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Recruitment Proposal

1. About Us

[Company Name] is a leading recruitment company in [Location], and has been specializing in providing highly professional individuals for open positions. [Company Name] has been in the industry since [Year of Establishment]. [Company Name] has been successful in working with recruiting companies to expedite and simplify the hiring process. Our recruiters have a sharp eye for talent and quality and will provide you with the best individuals from the hire-pool.

For further queries,
Visit us at [Company Website]
Contact us at [Company Contact Number(s)]
Write to us at [Company Email]

2. Our Team

Our team values the importance of hiring the correct individual for the open positions we are partnered for.

  1. [Director]
  1. [Head of Recruitment]
  1. [HR Consultant]
  1. [Payroll Specialist]
  1. [Recruiter]
  1. [Hiring Team]
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3. Client Testimonials

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We have a [0.00] % fill ratio for every open position we partner for. The contract renewal rate for our consultant is [0.00] %. [0.00] % of our consultants are converted to full-time employees. We know what our clients want from us.

Here's what our clients have to say about us.
  1. [Client Testimonial 1]
  1. [Client Testimonial 2]
  1. [Client Testimonial 3]

4. Services

We provide a full balance between human resources and recruiting services.

4.1 Consulting Services

We provide top consulting agents quickly and at no additional cost. We work the contracts for them and take care of all their hassles like payroll, time tracking, taxes, and worker's insurance and compensation. Each candidate of ours is well screened and interviewed.

4.2 Full-Time Employees

We keep in mind your financial strata and the urgency and accomplishment of the position you want to fill in calls upon. Therefore, we provide the best possible talent for your full-time hiring needs.

4.3 Temporary-to-permanent Hire

You need to fill a role but you want to be very sure that it’s the right choice. We provide temp-to-hire resources that can work for you on a short-term contract. We’ll provide you with a pre-screened candidate on a probationary period and if everything goes well, they can be hired as a full-time employee.

4.4 Freelancers

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For additional jobs, like building a designer website, designing business cards, company swag, stationery, or some market research project, we do have freelancers in our network.

We ensure that we connect you with right person who can make your work happen with maximum efficiency.

5. Pricing

Type of Hires
Time of Payment
Starting Price
Direct Hires
20% of the gross annual salary
50% within 15 days of hire, 50% on 90-day completion
Contract Hires
Fixed hourly cost
Billed monthly
Temp to Perm Hires
10% of gross annual salary when hired full time
Billed at the time of full-time hire
Fixed hourly cost
Billed monthly

6. Terms and Conditions

6.1 Miscellaneous Costs

[Company Name] bears all the costs related to candidate sourcing, background checks, reference checks, and advertising. The costs of the Candidate for their transportation and other casualties during the hiring and screening by the [Client Company] go to the account of the [Client Company].

6.2 Hiring Representative

[Client Company] must provide at least a single employee or member from the management team, the HR team, or the hiring team to work and lead our professional hiring team process which will be formed by the [Company Name] to bring more inclusivity to the screening.

6.3 Guarantee

[Company Name] guarantees that best efforts shall be made to recruit the right fit for the position. However, this proposal, or agreement in the future, shall not provide anyone the right to remain as an employee in [Company Name], neither the executive's right to terminate employment at any time, unless as authorized otherwise.

6.4 Hiring Outside

If the business rejects a hire sourced by [Company Name] and wants to bring the same hire on-board within [Timeperiod] afterward, it will be considered a [Company Name] candidate, and [Client Company] shall pay the full fee applicable for the resource.

6.5 Reimbursement

[Company Name]‘s professional fee is guaranteed for a [Timeperiod] period if the candidate voluntarily resigns within that period. [Company Name] provides a 100% free replacement.

Acceptance and Signature

With your due signature underneath, you’re indicating your approval of working and committing with us.
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Free Recruitment Proposal Template

For recruitment and staffing specialists who are pitching their services to potential clients, use this recruitment proposal template sample.

What is a Recruitment Proposal?

A recruitment proposal is a document that specifies hiring strategies that could be adopted by a business. It details how the business will use job search platforms like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, etc. for their recruitment purpose and the state effective HR practices to find and hire the best people out there.

Having a recruitment proposal helps you describe the stages of the recruitment process such as:

  • Defining the type of hiring

  • Attracting the applicants using both internal and external methods

  • Managing the selection process

  • Costs involved for the types of resources 

  • Steps involved in making the appointment and employment offer.

To get business, you need to initially approach your prospective clients and sell your recruitment pitch to them. For that, you need to have a foolproof hiring proposal. Writing industry-specific proposals from scratch can be time-consuming and cumbersome. With a recruitment proposal template, you will be able to generate single and bulk proposals faster. 

Why should you use a recruitment proposal template?

Using a recruitment proposal template is beneficial because it can help ensure that you present the right information in the clearest way. 

1. Ensures the right content is placed in the right place

A recruitment proposal sample reduces your work as it provides you with pre-established themes and instructions for placing your content precisely where it is needed. This helps you to save a lot of time in creating proposals and makes sure that the content given in the document is correct and of the highest quality.

2. Provides accurate price information

If you want businesses to choose you ahead of other recruitment providers, they need to know your price plans for it. Customers/clients will opt for your company as per their affordability and the customizable price options you provide them. 

