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Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing Proposal


[Digital marketing company] has been a top provider of expert digital marketing services since [Year of establishment]. We are located at [Mention location] and are founded by [Founders name], who is known to be [Mention founder’s accolades and details].

We have over the [Time period] years served over [Mention no. of clients] clients who are satisfied with our systematic and timely approach. We help strengthen a brand’s visibility online by creating customized digital marketing strategies that align with the client’s business requirements. We aim to [Mention the goals] by [Mention the methods you plan to meet your goals]. [Add More]

Our Team

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[About name]
[About name]
[About name]

The Challenge

[Digital marketing company] has observed certain gaps that most digital marketers may not address. Here are a few observations:

1. [Pricing]
2. [Use of third party materials]
3. [Add Pain Point]

However, [Digital marketing company] have found the solutions to these issues and prefer doing things differently.  [Add how you are different, talk about your USP]. 

Why us?

By hiring [Digital marketing company], [Client name] need not worry the outcome. We offer high-quality, budget-friendly digital marketing solutions that can be availed by solopreneurs, SMBs, bigger enterprises, and more.

We also like to work in a systematic manner, keeping deadlines in mind. [Add more benefits, that ensures you win the deal]


Our services include the following.

1. SEO

We will help implement the latest SEO techniques (such as optimize the website using relevant keywords, monitor domains, sub-domains, backlinks, and more) that will enhance the website's visibility in search engines.

2. PPC Advertising

Our unique pay-per-click strategy has proved to be a vital tool for our customers to maximize their customer base. We use a special PPC plan that helps in getting the client’s website more user exposure.

3. Social Media Marketing

We offer [Mention offerings] that help’s the client’s products gain visibility on various social media channels and platforms. We have a team of marketers, who creates campaigns, slogans, and more.

4. Email Marketing

We assist in collaborating with more customers by sending comprehensive emails to increase a company’s growth. Our team takes special care to plan and write the content that goes across, to enhance a company’s visibility.

5. [Other Services]

Project Framework

We have created the framework for the services requested by [Client name]. This includes the services, tentative timelines, and costs.

Scope of Work



Analytics Implementation, Website Audit, Content and Keyword Research
[Time Period]
Website design
[Time Period]
Campaign content strategy
[Time Period]
SEO Optimization
[Time Period]
Social Media Monitoring
[Time Period]
Other digital marketing services
[Time Period]




Website Design
$ [0.00]
Campaign content strategy
$ [0.00]
SEO Optimization
$ [0.00]
$ [0.00]
TOTAL (Inclusive of all taxes) :
$ [0.00]

Client Testimonials

Here is the feedback received from our clients:
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[Client Testimonial]
[Client Testimonial]
[Client Testimonial]

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment Terms: All payments have to be done in USD by [Payment Method]. The initial payment must be cleared to be on-board with the project. The client has a time of [Time period] to make the due payments for the project to move forward. The failure of making the payment beyond the default period will result in a breach of contractual terms and further actions.
  1. Licenses, Approvals, and Agreements: [Company Name] assume [Client Name] has permission from the rightful owner to use any code, data, and reports that are provided by [Client Name] for inclusion in the campaign materials and will indemnify [Company Name] from any claim or suit arising from the use of such work.
  1. Warranty of Services: [Company Name] guarantees that all services will be completed within the agreed upon time-frame. All information that is considered proprietary by the Client will be handled with confidentiality during and after the term of the contract. All suggestions for improvement and corrections are welcome.

Acceptance and Signature

If you like to avail our services, please acknowledge by signing below. You can always contact us for any other assistance or details.
[Client Name]

[Digital marketing company name]
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For further queries
Visit us at [Company Website]
Contact us at [Company Contact Number(s)]
Write to us at [Company Email]
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Free Digital Marketing Proposal Template | Advertising Contract Sample

Revv’s Digital Marketing Proposal template is all you need to showcase your remarkable skills in digital marketing and attract great opportunities as well as potential customers.
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What's this?

What is a digital marketing proposal?

A digital marketing proposal is a tool used to convince potential clients to consider one’s digital marketing services over others. It is a detailed document that lists the services provided by the digital marketer/agency with their accurate costs.

A digital marketing proposal helps the customers understand how the seller/service provider will approach the problem and strategize the steps to bring the desired outcome.

Some digital marketing proposals are social media marketing proposal, Search engine optimization (SEO) services, PPC services proposal, content development proposal, web design, etc.

Why is a digital marketing proposal required?

A digital marketing proposal is required to present the services with their cost breakdown to the prospective clients.

A well-drafted proposal empowers your digital marketing agency to sell various marketing services (keyword research, digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, digital marketing campaign, etc.) to the clients.

Who needs a digital marketing proposal?

Individuals who offer digital marketing services and digital marketing agencies need a digital marketing proposal for offering their services in a structured manner.

What should a marketing proposal include?

A digital marketing proposal should include the following elements:

Title/Cover page

The title page of a digital marketing proposal includes standard information like the company's logo, company's name, client's name, and the name of the proposal.

Table of Contents (TOC)

For easy navigation, it is important to list the various sections in your digital marketing proposal. You can skip the TOC if your digital marketing proposal doc is very brief (1-2 pages).

