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From generating documents, automating document workflows, to e-signing documents- streamline your document process with Revv. From generating documents, automating document workflows, to e-signing documents- streamline your document process with Revv.


Business Team at NGU Sports Lighting Uses Revv to Automate their Business Proposal Process

Data accuracy
Decision making with enriched data
Transparency and greater control
Productive and efficient teams
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About NGU Sports Lighting

NGU Sports Lighting is a market development company specializing in Eaton's Ephesus solid-state LED sports lighting products. NGU Sports Lighting crafts the most innovative, energy-efficient LED sports lighting systems for sports facilities covering all levels of play: professional sports, collegiate sports, high schools, and local parks and recreation venues.

The challenge: Call for change

Streamline and accelerate the business proposal process

The existing business proposal process was a time-taking and herculean task consisting of a series of steps demanding intense manual involvement.

The cumbersome data copying

After all the data was fed into Salesforce, the team member had to copy the data fields and add them to the respective proposal document. Pulling off this task for multiple proposal documents was laborious and prone to data entry errors.

Inept approval and eSignature process

When a business proposal was all set, it was sent for internal approval by the team member. Keeping track of approval status, routing it, and doing follow-ups manually was a painstaking job.

After the proposal received a nod, it was sent to the client for signatures. Here, the team had no oversight on the proposal’s progress at the client’s side or information about their bottlenecks. The whole process was manually driven, and lacked control and transparency.

What further exacerbated the entire process was manually writing back the updated status of the business (converted or not) into Salesforce. Additionally, to check the success of proposals, the team had to manually perform the calculations to find how many proposals were signed and how much revenue was generated in a given period. All this had to be done, along with the management of 27+ proposal templates..

NGU was looking for ways to:

Solution: Revv

Business proposal process on autopilot

When the NGU Sports Lighting team met Revv, it turned out to be a game-changer for them. Here’s how the NGU team is leveraging Revv’s advanced document automation and eSignature capabilities to put the whole proposal process on steroids:

Seamless data mapping in a blink: With Revv’s data studio feature, no more copy-pasting of data from Salesforce to the proposal documents. The team can map the data fields with a few clicks without writing any code.

With Data Studio, the data fields in the proposal document in Revv are automatically populated with Salesforce data fields, and the proposal is ready for the next stage transition.

Effortless document creation: Creating a customized proposal and getting it moving is a matter of minutes with Revv’s form fields and rich document editor, enabling the NGU team to reduce the volume of templates from 27 to a handful.

Form fields facilitate creating placeholders for the information that needs business-specific customization, while keeping the rest standardized. To speed up the document creation process, the team selects the form-based template, opt for the right information from the form fields dropdown, or fill in the details in the form fields.

Intuitive and auto-driven internal approval process: Using Revv’s approval workflow feature, the team can define logic and rules that should trigger the workflow and how the proposal should be routed for approvals.

Once a proposal is ready with all the data sourced from Salesforce, Revv automatically runs the logic and routes the document to the respective approvers for their approval. Revv sends automated reminders to the approvers to take action on the document and notifies the sender on the progress of approvals.

Faster delivery and document closure with legally binding eSignatures: With Revv’s eSignatures, the NGU team intends to enhance the customer experience, empowering customers to electronically sign the proposals irrespective of their location or device, speeding up the proposal closure.

Automated reminders and real-time tracking: With Revv's automated reminders and notifications, NGU can do away with the tedious task of following up with clients for acceptance/signature.

By leveraging Revv’s ‘Activity’ feature, the NGU team can also keep a tab on all the actions taken on the document.

Automated system of records update: With Revv & Salesforce integration, the NGU team is streamlining the post-signature process, updating the Salesforce with the changed status along with the URL of the signed document.

Revv impact

Respond to proposals faster and close more deals

A spot-on business proposal sent at the right time is crucial to closing a deal faster. The NGU team recognizes Revv as the backbone of their proposal process to achieve the following results:

Intuitive and self-driven process: Revv completely eliminates the need for manual data entry, email reminders, printed paperwork, and other time-consuming steps, and gives NGU peace of mind with the most sophisticated document automation system.

100% data accuracy: Revv leaves no room for data errors, slip-ups, or omissions, so the NGU team can deploy their documents confidently.

100% transparency and greater control: With notifications, reminders, and real-time tracking via the ‘Activity’ feature, the NGU team can go in-depth and monitor what’s happening inside their proposal process. Revv’s organized document repository enables them to access the signed documents - all this without any dependency on other team members.

Enhanced decision making with enriched data: With Revv, at any given time, NGU will have the ability to pull insights from their signed business proposals, instantly generate reports, realize the value of their deals, and optimize their business decisions based on the data points.

More productive and efficient teams: No more brainpower and valuable time lost over the manual management of business proposals. Revv boosts the productivity and efficiency of the NGU team, enabling them to channel their energy into more strategic initiatives.

Cost savings: The productivity gains by eliminating time-consuming and costly manual routines are leading to significant overall savings, making for a substantial return on investment (ROI).

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Administer all the paperwork

Revv gives you the ease of administering all the paper works for your team and clients. This software will definitely beat those focused apps as Revv offers all-integrated functionalities for document management - from creation to signing and filing.
Founder & Managing Director
Winsight Marketing

Powerful contract management software

A great tool that allows my company to create contracts quickly. Its ability to allow my team to collaborate on negotiations and features like logic-based approval workflow rules, color coding based on contract status, e-signature, and document sharing are really helpful. Its automatic template creation and custom fields in the document have eased our quote creation process extensively.
Co-founder & Managing Director
Nexsys Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Integrates well into our existing tools

I love the combination of e-signature, custom document authoring tools, and pipeline management in one. It’s a one-stop shop for our document management and integrates well into our existing tools and processes.
Co-founder and CEO

Offer the templates you need

What I like best about Revv - Where do I start? It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need, which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.
Chief Marketing Officer
Robertson Marketing & Branding

Solves the problem

It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customers having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!
Salesflow, Inc.

Accelerated quoting process

Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
Account Manager, Sales

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