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Music Event Sponsorship
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[Sender Company]
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Music Event Sponsorship Proposal

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Music is the Therapy of the soul. This is a Sponsorship Proposal for the [ Music Event Name ] arranged in the month of [Month of the Event] by the [Company Name]. The event focuses on the [ Purpose of the Event ] and is expected to be visited by [Target Audience]. With the help of attractive themes and innovative ideas, we intend to make this event a huge success and are pleased to invite you to be one of the sponsors for our upcoming event with this proposal.

[Company] Overview

Ours is a full-service event management firm based in [Company Address] that was created by pairing together our passion for business and events. We bring a fresh, unique approach to the event management industry.

Our team understands that a properly executed event can be leveraged to support an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty.

About [Event]

We request the client to please have a look on the given table to know the necessary details about the event.
Event Name

Event Date

Event Venue

Expected Audience (Approximately)

Performers and Featuring

This music event [Event Name] will be featuring performances from;
[Name of Performer 1] -
[Name of Performer 2] -
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Events Organized by us in the Past

We've planned and executed successful concerts and music festivals across the country, including:
1) [ Name of Event ] -
2) [ Name of Event ] -

Why Should You Sponsor This Event?

We expect you to be our sponsor as we truly believe this event to be a Jamboree because of the following reasons:

•[How will it benefit the Sponsor]

•[Why will it attract Audience]

•[Main USP of the event]

•[Particular reason for the event]

•[Product Launch](if any)

•[Cheif Guest](if any)

Audience Profile

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This event is expected to be visited by people from all sectors and all age groups especially [ Targeted Audience ]. Based on our approximation we have category wise stated the attendee profiles below:
Age Group
Geographic Area
Percentage of Attendees

Sponsorship Package

Gold Sponsorship Package
Silver Sponsorship Package
Bronze Sponsorship Package
Naming Rights to the

Opening and closing Speech

VIP Tickets
VIP Tickets
VIP Tickets
Brand Promotions
Brand Promotions

Booth Space
Booth Space

(e.g. web, newsletter, email,
(e.g. web, newsletter, email,
(e.g. web, newsletter, email,

Terms and Conditions



Payment in full is due no later than 7 days prior to the event date. This may be made via electronic transfer, debit card, cheque, or credit card. The company reserves the right to cancel the Sponsorship Contract if payment has not been received in full.


Any changes made to this Contract must be made in writing and signed by all parties. If the event is canceled, then the company shall be dully responsible to refund the entire contributed amount back to the sponsor.

Company Authority

The customer recognizes the authority of the company’s event manager and Skippers, understanding that they may take any decision they regard as necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of those taking part in the event.

Change in Dates

Every effort will be made to change the event date when requested, although the company reserves the right to charge 10% of the event value. The charge may be higher when it has not been possible to cancel subcontractors or venues. No change may be made within 30 days of the event.


The company retains rights to images taken on behalf of the customer. Where the customer has paid for photography, the company gives the customer permission to use such images freely. The customer gives the company permission to use images or video taken during the event in company marketing and advertising materials.


The company may postpone the event where forces outside of the company’s control such as bad weather, acts of terrorism, or other events that cannot be reasonably mitigated against, impact the running of the event. No liability for any costs or expenses incurred by the customer is accepted by the company in the event of cancellation or postponement

Acceptance and Signature

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Free Music Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

What can be better than a comprehensive music event sponsorship proposal to convince your sponsors? Check out this template!
Form Template Editor Template
What's this?

What is music event sponsorship?

Music festivals are fun and entertaining. But, organizing a music concert is no small feat. A lot goes into making an event successful. One key factor to success is securing the right funds to manage the costs of executing an event. A popular method used by event marketing services to gather funds is by offering sponsorships. 

Such a partnership - 

  • Fulfills the capital requirement of organizers to fund their music events 

  • Helps local businesses or big brands to reach a wider audience through events and gain exposure

A spot-on proposal helps to crack the desired sponsorship deal. A music festival sponsorship proposal plays a crucial role in attracting the target sponsors. It is your gateway to successful concerts. 

