Sales quote automation process

How to Create a Sales Quote Automation Process through Business Apps Integration?

The stage is all set.

You are almost there.

From the first “hello” and introducing your products/services to the leads, you have now entered the last step of sending sales quotes.

Being so close to onboard your leads makes it even more important to share the sales quotes immediately, while your offerings are still fresh in their memory.

“No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t.”

— James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney

For sales teams, speed is one of the crucial determinants of success. If they are not ahead of the game, soon they will be outrun by competitors.

This propels companies to opt for automation. They invest in Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) and Sales Quote Automation Systems to save time, respond quickly, and have relevant data to make decisions.

But having multiple automation systems or business apps brings upon its own challenges. 

It often restrains them from achieving the desired goals – the back and forth to connect the dots turns into a tedious activity. For example, fetching the basic details of lead from CRM like name, company name, email id, etc. Next, switching to a sales quotation software and creating a sales quotation template. Further, manually updating the changes in the CRM once the quote gets accepted or signed.

These futile tasks consume a lot of time and efforts, and increase the time to respond to customers.

Overcome these challenges by using Revv, the all-in-one document management tool,  which provides seamless integration with Zoho CRM, Zapier and Google Sheets.

  • It enables Revv to pick essential data from Zoho CRM and create a customized quote.
  • Revv allows adding price table to sales quotation document through Google Sheets integration. It makes all the business information available in one place. 
  • It keeps information updated and organized on all integrated business apps through Zapier’s actions and triggers.
  • It reduces hours of processing time to minutes.

Finally, it allows sales reps to increase their quality of work, and focus on finding and winning new customers instead of juggling with paperwork.

This blog provides step-by-step instructions to streamline the sales quote automation process.

So, dive in.


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Sales quote automation: Integrating Zoho CRM with Revv

How to add a price table from Google Sheets?

How to track the sales quotation process in Revv?

How to automate and update Zoho CRM based on sales quote actions in Revv?

Sales quote automation: Integrating Zoho CRM with Revv

First, sync your Zoho CRM with Revv – you can either do it directly or with Zapier.

How to integrate Zoho CRM and Revv for sales quote automation?

This will enable Revv to automatically check and simultaneously update the folder when an action is triggered in Zoho CRM. 

For example – every time a new lead is added to Zoho CRM’s “Lead” page, Revv will automatically pick one of the chosen templates, customize it and store it in a folder with the lead’s name. 

In the below image, a new lead “Emma Hudson” is added to Zoho CRM.

Sales quote automation through Revv and Zoho CRM integration

With Zoho integration enabled, a folder for Emma Hudson will automatically be created in Revv.

Learn sales quote automation in Revv

Click on the folder, and open the sales quote. 

Also, there are two ways to create a document in Revv. You can either pick from the existing templates or create a new one from scratch using drag and drop fields.

How to automate sales quotes through Revv?

After the integration, the details like company name, parties to the agreement will auto-populate in the quote from Zoho CRM.

How to create a customized sales quote through Revv and Zoho Integration?

You can further customize the quote by editing the template blocks and adding elements by drag and drop. The other way to customize it is – click the plus icon, select the block, and edit it.

How to draft a sales quotation from templates in Revv?

How to add a price book from Google Sheets?

It’s a common practice to use Google Sheets to organize and store data. 

Revv’s integration with Google Sheets makes all the business context available in a single place and allows easy data modifications. 

Rather than doing the cumbersome task of manual import/export, the users can insert the data from Google Sheets to the document with just a button’s push.  

Follow the below instructions and integrate Google Sheets in the sales quotes:

  1. Drag and drop the Google Sheet block in the quote.
Integrating Revv’s document management system with Google Sheets

A linked table will appear in the document.

Create price quotes through Google Sheets integration

2. Link Revv with your Google account. Select the sheet you would like to add.

Build a sales quote through Google Sheets integration

3. Select the worksheet and sync the selected sheet.

Automate sales quotes with Google Sheets

4. The table will appear in the document.

Google Sheet integration

You can further control the visibility of columns by selecting the table, go to “Manage Columns”, and choose which column to show or hide. Once done, sync it again.

Link Revv Document Management Tool to Google Sheets

5. The quote is now ready. You can directly share it with your customer for acceptance or e-signature.


Want to take the hard work out of electronic signature? Try Revv’s eSign feature now

Automate document workflow with Revv and business apps integration

How to track the sales quotation process in Revv?

You can track the status change in your document in the “Activity” tab – when the document was opened, sent, received, and signed.

Build sales quote automation system with business applications integration

Once the document is signed by all parties, it gets automatically stored in a customized folder in Revv.

Integrate CRM with Revv document management system

How to automate and update Zoho CRM based on sales quote actions in Revv?

Sync the sales quote automation system back to Zoho CRM through Zapier. For example, a signed quote document indicates that the lead is now converted into an account, and the same will reflect in Zoho CRM.

You can simply achieve this by creating a zap in Zapier. Whenever a sales quote is accepted or signed, a “convert lead” action will occur, and the lead will move into the “Accounts” page.

Automate sales quotes with business platforms integration

It will complete the entire sales quotation process cycle and keep all the platforms updated with the modified information. 

Because “Emma” has signed the sales quote, she is now converted into an account. Her information has moved from the “Lead” page to the “Account” page, and her company name appears on this page.

Automating tasks through CRM and Revv document management tool.

Check out the video: Sales quote automation through business apps integration


In today’s world, where speed defines success, you need to be always customer-ready. Prospects/leads/customers always appreciate a timely response. 

Streamline the sales quote automation process through business apps integration, and exceed their expectations by sending the sales quotes right when they need it.

Kick-start your sales quote automation with Revv.

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Want to take the hard work out of drafting quotes? Try Revv’s quote templates

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