Why is Revv the Best HubSpot CPQ Alternative?

Why is Revv the Best HubSpot CPQ Alternative?

Going by its name, CPQ Software sounds self-explanatory – configure, price, and quote. But, beneath the iceberg of CPQ lies a web of complicated calculations, automation, and intelligence. These parameters differentiate one CPQ software from another.  When it comes to pinning down on one CPQ software for your business, there is no room for compromises. […]

The eIDAS Regulation – All You Need to Know

A full guide to understand eIDAS regulation & its implementing acts and discover electronic identification & trust services.

This blog is an extensive guide to eIDAS regulation. Gain an in-depth understanding of its constituents, benefits, and how to keep your electronic transaction eIDAS compliant within the European Union.

UETA and ESIGN Act – A Practical Guide

This guide gives you a full understanding of the US eSignature laws – the UETA and ESIGN Act. Go through this guide and learn how to ensure the legal validity of electronic signatures in the US.

How to Fill Out a Form Online

Creating a form online is quite easy with Revv. As a business, you’ll collect info from the counterparty,  then put that info into documents and then send it out. Instead, you could Send out documents that have fields of info the counterparty needs to fill in to complete the document. The recipient will be able […]

Best Practices for Building Your e-Signature Workflow

A comprehensive blog to help you understand the electronic signature best practices

You’ve probably started receiving e-signatures from a plethora of different avenues. It is extremely exciting to do the signing process online, but one big question remains: is it optimized for your business?  The simplicity of the process has made it far easier for businesses to get documents signed, but what are the best practices for […]