Signing important business documents using your phone can speed up the process. Read the blog to know how to sign documents from phone.

How to Sign Documents From Your Phone

As technology advances, more and more aspects of our lives are being moved online. Before 2020, many companies were already shifting their business online and going paperless. 

There are many benefits to accessible and signable online forms, even predating the COVID-19 pandemic. Online documents are eco-friendly, time-saving, and convenient for both businesses and consumers alike. The need for these online options has only increased.

There is no downplaying the impact of this pandemic on businesses, and many have had to adopt new online services for their customers. In this our pandemic era, nearly all document signing is done by electronic or digital signature. With some software, you can even sign from your phone. 

If this is new to you, don’t worry—it’s new to a lot of us. We’re here to help you learn the why and how behind signing documents from your phone.

Why do you even need to sign something from your phone?

Due to technological advancements, paper documents may soon be a thing of the past. Electronic signing helps businesses cut down on paper waste and provides signatories the option to sign documents fill out forms on their own time. It’s an easy process that will remove the need for in-person signing rituals.

People sign many small agreements every day without even thinking about them. How often do you click a box to accept cookies on a website or the terms and conditions for an app? That click is the legal equivalent of signing a binding agreement.

Outside of these small clicks, people can sign bigger, more important documents from their phones as well. People are attracted to mobile signing because it’s so easy, and sometimes, you have no other option. 

For example, many companies allow you to purchase a car online and have it delivered to your driveway. Because this is done entirely online, there won’t be a physical contract for you to sign. You will have to sign electronically, which is easiest on your phone, and, believe it or not, this is still 100% legal.

Freelancers need to complete contracts with their clients efficiently so they can get to work. Signing documents from their phone can be the best strategic move for time-sensitive agreements. This is especially true if you work from home and your computer is otherwise occupied.

If you lose WiFi while working at your favorite coffee shop or can’t find a seat, your laptop will become pretty useless when you receive a time-sensitive request. Life happens, and urgent contracts can come in whether you’re prepared at your desk or taking a day-off at an amusement park. Using software that allows you to sign from your phone allows you to sign anywhere, at any time.

Electronic signatures are the future

Electronic signatures are already the norm for most businesses. They’ll only become more important over time, so it’s important to become well-versed in eSignatures now.

There are a few types of eSignatures you need to learn.

First, there’s the electronic signature. If you are required to give your electronic signature, it means you will be physically signing your name using a stylus or your finger. An electronic signature can also refer to a typed signature that appears in a handwritten-style font provided by the eSign software. Regardless of which form your electronic signature takes, your full legal name will be required.

A more secure electronic signature is a digital signature. A digital signature adds a personal and public key infrastructure, also known as a PKI. This is a unique key that only the signatories can access. Most electronic signatures are secure on their own. The added security of a digital signature is mostly relevant for government and banking documents.

The simplest eSignature is a clickwrap, which requires very little effort. A clickwrap is a checkbox that says “I agree” or “I consent.” 

All three of these eSignatures are equally legally binding. Just checking “I agree to the terms and conditions” is as much of a legal commitment as signing your name on the dotted line.

With Revv, signing from your phone is the same as signing from a desktop

Revv has made mobile contract signing as easy as possible. Though signing document forms from your desktop is already simple, you might not always have access to a laptop. Revv is device friendly, which means that you can now open and sign documents irrespective of the device you have.  we don’t have constant access to a computer and WiFi. Relying on your computer alone can provide an extra obstacle if the document you are signing is time-sensitive. 

Some document software requires you to download an app that may not be compatible with your phone’s operating system. Revv is device responsive, which means that there is no need for a separate app. With Revv’s mobile features, there’s no app required. 

With Revv, your documents are accessible across all devices. You can sign from your desktop, then revisit your documents from a tablet or smartphone whenever you need them.

Simply open, sign, and return

Once a document is ready to sign, Revv will automatically email it to your inbox. From there, just click the link to review your document and directly add comments requesting clarification or addendums.

Revv is great because it provides both parties the opportunity to see the document once it’s drafted, leaving you with all the time you need to review it before signing.

Once both parties are happy with the contract, it’s time to sign. Revv provides clearly-marked checkboxes or signing blocks to make sure the contract is completed. The company or individual will be notified once you finish signing, and you can get down to business.

Revv has the features you need to make life easy

It may seem tough to sign a document from your phone, but Revv’s mobile signing is totally pressure-free. Revv creates a straightforward and easy-to-understand process for any signee.

With Revv, you have multiple ways to sign and you can access files without needing to download an app or create a Revv account. All you have to do is open the document, review it, and sign on the dotted line… or checkbox. It’s simple, fast, and effective—just as it should be.


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