3. Consistency in your documents

Using templates for your proposals assures consistency in your communication and makes the document error-free.

4. Easy to use and customizable 

By using templates, you can readily make changes to your documents to suit your needs, as they are editable and easy to use.   

What are the must-haves in a Recruitment Proposal template?  

Hiring goes much more smoothly with the help of a recruiter. Recruiters are skilled in finding the best candidates for companies and they know how to present an eligible resource/talent in the best light. They also provide offerings such as doing background checks of hired resources, reviewing the documents of the candidates, and other documentation works. There are a lot of recruiters out there in the market. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should highlight your expertise in a clearly written recruitment proposal. 

Writing different hiring proposals for different industries can be tedious. This is where a standard recruitment template can save the day. However, while using a recruitment proposal template, you must ensure that the following sections are included:   

About us

Begin your recruitment proposal with a brief overview that outlines the details of the company or organization and how it operates, followed by some fundamental information about your company such as website address, contact number, email id, etc.  

In this section, you need to provide a detailed description of the hiring process, your company's preferences, and future plans.

Our team

This section focuses on your people. Introduce your team and elaborate on their qualifications and expertise in the recruitment industry. Make your hiring team the heroes of your company. It helps to build trust and reliability in the minds of the potential client company. 

Client testimonials

This part will highlight your successful client stories. Use this section to highlight smart facts about your success such as recruitment contract renewal rate and recruitment fill rate. Recruitment fill rate is the ratio of the number of successful hires done to the total number of available openings. After all, facts do build credibility and show your confidence levels. 

Our services

This is where you include all the hiring services your company will provide to the customer. Include a detailed summary of the types of recruitment you will be offering such as full-time employment, part-time hires, contract employees, freelancers, and industry-specific consultant services. You can also mention additional and specialized offerings in this section. 


In this section give your clients a breakdown of the payment they will be receiving for the different types of hires. Be specific on the mode of payment and schedules to receive them. For instance, the payment calculated for freelancers is based on the hours they work while for regular employees, it is a specific percentage of the salary of the candidates after completion of probation. To make this part clearer, put this part in an itemized format.   

Terms and conditions

It is an important section of a recruitment proposal wherein details such as miscellaneous costs (cost related to candidate sourcing, background checks, reference checks, and advertising must be included), hiring consultant requirements, termination policy of the candidates, etc. are mentioned. 

Acceptance and signatures

This is the final section of the recruitment proposal. If your recruiting agency and customer agree with the recruitment proposal, they accept and sign the same, making it a legally binding agreement.  

Create stunning recruitment proposals with Revv’s recruitment proposal template

If you want to be noticed by companies or businesses, your recruitment proposal should highlight your specialization as a provider of recruitment services. The recruitment proposal should make it clearer for potential clients why they should hire you for the job. You can create compelling job proposals faster and easier with Revv’s customizable recruitment proposal template. 

Develop your own recruiting proposal using Revv’s downloadable professional proposal sample provided on this page. 

Personalize hiring proposals to suit your business needs  

Revv’s recruitment proposal templates are fully editable and legally vetted. You can add videos, images, text, tables, and more with the help of a feature-rich document editor. For recruiter companies or agencies who already have a recruitment proposal template, you can simply upload the document to the Revv platform in Microsoft Word or PDF format. 

Access proposal templates anytime

You can access your recruitment proposals anytime, anywhere, and from any device as the Revv platform is a completely cloud-based system. 

Faster and seamless collaboration with teams 

If you want your recruitment proposal to be reviewed by your peer, or want some additional input from other internal department members, you can do it with Revv’s Notes feature. Collaborate in real-time with your teammates by tagging them using @mentions. You can even add public or private comments, or ask them to attach documents or images to your existing proposal document. 

Make your recruitment proposals compliant with secure eSignatures

Revv provides bank-grade eSignatures that are safe and compliant. It follows all local and global laws such as ESIGN Act, UETA, and eIDAS, among others. You can make your hiring proposals a legally binding agreement with Revv’s eSignature. Once a proposal is ready, all you have to do is add eSignature tags to the document and add the needed signer to it. 

Real-time activity tracking 

You can track any action taken on your recruitment proposal from Revv’s real-time Activity tracking feature.

Get instant notifications

Revv sends auto-generated email notifications to both the sender and recipients notifying them of the actions to be taken on the recruitment proposal document.  

Legally binding audit trails

Revv also provides a legally binding audit trail for all the signed recruitment proposals. 

Create excellent recruitment proposals within minutes with Revv. Sign up today or schedule a demo with our experts!     

Make your documentation process easier by using our HR-related templates 

Frequently asked questions

How do I write a proposal for recruitment?

To write a solid proposal for recruitment, add the following details - Company introduction, solution, hiring process, terms and conditions, payment, scope of work, applicant criteria, validity of the document.

What is a job proposal template?

A job proposal template is a document that aspiring candidates should keep in handy while applying for any opportunity. You can utilize it to demonstrate to the employer how you will help them meet their objectives.

What is a hiring proposal?

A hiring proposal is also known as a recruitment proposal. A recruitment proposal is a document usually created by recruitment agencies or consulting service providers. It helps consulting agencies present their expertise to potential businesses or clients. To attract business, it is important to have a great recruitment proposal for your company.