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How to Sign Documents From An Android Explained

It’s official: businesses are making the transition to online paperwork, and for good reason. Electronic forms and documents are easily accessible on your device or on the cloud, they’re better for the environment, they are legally accepted, and they’re more convenient than an in-person meeting.

It’s great to see an eco-friendly, easily-accessible evolution in the business industry, but many companies still have questions about eSignatures: How easy are the documents to understand? How do you navigate them in a way that works for you? How do Android users find eSignature providers that are formatted for easy access on their device?

Many people love customizable Android phones, but some apps aren’t formatted for Android devices. Luckily, you can easily and successfully sign any documents right from your Android phone.

Convenience is everything when it comes to electronic signatures

Among the many benefits of an electronic signature, the biggest is convenience. Signing and accessing forms from your phone are huge advantages of electronic signatures. It cuts down on the time you would spend in a meeting discussing terms that you’ve already agreed upon and the commute to your meetings.

In outdated procedures, users were required to print out an agreement, sign it with a pen, and return it by fax or scan. This put a lot of financial pressure and responsibility on the signer, and it took an unreasonable amount of time.

With an electronic signature, users have the ability to sign on the go. Using the right software, users can sign from their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. No more waiting on another party to find time in their schedule for you; you can sign documents on your own time, which lets you read the documents fully before agreeing to their terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, not all eSigning software is compatible with Android phones. But the right eSigning software should work well no matter what operating system you use. That’s where Revv comes in, offering mobile-friendly signing and document reading for both Apple and Android devices. 

Our documents are shareable

Many companies claim to make online documents easy to access, but not all of those companies are as accessible as they say they are. Even worse, some offer poorly-designed, unprofessional templates for their users.

Some online document sites require you to download the files, which takes valuable storage space on your device and doesn’t let you view the document from other devices. If you happen to lose your device, break your phone, or buy a new laptop without backing up your files, the documents and forms that you have saved could be gone forever.

With Revv, your files are accessible from any device at any time. You don’t have to download them or create a Revv account: Just click the link sent to your email. No app necessary, no limit to how often you can reference your documents, and no hoops to jump through.

You can do both signatures and soft signs

You want to have access to software that allows you to sign every type of document form. And there are many different types of signatures.

First, you have your wet signature. Named after pen-and-paper handwriting, a wet signature is what many consider a “true” signature, but online signatures are equally legitimate.

Both an electronic signature and a digital signature fall under the wet signature category. 

An electronic signature involves typing or signing your name via the internet. This can be done with a stylus, a mousepad, or by typing your name into a box. Usually, this box will create a cursive, handwriting-style font, but this is mainly for aesthetic purposes.

A digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature. Digital signatures include an added security step, like a key or PIN given only to the signatories. This extra security step is more relevant for industries like banking that deal with hyper-sensitive information.

Finally, a soft sign comes in the form of a box that users check. They’re usually seen next to statements like “I agree,” “OK,” or “I accept.” These agreements are known as clickwrap and are a streamlined way to agree to the terms and conditions of a site. These are common in mobile apps, creating new accounts, and agreeing to cookies on websites.

All of these signatures are legally binding. A soft sign using clickwrap carries just as much weight legally as its electronic and digital counterparts. Just because you don’t go through the action of physically signing your name doesn’t mean you aren’t fully consenting to the agreement terms.

Revv allows you to sign in any format. With clearly marked boxes and forms that show which type of signature is necessary for each section, navigating your next online document will be easier and more efficient.

You can make comments on the docs themselves

Revv provides the option to add comments on the document itself. If there is something you need to have clarified, you can add a sidebar comment for the other party to see.

You can reference the exact wording or clause you need to discuss before signing. Since the other party is able to track your progress on the document, they can see which comments you have made and reach out to you with additional information. This tracking feature also allows parties to keep a record of page activity for easy reference in their files.

Signing documents from an Android is easy

With Revv, signing any document on an Android is easy and stress-free. Its simple format eliminates the confusion you would encounter in a less professional contract or agreement, especially one written by someone who has no idea what they’re doing, and provides a better workflow.

Revv only offers vetted templates, so you know what you’re getting every time. Plus, there are over 1000 template options available, so you can find exactly what you need in our library.

When a document is created and shared by one party, it will be sent straight to the signatory’s email inbox. From there, all you have to do is click to view the documents, look them over carefully, and sign or check the boxes where necessary. Once you’re done, the Revv software will notify the owner of your agreement, consent, or signature, and you’ll be in business.


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