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Research Proposal
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Research Proposal


Need help with research? Well, research can boost the success ratios of all your ongoing and upcoming projects.

[Sender Company] has been mitigating uncertainty in the business scenario for some time now. The market needs [Mention the Gaps]. With custom-designed market research, [Sender Company] helps companies improve their competitiveness and identify new market opportunities. [Add more solutions you offer].
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About Us

[Sender Company] has been in the market since [Year of Establishment] driving a systemic approach in meticulous [Industry name] research identifying gaps in customer expectations.
We are known for our [Asset 1], [Asset 2]. We have over the years serviced [No. of clients] clients and continue to tap into new organizations to assist make key business decisions.
We have a far-sighted team who has their expertise in [Expertise 1], [Expertise 2], taking a closer look at the minor aspects which comes as a part of the research.
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Why Choose Us?

1. In-House Research

We utilize a resource model to provide our clients with insights.

2. Panel Expertise

A panel of senior executives, analysts, and practitioners.

3. Premium Database

Access to extensive premium databases.

4. Global Coverage

Ability to conduct research across the globe in multiple languages.

5. Data Visualization

Ability to present complex data and concepts in easy-to-understand formats.
[Add More Details]

Our Team

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[Qualification/Special Mentions]
[Qualification/Special Mentions]
[Qualification/Special Mentions]

Services Offered

1. Primary Research

The customized qualitative and quantitative approach, driving people coordination, and creating a new database to sky-rocket your marketing strategy.
.[Mention Additional Features]

2. Secondary Research

In-depth evaluation of existing information creating a strong foundation for a brand, analyzing the external market over the years, its growth, and notable trends.
[Add more details]

3. IP Research

IP research is about analyzing patent and scientific literature to identify emerging technologies, predict disruption, and explore investment opportunities.

[Add more details]

The Problem

Our Company provides Reasearch Services that could be necessary to find solutions such as [State the possible solutions] to the problems such as [State the problems].


  • Actionable and well-timed insights primarily based on number one and secondary research, patent, and social media analytics.
  • Tap into difficult-to-attain marketplace segments.
  • Continuous marketplace intelligence to guide decision-making.
  • Ample flexibility in engagement fashions and deliverable codecs to make sure excessive client satisfaction.
  • [Mention More Advantages]

Client Testimonials

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[Client Company]
[Client Feedback]
[Client Company]
[Client Feeback]

Service Framework & Rates

Please find below the details of our unique approach with the tentative timeline and pricing at place:
Time Period
[Phase Name]
[Description of Tasks]
[Number of days]
$ [0.00]
[Phase Name]
[Description of Tasks]
[Number of days]
$ [0.00]
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment: A minimum of [0.00]% of the total amount must be paid by the Client to the [Company Name] within [Number] business days of the acceptance of this proposal, and the total payment is to be done by [Number] business days of the acceptance. Failure of either or both shall result in the withdrawal of the Company's services to be extended to the Client. The company reserves the right to vary the price of the Services by any amount attributable to:
  1. An alteration to the Service.
  1. Any variation of the rates of taxation, costs, or third party changes.
  1. Termination: This proposal shall become effective from the [Insert Date] and shall continue until [Insert Date] unless otherwise terminated by one party upon not less than [Insert Number] days’ notice in writing given by one party to the other.
  1. Limitation of Liability: In no event shall the [Sender Company] be liable to the [Client Company] for any damages of breach of fiduciary responsibility with the aid of using third-parties, unless [Sender Company]'s act or omission includes intentional misconduct, fraud, or an understanding violation of the law.

Acceptance and Signature

Kindly provide your acceptance by signing below:
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Free Research Proposal Template

Every research topic needs to be clearly defined in a detailed manner. Use Revv’s Research Proposal Template to construct a project plan and analysis that meets your client’s requirements.
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What's this?

What is a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a carefully-drafted document that gives all the information about a project, its importance, and what is needed to execute it. Research proposals are usually written when you have a great idea and you need funds to set it into motion.

Who needs a Research Proposal?

Research proposals are used in various scenarios and for different purposes by:

  • Students, to address a particular topic in a piece of academic writing that is different from a thesis or dissertation. This is mostly used when literature or social sciences is their field of study in the university.

  • Companies, to convince a client about the significance of research in their project and the resources available to help with the research.

Regardless of the scenario, all research proposals should answer some key questions like:

  • What is the project about?

  • Why is this project important and which problem does it intend to solve?

  • How will you approach and work on the project?

  • What financial resources are required to finish your project?

  • When will it be completed?

  • Why do you think the sponsors will gain from or benefit from the project?

  • Why are you eligible for the position?

