How to Electronically Sign Documents on iPhone and iPad

Read the blog to know how to sign documents using your iPhone or iPad easily.

We’ve learned a few things in quarantine: how to make bread, how to stay inside for months on end, and how to transfer our business functions online. Conducting business online removes the need for in-person meetings and lets us stay home for the safety of ourselves and others. Signing paperwork, contracts, and other business agreements […]

Electronic Signature Sample: Different Ways to eSign a Document

There are different ways to eSign a document . Learn the various ways and get your signatures faster than ever.

Because of COVID, more Americans are telecommuting than ever before. Workers have learned they can get as much done at home in sweats as they could in their offices, with no two-hour commute required.  Some jobs adapt to telecommuting more easily than others, like programmers and free-lance writers. However, many workers have historically struggled to […]

Memorandum of Contracts: All You Need to Know

Draft a memerandum of contracts before the final contract is drawn to avoid faulty contracts.

A memorandum of contracts is a less legally binding document that precedes a contract. It outlines the expectations of all the parties and the terms and conditions before the final contract is drawn.

What Is a Wet Signature? Everything You Need To Know

What is a wet signature? How is it different from electronic signature?

Some things sound more unique and exotic than they really are. A great example of this is the phrase “wet signature.” It sounds like something that you might hear in reference to government ops or environmental science, but a wet signature, in short, is a signature—an old fashioned signature that starts with something wet (ink), […]

CPQ vs Business Quotation Software: The Tool You Actually Need

Are you looking for CPQ or business quotation software? Read here to know which is better suited to your organization.

All businesses worldwide aim towards managing existing sales and efficiently grabbing new ones to accelerate growth with increased profit and success. A smooth sales process is vital for growth. But, manually looking after multiple functions gets exhaustive for salespeople and reduces the overall productivity of any business. Business quotation software and other such tools are […]

How to Sign a Contract Online

How do you sign an online contract? What signatures are valid?

Creating a contract to email a client is easy, but what about executing it electronically? Signing a contract online is legal and enforceable. Using an online business partner like Revv to help you send and receive electronically signed contracts is a smart choice that will save you time, money, and manpower.