With the right document management tool, you can create documents that will do the selling for you!

Create Documents That Do The Selling For You!

Selling in today’s business is closely dependent on the timely exchange of well-drafted documents. These can turn prospects into customers, speed up a business deal, and even enable long-lasting relationships. But when you look at things realistically, there are multiple challenges in doing so.

8 in 10 workers have to recreate documents that already exist as they are unable to find it. Almost two-thirds of them report challenges in reviewing, approving and getting the document finalized on time.

Source – 2019 – Intelligent information management benchmark report

How do you ensure that you send out well-drawn documents to your prospects and meet all the deadlines? Is there a process or tool that enables you to achieve perfection and bring your teams at par to create documents that sell for you?

The answer somewhere lies within a document management tool. Let’s explore how you and your business can benefit from it.

Templates for the go

Repeatedly drawing up an entire document from scratch is a time-consuming process. Why not create a template from one ideal document that you can use as and when needed? And the best part, you can customize it as per your client’s requirements and ensure compliance with specific company guidelines. This speeds up the document drafting process and reduces the chances of past errors from repeating. An error-free document with a consistent format has a higher chance of getting accepted in the first go. Leverage the template library offered by the right document management tools and kick-start your document processes

Collaboration that amplifies creation

The document creation process involves multiple teams working together. This was easy when the teams were confined to a single workspace. But with remote working being the new normal, there can be delays or duplication of work if the teams are not well coordinated. A document management tool provides a virtual workspace where your teams can engage and interact with others. They can add comments, tag relevant people, and access internal chat for quick communication. This reduces the chance of any error and facilitates in creating documents that do the selling for you.

Track it to hack it

The ability to track activities in your documents helps you get a better insight into how well they perform. With a document management tool, you can track all the activities associated with it, like – who opened the document, at what date and time, who signed it, whether it was shared with other parties, etc. You will even be notified of these changes via emails which will ensure that vital information and changes are not lost in the process. This allows everyone involved to be on the same page and work in tandem with the team and create documents that close deals and turn prospects into customers.

Rigorous review process

Documents contain information that is critical to close successful business deals. It is important that they are thoroughly reviewed before being sent out to customers or prospects. You can track changes with an audit trail, version documents and compare for any gaps, set up approval workflows to ensure certainty of data being shared – all with the help of a document management tool.

Repository for documents

One of the biggest challenges that any business faces when dealing with multiple documents is – How to find the right document when you need it? A central repository for all your documents with an explicit search option ensures easy management. This will make the process of finding the right document, a cakewalk. Tag the documents and place them in well-organized folders and your work is done. A few clicks and voila! You have the document you need right in front of your screens.

“A well-drawn document instills confidence among potential customers and reassures them in taking the next step in the decision-making process.”

The relevance and criticality of document management

Documents that you share with external parties represent your business and the products & services that you provide. They need to be professional, accurate, and contain the necessary information. It is crucial that they are created, organized, and managed in the best way possible – with a document management tool.

For far too long, document management was seen as a task that needed to be taken up only by large-scale enterprises to manage several multi-million dollar deals, but that’s not true anymore. Professionals, teams, and small businesses all need a document management tool. The tool will enable smooth business functioning by making them go digital. Digitization of documents has been the top priority for businesses in recent years. This not only helps in managing businesses but also reduces administrative costs and sets the businesses free from redundant tasks enabling them to focus on other critical issues that come their way.

Revv is an all-in-one document management tool that checks all the points mentioned above. Don’t make decisions by hearsay, try out the tool and see for yourself! Sign up with Revv to try the free plan.

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