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Paperless Business Solutions: How to Create a Paperless Office

As a business owner, you’re always open to discovering fresh ways to cut costs, save time, and become even more efficient. A business that operates like a well-oiled machine is a foundational key to success, so doing everything you can to ensure that success is of paramount priority.

Progressing forward with new technology is also challenging. What happens when you find a new method of doing business that can save time and money but could be difficult to implement? Some business owners may simply choose to avoid the change, but essentially, they’d only be putting it off until a later date.

One such major change in the way we do business is going paperless. While the introduction of email certainly reduced the amount of paper (and time) we spend handling business communications, the opportunity to reduce our “paper footprint” is even larger, and taking advantage of it can improve the functionality and efficiency of your business. 

Your team of paperless experts at Revv will help you learn what a paperless office system is, if there’s a benefit to your business in using a paperless system, and how to implement one when you’re ready. 

What is a paperless office system?

You might think in extreme terms when seeing the term “paperless office system,” but unlike the name, having a paperless office system doesn’t mean there’s never a sheet of paper in your cubicles. 

A paperless office is one in which the amount of paper is significantly reduced. Sometimes, the ultimate goal of a paperless office will be to eliminate paper usage completely, but most businesses start out with simple reduction methods.

There are numerous reasons why a business may decide to go paperless. Here are just a few.

  • Environment. The use of less paper and paper products helps you create a “greener” business that has less of an environmental footprint. 
  • Cost. The cost of sending and receiving documents digitally that would otherwise be printed and delivered on paper is significant. In fact, going paperless can potentially save your business up to $80 per employee, per year.
  • Machinery. Office machines like printers, fax machines, and copiers are costly, require refills of elements like ink and toner, are finicky, and require frequent maintenance. Transitioning to a paperless office can eliminate these machines completely or drastically reduce your office’s reliance on them. 
  • Less storage space. You know the rules and regs, and you keep important documents for the time required by law, but keeping documents (sometimes up to seven years) can take up space and require extensive filing systems. Going paperless can save your space and make filing easier and more accessible. 
  • Efficiency. It’s no secret, transitioning to an electronic method of doing business (i.e. paperless) makes your employees more efficient when handling internal approvals. Think of it this way: let’s say you have a deal you’d like to close by the end of the week. On Monday, the final proposed agreement is drafted, but before it can be sent to the client, two of your partners need to review and approve it. 
    Instead of sending paper copies to those partners, using a collaborative document builder can allow them to review, make changes, and approve the document wherever they are. Even if they’re in the same office, you’ll save time between inner-office envelope runs, saving you likely an entire day.
    The document can then be sent immediately to the client for electronic signature. Instead of coordinating schedules and having the client come in to sign, which could take days, your client can sign and return the document by the close of business the same day they receive it. 
    Your deal is closed Monday, and you’ve got the rest of the week to work on other matters or proceed with your agreement.

If going paperless sounds appealing, we’re with you. We can help you get started, even if you feel like you’re somewhat in the stone ages. Making the transition is easier than you think and pretty painless if you get help from Revv.

How to start being paperless

Make your initial paperless goal to reduce your paper usage instead of eliminating it, and you’ll set yourself up for success. Total elimination is possible, but it requires a lot of training, diligence, and time. The bigger your office, the more time it will take. Here are some tips for beginning the process.

1. Make your staff aware and provide training. No one likes change, and your employees may be resistant to your paperless efforts. They may also feel as though you’re attempting to mislead them by approaching the switch to paperless from a purely environmental standpoint. 

Be honest and direct with your reasons for going paperless. Offer training and adequate time for workers to master new software and procedures that reduce the amount of paper traffic they’re used to using. 

2. Make the switch desirable. If you provide your employees (or yourself) with easy to use e-tools, you’ll all find making the switch to paperless convenient and helpful. Consider user-friendly software that makes your employee’s paper-driven jobs easier, like the document builder offered by Revv.

When an employee has the capability to use drag and drop document building software, they can create agreements and proposals in rapid time, saving them time and hassle and making them more efficient. 

An electronic filing system is also a great way to encourage employees to go paperless. It’s much easier to find a document by keyword or client name electronically than to search a filing cabinet crammed with (probably mislabeled) files. 

3. Upgrade your hardware. Instead of wasting money on inkjet refills, toner cartridges, and constant machine repairs, ditch the old machines and upgrade your computers. Employees that have access to computers and other equipment that runs faster and more efficiently are more quantifiably more productive.

4. Encourage clients to go paperless. Your office can be a paperless wonderland, but if your clients aren’t on board, it can be difficult to conduct a transaction with them. Help your clients transition to working with you in a paperless fashion by showing them the benefit (i.e., you’ll close their deals faster, turn out the product more quickly, and save them money in the process). 

5. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and going paperless won’t happen overnight. For starters, you’ve likely got paper records you still need to hold on to for legal reasons. While it can be a great goal to get them all scanned in for digital record-keeping, it’s a task that takes time and manpower. 

Your completely paper-free office days may be a few years in the making, but you can make changes now that will decrease your paper requirements and help you reach the goal of becoming completely paperless.

If you’re looking for a simple way to start churning out documents that are formatted specifically for electronic review, approval, signature, and use, Revv is your go-to. Here’s how Revv helps you build a paperless office you and your employees can trust.

How Revv can help

Revv takes the hassle out of creating documents, getting them reviewed, approved, and signed. What normally takes days can now happen in a matter of minutes or hours with Revv. With Revv, you can:

  • Create documents in minutes, not hours. Our templates library for business documents is extensive, so no matter what type of document you need to create, we’ve got you covered. Our drag and drop builder is easy to use, requires very little training, and takes just minutes to produce top-notch, professional documents. 
  • Personalize anything. Want to add your logo to every document you create? That’s not a problem. Prefer to design a custom template for your employees to use? You can do that also. You can even convert documents to forms with selection options, clickable radio buttons and boxes. Revv makes customization a breeze.
  • Collaborate, but separately. We’re currently a virtual society which means having a roundtable discussion about the terms of a contract happens via email or Zoom call. Revv makes document collaboration easy and paperless by allowing users to access documents in a single workspace. You can add notes, @mention teammates, and provide editing rights as needed
    Revv also ensures that all document changes, reviews, approvals, and signatures are logged and makes that log available to you, so you’re always in control.
  • Paperless and contactless. Revv doesn’t require paper, or contact, for that matter. Getting approvals and signatures on your documents is rapid and easy with our mobile-friendly eSign technology. Plus, it’s extra safe thanks to our SMS-OTP authentication feature. You and your clients get business handled quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
  • Automate approval workflows: Create approval workflows based on conditions you configure and have documents redirect to the right approver automatically before they are sent out of the company.
  • Navigate and comprehend documents quickly using Metalens. Revv uses machine learning to analyze your contracts and highlight important data such as parties, dates, clauses and more. 

If you’re wondering how much Revv will cost you per user, you don’t have to worry; our subscription plans have a generous allowance for users, so you never have to worry about licensing again.

Say goodbye to paper and hello to Revv

Going paperless is a great way to improve your business functionality, drive productivity, and become more efficient. Revv can help you make the switch by providing you and your employees with the right document creation tools to work paper-free in an easy to use, easy to learn environment.


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