What is a music event sponsorship proposal?

A music event sponsorship proposal is a written document that describes and informs the potential sponsors about your sponsorship’s value.

What are the elements of a music event sponsorship proposal?

A music event sponsorship proposal sells your event to sponsors. Here are the elements that you must include in this business proposal -

Cover page 

The cover page or title page includes basic details like your logo, the name of the proposal, your company name, and the sponsor’s name.


This section describes the event in a nutshell. Include event name, date, and venue details along with articulating the purpose of the event in this section.  

Company overview 

This part of the proposal communicates about your organization - your vision, mission, goals, and values.

Event information  

This section gives complete information about the event - date, venue, event name, expected footfalls, performances, bio or website link of performers, etc. 

Past events  

If you have executed successful concerts in the past, highlighting those achievements establishes you as a credible partner among the potential sponsors. Additionally, do add customer testimonials to earn brownie points from the sponsors.

Benefits of sponsoring the event 

This part answers the ‘why’ for a sponsor. It explains why a sponsor should invest in this festival, how it will benefit, and what outcomes they can expect from it. 

Audience profile  

Mention the demographics of expected attendees. This provides clarity to the sponsor whether or not the expected attendees fall in their target audience.

Sponsorship package  

A sponsorship package is an action plan to be completed by the event organizer for a given price. It clarifies whether the event sponsorship can give a sponsor the desired ROI - brand awareness, product sale, new business, leads, etc. 

Terms and conditions  

This section includes the parties' rights and obligations, payment terms, cancellation policy, copyrights, clauses, and other relevant terms and conditions.  


Lastly, add signature blocks for both the organizer and sponsor. This is where both the parties sign the dotted line and turn the proposal into a documented deal. 

Why should you use a music event sponsorship proposal template?

Creating a lasting impression on your clients increases the chances of you getting sponsored. There should be no scope of error in your event sponsorship proposals. It has to be precise, professional, and aesthetically appealing to ‘wow’ your clients. 

Using a music festival sponsorship proposal template to promote your business services gets you in the spotlight. It also saves time, effort, and money. Here’s how - 

Templates are customizable - Get started on the right foot. Customizable templates are easy to edit and save businesses from creating each event proposal from scratch. You can quickly tailor them based on event services and speed up the process of creating business proposals. 

Templates bring structure to content - A proposal template gives you an easy-to-follow structured outline that helps to create agreement in a systematic and professional manner.

Templates are visually appealing -  A proposal template is formatted with images, tables, charts, etc. It guides event services companies to put the right elements in place and make the event sponsorship proposal aesthetically pleasing.

Create a winning business proposal with Revv’s music event sponsorship proposal template 

Aside from having access to well-drafted and engaging proposal templates, an event company should also accelerate the whole proposal process. Automating a proposal process from start to finish -

  • Makes the proposal process faster and convenient for both sponsors and organizers 

  • Translates an event sponsorship proposal into a signed agreement

  • Enables organizers to close the capital requirements for their upcoming event in time

Revv, an all-in-one document automation software, offers outstanding features and empowers an event company to achieve all of the above.

Legally vetted and beautiful sponsorship proposal template

Use Revv’s sponsorship template and create a comprehensive, flawless, and unbeatable sponsorship proposal. The template is professionally drafted and ready to use. It is formatted with a well-defined structure and details to help you easily create a proposal out of it. 

Document automation software, Revv, also offers form-based templates. This means you can draft a template and create the fields that need customization as form fields. For example - company name, sponsor name, address, logo, website, etc., can be created as form fields. 

Whenever a new music event proposal has to be created, all you need to do is - open the template, fill the form fields, and send it to sponsors.

Rich editor to further customize the template as per your business needs

Make changes in the template using Revv’s editor. You can add images, tables, more text, and many more elements to your proposal and personalize it. With Revv, you can design a proposal that truly reflects your brand, for example, adding your logo, selecting the right font and font color, etc. 

Collaboration tools to conversate with the sponsors and internal teams within the proposal

This is the part that hogs many hours and days. