Three ways a CPQ tool helps to close deals faster

CPQ tools accelerate your sales deals and simplify the overall process

Every business operates with an intention to create offerings that meet the needs of its target audience. When a customer agrees to avail your offerings (be it products or services) and requests a quote, they are interested in doing business with you. This is when you, as a seller or service provider, need to jump […]

Who Should Use a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Software and Why?

Configure Price Quote or CPQ software lets you manage your products and create accurate quotes

Timely drafting and sharing of sales quotes with prospects and clients is a crucial part of the sales process. But, sending generic quotes and proposals to meet the timelines does not always prove fruitful for the business. The increased competition in the B2B industry has seen a rise in demand for highly customized products and […]

Secure Document Workflow with Electronic Signatures

In this fast-paced digital world, people need to do business electronically. The global pandemic only heightened the need for remote authorizations since people couldn’t meet in person. It’s essential to stay on top of your technological game if you want your organization to keep pace with the competition. That’s why Revv is taking you on […]

Best Practices for Building Your e-Signature Workflow

You’ve probably started receiving eSignatures from a plethora of different avenues. It is extremely exciting to do the signing process online, but one big question remains: how valid is the eSignature process?  The simplicity of the process has made it far easier for businesses to get documents signed, but what are the best practices for […]

How to Electronically Sign a Document

Know more about electronically signing documents using Revv and take your business ahead.

In 2021, it seems that electronic signatures are the answer to all our problems. Gone are the days when you needed to use archaic technology like printers, scanners, or fax machines to send and receive signed documents. This answer couldn’t have come at a better time, considering that everyone is doing all they can to […]

How to Sign Documents From Your Phone

Signing important business documents using your phone can speed up the process. Read the blog to know how to sign documents from phone.

As technology advances, more and more aspects of our lives are being moved online. Before 2020, many companies were already shifting their business online and going paperless.  There are many benefits to accessible and signable online forms, even predating the COVID-19 pandemic. Online documents are eco-friendly, time-saving, and convenient for both businesses and consumers alike. […]

Why Businesses Need Online Electronic Signature Management

Do you know why businesses need online electronic signatures?

If your business requires contracts and agreements in order to get paid, there may be no more horrifying fear than the loss of your contracts. Imagine, if your warehouse burns down with all of your forms and backups inside or a hurricane or tornado hits, scattering your files, then soaking and ruining them. A leaky […]