Executive summary

An executive summary of a digital marketing proposal is the summary of the entire business document. It should paint a picture of your services in the client’s mind.

Remember to be concise and specific here as the details would later be covered in the ‘services’ section.

Service offering

This section of the marketing proposal covers the problem statement of the clients and specifies the solution that the service provider is proposing.

You should present a breakdown of the process you will follow with the timeline for each deliverable. List down all the resources that will go in the process clearly for the clients' knowledge.

Pricing structure

Pricing details is the key ingredient of any quote or proposal. You should be very precise and careful while listing the costs of your services. This will ensure a healthy relationship with the clients in the future.

Create proper pricing tables listing down all the services you think the client might require. Include all the applicable taxes along with the base price, so there is no room for confusion as you move forward in the deal.

About the company

You can showcase examples to share the knowledge gained by you while handling multiple digital marketing services. You can build your brand awareness among new clients through this section.

Terms & Conditions

Mention all the terms and conditions that will govern the overall agreement.This will include the total value of the services being offered, the duration of the contract, payment terms (how will you charge the customer), any specific clauses relevant to your services such as Intellectual property, confidentiality, termination, limitation of liability, etc.

Final signatures and CTA

To wrap it all up, insert a final call to action with the signature blocks inside the marketing proposal itself. This way, the recipient is not confused about the next step and can take the desired action instantly.

3 ways to draft digital marketing proposals that seal the deal 

As proficient digital marketers, you must consider the following factors to create a lasting impression on new clients and deliver outstanding results:

Keep your digital marketing proposal concise

Always have the target audience in mind and frame the marketing proposal as a solution to their problem statement. Do not provide unnecessary information and confuse the potential customers. Talk to the point and include what's relevant.

Create a visual proposal

The clients can easily drop off a digital marketing proposal that is unable to keep them hooked. To ensure your proposal gets shortlisted, add images, tables, and have a data-driven approach while presenting plans.

Leave no room for ambiguity

Always focus on the client's goals and provide suitable solutions instead of sharing generic information. Ensure your digital marketing proposal conveys the message with utmost clarity.

What is a digital marketing proposal template?

A digital marketing proposal template acts as the outline of a unique proposal. The proposal template consists of sections that are usually present in a digital marketing proposal. You can easily edit the content of the proposal template as per your requirements and brand guidelines.

Here are some benefits of using a proposal template to offer your services to new clients:


Creating a proposal becomes easy with handy proposal templates. You can edit the proposal template as you wish by adding or removing elements as per the prospect’s requirement.

Visual appeal

A proposal template has an aesthetically pleasing layout and is designed to hold the prospect’s attention. Reading long and continuous paragraphs can be time-consuming and boring, but templates have a lot of tables, images, and grapes to break the monotony.

Structure and flow

A template follows certain hierarchical order of information that lets the clients easily understand the content.

In short, digital marketing proposal templates help you save time and close your business deal faster.

Some digital marketing proposal template examples are SEO proposal templates, social media marketing proposal template, email marketing template, etc.

Use Revv’s digital marketing proposal templates

If you are a digital marketer, you should have a digital solution to help you create a digital marketing proposal doc that speeds up the deal closure. Revv is a complete document management solution that comes with a variety of proposal templates (SEO proposal template, social media proposal template, and other related templates.) to help you run your business smoothly. 

Here are the benefits of using Revv's template library:


Take your business ahead with Revv’s marketing proposal template that has legally validated content. Revv's templates are drafted and proofread by a  professional legal team. 


Revv's marketing proposal templates are super flexible. You can add or remove elements from the template and customize it as per your brand guidelines.

Enables collaboration

You can add notes, comments, and tag specific people in the Revv document itself. This helps in seamless internal and external business communication.

Activity tracking

You can access a detailed log of actions taken on the Revv document - who opened it, how many times, who accepted, rejected, signed, etc.

User management

Revv’s ‘user management’ feature prevents unauthorized access to contract templates and protects them from tampering.

Stripe payment integration

You can also leverage Stripe integration to initiate payment within the free marketing proposal template.

Download for later usage

You can easily download the digital marketing proposal pdf and store the marketing proposal in separate folders for future reference. 

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a digital marketing proposal?

You can either draft the proposal from scratch or choose to work on an existing proposal template from a document management system like Revv. Keep your proposal concise, clear, and engaging and draw the client’s attention.

What should a digital marketing proposal include?

A digital marketing proposal should include the details of your offering with the exact cost breakdown. It should also have all the terms and conditions that will govern the overall agreement between the service provider and the client.

How much should a digital marketer charge?

A digital marketer should charge on the basis of the types of services being offered, duration of the services, and the experience of the marketer in his/her field. You can even visit review websites (where professionals anonymously post their charges) for reference.

How do you write a SEO proposal?

Ask your clients the right questions before pitching your SEO proposal. Once you are clear on the client's requirements, list all your deliverables with the cost and the expected timeframe. Include some previous successful customer testimonials and a powerful executive summary to create a lasting impression.

How do you pitch a digital marketing service?

You need a digital marketing proposal to pitch your service. Ensure your proposal is to the point and describes the solution in detail rather than beating around the bush. Talk about the problem the client is facing and how your service can solve it effectively.

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