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How to Electronically Sign Documents on iPhone and iPad

We’ve learned a few things in quarantine: how to make bread, how to stay inside for months on end, and how to transfer our business functions online. Conducting business online removes the need for in-person meetings and lets us stay home for the safety of ourselves and others.

Signing paperwork, contracts, and other business agreements online have become very popular during the pandemic. Businesses have discovered they can specially format these documents for online usage. It’s an ultra-accessible way to sign a variety of documents through your computer, iPad, or even your iPhone.

There are many ways to sign documents, but we can help you decide which eSignature method works best for you and why it’s the right choice for your business.

Why do you need eSignatures?

Many businesses have moved most of their documentation online in response to current events. 

You may need to sign a document like a purchasing or leasing agreement for a new car. Many companies sell cars online and deliver them to your driveway. You can avoid a trip to the dealership entirely, and you won’t need to sign an in-person contract. Dealerships use eSign to help you purchase a new vehicle from home. And this is just one example of how useful eSignatures can be.

If you get a new remote job during the pandemic, you’ll need to sign your employment contract online. Freelancers also benefit from eSignatures, since their clients can be scattered across the globe. They’re helpful in a huge variety of fields, so it’s worth understanding the best ways to use and create eSignatures.

Use a secure, mobile-friendly service like Revv

When using eSignatures, you want to know your information is safe. The internet can be a scary place, and not all electronic signing software is created equal.  

You’ll also want to find an eSignature provider that’s easy to use across all your devices, including your iPhone or iPad. Though laptop signing is helpful, people don’t always have easy access to a laptop. Even if you are on your computer, signing your personal signature can be near impossible without a touch screen. 

Using an online software platform like Revv can relieve some anxiety you may have surrounding eSignatures. Since Revv was created by consultants with experience drafting legal documents, you can have peace of mind that your signature is safe and private.

Revv also features user-friendly and mobile-friendly technology, even for those of us who aren’t tech-savvy.

Online sharing means you can access it on all your devices

When you sign documents on an iPad or iPhone, you can access them anytime, anywhere. You can organize them electronically and upload them to the cloud. Say goodbye to misplacing paper copies and digging through filing cabinets. 

With some eSigning software, you have to save your files directly to your device. If you lose or break your device and have to purchase a new one, your important documents will be lost forever.

With Revv, your documents are saved online. You can access them anytime on all of your devices. If you lose your phone or your computer, you can still securely access your Revv documents from anyone’s computer.

Mobile-friendly feature allows you to open your docs without an app

Many eSign software requires you to download a mobile app, which adds another barrier to efficient document access. You may not have enough storage on your phone, so photos and other apps will have to be deleted to free up space. Apps also need to be updated regularly, delaying your ability to access documents.

Some companies charge you to use their apps. You have to make a monetary commitment for a clunky, inefficient app. Others don’t adapt their mobile apps properly for iPad, creating problems when you try to access documents across multiple devices. 

Revv removes these obstacles through its mobile-friendly website. Users have the freedom to open important documents without the inconvenience of an app and also lets users sign the document across devices. This keeps the eSign process as simple as possible.

Extra levels of security and authentication

Security and authentication are of the utmost importance when signing documents and contracts electronically. The details of your contracts need to stay between you and the other signees, free from prying eyes. 

Keeping your signature safe is an important tool for preventing identity theft. You don’t want your signature accessible to just anyone online, either. Unfortunately, not every signature software provides extra levels of security.

Revv sets itself apart by offering added levels of security and authentication, so you can verify the identity of your signees. Revv allows document creators to enable an easy extra authentication step via SMS, asking signers to verify their identities on their mobile devices. iPhones.

If you’re confused by some of the legal jargon in contracts, Revv’s Metalens is here to help. Metalens translates legalese into layman’s terms, so you know what you’re agreeing to before you sign. 

Use your finger, a stylus, or type your name

Once you’ve finished examining your document on your iPhone or iPad, it’s time to sign.

You can achieve the perfect signature on your iPhone or iPad by using its touchscreen to sign your name. You can use your finger or a stylus to simulate the pen-and-paper signing experience.

Users also have the option to type their names on the dotted line. Typed signatures carry the same legal legitimacy as electronically-written signatures.

Revv makes things easier

If signing a document online is new to you, fear not. Even people without any technical skills can use Revv. Revv makes things easier for everyone, using state-of-the-art technology that is easy to operate. You can rest assured Revv is taking care of everything, from legalese translation to online security.

Electronically signing a document can be as easy as swiping your name on your iPhone or iPad. Revv makes it even easier with a mobile-friendly feature you can access from any of your devices at any time.


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