You can simplify your esignature workflow using Revv's document management system.

Simplifying eSignature Workflows

With many business operations going online, it only made sense that the popularity of eSignatures would grow. Electronic signatures have proven to be an easy-to-use alternative to signing physical documents. This process is even better with the right platform and support. If you choose the right platform you can simplify your eSignature workflow and allow them to do all the heavy lifting instead of taking on all the burden yourself. 

What are eSignature workflows?

eSignatures are becoming an increasingly important component of conducting business in the 21st century. Instead of having to go through multiple steps every single time you send or receive a document, you can complete it electronically in just a few steps that take less time. 

While the eSignature process seems simple, it should fit into your business workflow as you move from step to step. As a result, it’s beneficial to establish a workflow so that you can easily move within the process without any issues or delays. 

After all, some of the biggest reasons businesses implement electronic signature processes are saving time and money — resources that are invaluable for businesses of any size and standing. That said, if you’re going about the whole process incorrectly with complex and inefficient workflows, then you’re not achieving what you set out to. 

The good news is that simplifying your eSignature workflow to increase efficiency and effectiveness is possible with the right amount of research, effort, investment, and expertise. 

What steps are involved in an eSignature workflow?

If you’re looking to simplify your eSignature workflow, you first need to review the existing steps present in your current workflow. Generally speaking, here are the different components of an eSignature workflow:

  • Access: How will recipients access the documents for eSigning? Are you going to send it via email? Are you going to have them log in to a website or a mobile app? Electronic signatures allow varying ways for you to get access and send documents that need to be signed. 
  • Authentication: How will people prove their identity before eSigning? eSignatures typically include relevant information such as the date, time, and location of the signature that can help determine identity. There’s also the option of dual-factor authentication to establish identity. 
  • Presentation: Will the documents be presented through a website? A PDF document? A third-party software program? A website that can be easily visited on a computer or mobile device is generally the best option.
  • Signature: How will the documents be signed? Is it a click-to-sign process with an automatically generated signature? Can the signer “draw” their own signature with their mouse to add to the document? Is it a clickthrough signature? All of these options are legal and equally easy to use. 
  • Delivery: How will you receive the signed and completed documents? Will the signer need to manually send them back to you? Will they be automatically sent through a website? How will you be notified? An automated system minimizes the work required by the signer and the sender. 
  • Management: Where will the eSigned document be stored? And how will it be managed or retrieved when needed?

Once you have these steps down, you need to identify potential inefficiencies and sources of error to come up with goals and solutions to simplify your eSignature workflow. 

Benefits of using eSignatures for business

With all the steps involved in a standard eSignature workflow, you may be wondering why it’s worth it to go through all that work. You should know that there are actually tons of benefits of using eSignatures for businesses that make the initial investment into establishing a workflow well worth it in the end. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits you should know about:

  • Electronic signatures are intuitive and easy to use no matter your level of technical expertise. In fact, customers of all ages have come to prefer electronically signing documents rather than having to go through all the work of downloading, printing, signing, scanning, and re-sending every single page. Just think about how much work that involves for a large document with dozens of pages! 
  • Electronic signatures help signers save time which also helps senders save time too. There’s no more waiting around for a signer to go through the entire process and manually send the document back. Instead, they receive the document almost instantly, sign it within a few minutes, and it’s automatically sent back once it’s completed. 
  • Electronic signatures can help companies save money in a ton of different office-related areas ranging from paper to ink, printers, printer maintenance, document storage, and everything in between. You’re also able to save money by completing the signing process more efficiently and being able to focus on other more cost-effective areas instead. 
  • Electronic signatures can help you go green, which is an increasing priority for consumers across all industries. By eliminating unnecessary paper and using electronic documents instead, you can do your part towards keeping the planet safe and healthy for generations to come. 

How do eSignatures work for business?

Odds are you have personal experience with eSignatures but are lacking when it comes to business experience. However, using eSignatures for business is a totally different game. As a business, you’re responsible for creating, filling, uploading, sending, and completing your electronic documents. 

You’re going to want a system that’s user-friendly and makes sense for both your employees and your clients. After all, the entire point of eSignatures is to save time, but if everyone is confused about the process, you won’t end up saving time at all. 

Businesses should work with an eSignature platform that helps them automate and simplify eSignature workflows that can quickly and easily get out of control, especially if you’re sending out bulk documents for signature. That said, there are tons of different options out there to choose from, and it can be difficult to narrow it down on your own. 

Simplifying eSignature workflows with Revv

If you’re looking to simplify your eSignature workflow, look no further than Revv. Revv offers signing and closing workflows engineered for growth. You can eSign, accept, and authenticate multiple documents for signing and closing. With Revv, you’ll have efficient workflows in place to help you speed up the entire process to maximize efficiency. 

But what do Revv’s eSignature services look like in practice? Revv offers click to sign, draw signatures, and click to initial options to meet every possible signing scenario. All of these options feature multiple levels of encryption and are in full compliance with relevant laws in the United States, including the Global & National Commerce Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. For added security and protection for your customers, Revv offers dual-authentication through SMS or email. For clickwrap signatures and acceptances, you could even configure video-authentication for recipients.  Revv also makes it easy to integrate with other business systems such as Zapier and Native API’s to help perform a complete overhaul of automated tasks. 

Believe it or not, but an eSigning platform should include more than just that feature alone, and it does with Revv. Revv allows you to accept or reject documents before signing to simplify the approval process and complete the document cycle as quickly and as hassle-free as possible. Revv also allows you to include in-depth and relevant information in the form of video messages with the documents to help move the signing process along.

But Revv is so much more than just eSigning. In fact, this is just one small facet of an innovative platform that features document composing, form filling, template building, and more — all within a secure business cloud. 

As a result of these innovative and comprehensive services, over 6,000 businesses have trusted Revv with their document management. Some of those clients include big-name businesses like Salesflow, PeopleStrong, FinancialForce, Xendoo, AmeriSave, and more. 

Although Revv is used by big-name businesses, it remains accessible and affordable for smaller businesses or businesses that are just starting out. In fact, there is a free basic plan that allows you to access some of the best features at no cost to you. On the other hand, if you’re really looking to invest in improving your document workflows, they offer plans with advanced and premium features for as little as $15 a month. 

Final breakdown on eSignature workflows

Simplifying your eSignature workflows by using automation and innovative technology is a great way to save time and money. By using a platform like Revv, you really get the best bang for your buck, thanks to a whole host of extra features that will help you run your business more smoothly. So before you manually send out another eSignature form, try out Revv’s free, no-risk option — you’ll be impressed by the range of features. 

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