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Ghosts of Document Management’s Past

Creating documents is easy but managing them to run your business is an arduous task. There are many businesses that are swinging it the old fashioned way before realizing that manually dealing with multiple documents on a daily basis can be a scary experience. Are you also going through something similar with your document management process?

Here are some of the document management challenges that are spooking businesses.

The scary tales of missing documents

Issues that spook youThe wizardry of document management
One of the biggest struggles that businesses face is not finding the right document when needed. If you are still scouring through your shared drive (G-drive, Dropbox) or searching for a document in multiple folders on your local drive, you need to up your game. There are high chances of losing critical documents in a sea of documents. How do you ensure that you are able to keep track of all the documents that you are working on or have worked on?A document management tool enables efficient tracking through a well-structured central repository for all your documents. You can manage documents by creating folders and attaching tags to allow an easy search. This facilitates seamless management, thus reducing the chances of losing out on critical documents. Some tools also keep a track of documents that are digitally sent out for review and signature to the other party.

The horror of data breach

Issues that spook youThe Wizardry of document management
Any business’s worst nightmare is calling up your customers to inform them of a loss or breach of confidential data. This might be followed by an expensive legal action or you might even end up losing a customer. This can have severe repercussions on your businesses. With paper documents you cannot even track what was edited, who accessed the document, etc. How do you ensure the safety and security of such critical documents?Both paper and digital documents are faced with equal risks of a breach. But there is a solution for digital documents. Document management tools assure it’s users of security by encrypting all the documents uploaded in the tool. Apart from that, you can also manage the document access by choosing who can view or edit any doc within your organization. There is also a lock feature that disables any editing until special access is provided. This prevents altering of any confidential and critical data prior to discussions between concerned parties.

Tame the little devil – ‘incoordination’

Issues that spook youThe Wizardry of document management
Businesses now are more mobile and remote than ever before. What follows this is a lack of coordination causing a setback and slowing down businesses. Multiple departments are involved in the creation and management of documents. These teams might be working remotely resulting in the communication gap. This leads to a longer document generation process and an even extended review process. How do you ensure quick and seamless communication between remote teams?The ability to add notes or tag relevant people or teams to specific issues within a document is an option that you can enjoy with a document management tool. This helps to keep everyone on the same page, avoids duplication of work, and establishes an open communication. There are also chat boxes with an option to keep your conversations public or private depending on the requirement. The collaboration does not only limit to your internal functions but can be used when you share your documents with your customer or any third party.

The fear of (contract) red-lining

Issues that spook youThe Wizardry of document management
Documents that are shared outside the organization (like sharing an agreement with the customer for signing) always undergo a rigorous review process. But with a manual review, there are high chances of missing out on critical changes such as any clause update, changes in the discount offered, updation of agreement terms, etc. Sometimes these reviews happen simultaneously and you might find yourself tangled between a web of documents. You need to unchain yourself and look for a streamlined process for document review.Reviewing business documents is a crucial task. So as to not miss out on significant changes, the document management tool allows you to set trigger workflows. You can set a condition, create a workflow around it, and add approvers. Once the set condition is met, a trigger is generated, and only when an approver approves that change can the document be amended. This adds a level of check and aims for a zero-error policy for all documents. You can also keep a track of all these changes through an audit trail and revert to previous versions of the document if needed.

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The ring of financial fire

Issues that spook youThe Wizardry of document management
Not only is it difficult to fetch information from a physical document library but it adds to a lot of administrative costs. You might not realize it in the early stages in your business but in an economic downturn like the one we are experiencing right now, it would add to your avoidable cost list. Why incur extra costs when you can manage your documents digitally with a document management tool at an affordable price?An electronic document management system means a lower cost when it matters the most. All your documents are stored and managed within the tool. These tools are easy to use and come with several integration options. You can easily navigate through the product and access your documents with just a few clicks. You will no longer need to allocate space to store physical documents, pay rent, and assign staff to manage it.

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Any transition is always assessed with a little apprehension. The switch from manual to digital document management is beneficial to your business in all aspects. The companies offering such services ensure an easy transition for their customers. Most of them supplement you with a 24/7 support, necessary guides, and tutorials to work your way through a seamless transition. So, what’s stopping you now?

It’s always a spooky season for businesses and people that work on documents. Don’t let the fear of transition hold you back. Give document management tools a try. You can start with Revv itself. We offer a free plan. You can just sign up, understand the product, and be the judge yourself. If you want, you can also schedule a demo and someone from our sales team will guide you through the process. Just like the document management process, different functions in business, like sales can be haunted by procedural issues. Read here to know more!


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