What are magic and snap links?
  • 08 Jan 2021
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What are magic and snap links?

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Article Summary

Magic link

Magic links are permanent, public, and shareable document links that can be copied, pasted, and shared anywhere and to anyone. These links display a live view of the original document to anyone who has the link.

Snap link

Snap links are permanent, public, and shareable links that display the snapshot of a document captured at the exact timestamp. This link captures the current version of the document at that particular time. You can also copy, paste, and share link anywhere and to anyone.

Important: Viewers cannot edit, add comments to, or download the document by using the magic or snap links.

Use cases of these links

Magic link

  • You can share the magic links to provide the update of a finalized version of a document.
  • Magic links help you to collaborate and share documents efficiently.

Snap links

  • Share these links if you want the document to crawl on the web or be SEO crawlable.
  • You can ideally share the snap link of brochures, ToC, or legal documents of a website.
  • Snap links help you to back up a version of your document on the web.

Difference between magic and snap links

  • If you make any changes to the original document, then those changes are reflected on the magic link. Whereas, if you have shared the snap link of the document, then the viewers cannot see any changes that have been made after sharing the link.
  • If you have uploaded a PDF or have converted a signed document into a PDF, then you can share its magic link but you cannot share its snap link.
  • Magic links are not search engine friendly whereas snap links are SEO crawlable. Also, snap links can be used as redirect links at multiple instances such as Terms and Conditions of a website.


To know how to get and share magic and share links, read the following articles:


  • You can generate a new link at anytime as per your convenience.
  • You can switch off the sharing of links by turning of the toggle buuton beside Get a magic link and Share a snap link.
  • Each time you generate a new link, the earlier-created links become invalid.
  • Once you have generated a new link, people with whom the previous links were shared will not be able to view the document.
  • You can share the newly-generated links to anyone to view the document.

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