - SMS and email based authentication.

What types of eSignature options are available at Revv?

Revv offers three types of eSignsture -
  1. Click to sign - The user needs to click the signature block and complete the signing process.
  2. Draw signature - As the name suggests, user can draw a handwritten signature on their computer with a mouse or stylus or using finger touch on a touch screen device like tablet or mobile phone.
  3. Click to initial - With this signature type, the user can click to sign their intials in the document. Click-to-Initial would typically be used in conjunction with the Click-to-Sign signature method.

Can I send documents in bulk for eSign?

Yes. You can create multiple documents with the same template and send all the documents for signature in one go.

Select the template with form fields from which you have to create the document or create your own template.

Download its CSV format and enter the required information in the form field cells. One row for each document. All this information will be auto-populated when you upload the CSV file and generate multiple documents from it.


Where can I get IRS tax forms 2021?

All the IRS tax forms are readily available 24/7 on the IRS website. If you are not looking for online tax forms, you can visit 1 of the 401 Taxpayer Assistance Centers where IRS offers in person assistance. In the tax filling season, libraries and post offices offer free tax forms to tax payers.

How many IRS forms are there?

The IRS website has over 800 tax forms, documents and schedules in the United states.

What are the top 8 IRS forms you need to know?

The top 8 IRS tax forms that you need to know about are -
  1. Form 1040-EZ
  2. Form 1040 - US Individual tax returns
  3. Schedule A to form 1040 itemized deductions
  4. Form 1099 INT - interest income
  5. Schedule C to Form 1040, Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship)
  6. Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income
  7. Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  8. Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
You can access all these forms on the IRS portal.

Can you eSign tax returns?

Taxpayers with IRS e-file signature authorization forms 8878 and 8879 can electronically sign online tax form forms 1040 for federal tax returns or file for extensions. You can eSign and electronically submit these forms to Electronic Return Originator (ERO). Please check the IRS website for the latest guidelines.


What are the 4 types of Insurance that everyone needs?

Securing insurance documents is a means to safeguard yourself from any unexpected future event. Here are four insurance types that is recommend to have by financial experts -
  1. Life insurance
  2. Health insurance
  3. Long-term disability coverage
  4. Auto insurance
You can leverage Revv template library to create your insurance quote and share it with potentail insurance carrier to obtain justified rates on your policy.

What are the 7 types of insurance businesses need?

Businesses are exposed to risk from day one. Fortunately, businesses today have a wide range of insurance types to safeguard them from any mishaps. These are some insurance type that are a must have  -
  1. Professional liability insurance -  covers a business against negligence claims due to mistake or failure to perform
  2. Property insurance - Every business has property whether owned or leased, so this insurance is a must
  3. Worker's compensation insurance - This should be a part of the business insurance policy top protect your employees
  4. Product liability insurance -   If your business manufactures & sells products, this insurance is a must for you
  5. Business interruption insurance - This insurance helps to recover business losses in case of an occurence beyond control like earthquake, pandemic, etc.
  6. Home-based business
  7. Vehicle insurance

What is a claim form in insurance ?

A claim form is an insurance document that consists for details about the accident or illness in question. The form is used by the insurance company to determine the expense amount that will be provided to the insuree against the claim made.

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