  • What are your skills and qualifications?

  • How will you use the outcomes?

Let us learn how to fit all these details into a research proposal.

Essential components in a Research Proposal

Ideally, research proposals should be around 10-12 pages, distributed into various sections as discussed below.


A title should be concise yet comprehensive enough to inform the reader about the scope of the project. In other words, you must catch the attention of the reader and persuade them to continue reading.


Here, you can provide a summary of the project that will discuss the problem and how this research will solve it. You can add the research methods, examples, and references used in the proposed project.

Table of Contents

This will contain the outline of the entire proposal and the order of the components present in the proposal.


The introduction is the most important part of the proposal as you can describe the problem statement and the significance of the project. You can also add relevant background information so that the reader has more knowledge about your project.

Literature review

This section is for students. If you are a company convincing the client to consider your proposal, you can skip this section.

As a student, you can explain each of the sources you intend to utilize in your research. This covers important research-related details like books and academic papers. A literature review explores the selection of sources you chose and discusses how you're using them in your research, as opposed to simply listing sources.


In this section, you can explain in-depth how you are going to carry out your research. You can include details like the type of research you are conducting, tools used to collect and study data, your data sources, etc.


At this stage, you must delve into the meaning, importance, and relevance of your research results. You can also explain the interpretation, implications, and limitations of the results.

Timeline and Budget

At the end of your proposal, you could discuss and mention the timeline needed to finish the project along with the overall budget. You can also divide it into milestones and specify the individual pricing.

Acceptance and Signatures

Lastly, reserve a slot to record both the sender's and the receiver’s signatures to finalize the research proposal. This will expedite the process and set your project in motion.

Revv’s Templates to save the day

A fully-fledged research proposal template will let you spend less time drafting the proposal and more time on research.

Try Revv, a document automation and e-Signature software that helps you quickly produce error-free proposals using legally vetted, carefully designed, and customizable templates.

Check out Revv’s advanced features that enhance your research project.

Rich Editor

You can personalize your research proposal using the intuitive Rich Editor in Revv. You can add text and table blocks, along with eSignature tags, to the document using the drag and drop method. Additionally, by connecting Google Sheets, you can import data directly into the proposal.

Form Fields

By transforming the information in your proposal into form fields, you can reduce the amount of repetitive work. With these fillable placeholders, you need to fill out each form field only once, and it will automatically fill out any more occurrences of that field throughout the proposal.

For example, consider there are five instances of the ‘Sender Company’ field. If you convert this field to a form field, you need to fill in your company name only once, and all the fields will be automatically filled in.

With the help of Data Studio, a robust data mapping tool from Revv, you can also integrate and import data from outside apps.

Approval Workflows

Submit your research proposal for internal approval to your coworkers and ensure that no information slips through the cracks. Revv automates the procedure so you don’t have to do it manually. You can attach an approval workflow attached to a section. Any modifications made to that section will initiate the attached workflow. As a result, the proposal will be submitted to the approvers right away.


Utilize Revv's fast, efficient, and safe eSignature technology to sign and bind the proposal. Revv complies with international and domestic eSignature laws such as the ESIGN Act, UETA, and eIDAS Regulation.

Furthermore, Revv creates an Evidence Summary that acts as an audit trail of the entire signature process and is legally acceptable.

Tracking and Notifications

Revv automatically notifies you through email whenever an action linked to the proposal is done. You can keep an eye on the progress of your agreement in real time using Revv. You can see every action your reader took concerning the proposal, including when they opened it and signed it.

It’s time to put your idea into words! Sign up with Revv for free, and draft an effective and accurate research proposal in merely a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

How do I write a research proposal?

To write a clear research proposal, you should have an idea and the resources to execute it. A research paper should be comprehensive enough to convince the reader to sanction funds for your proposed project. Technically, your research proposal must describe the problem you wish to tackle, why it needs to be solved, and how you are going to achieve it.

What are the 7 parts of a research proposal?

Your research proposal should include the following 7 parts - Title, Abstract, Table of contents, Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Discussion, Timeline and Budget, Acceptance and Signatures.

What is a research proposal template?

A research proposal template is a blueprint that covers all the mandatory parts or sections of a research proposal. You can either follow the same research proposal and fill in your details or customize it according to your preferences.

What is the format for a proposal?

The format for research proposals includes the following - Title, Summary, About, Background and Significance, Literature Review, Research methods, Designs, Schedule, Discussions, Limitations, and References.

👋Hey there! Use form-based document generation to create error-free and consistent documents in minutes. This template contains fillable placeholders called form fields. Documents created using form template have an easy-to-fill form in which you enter data to complete the document.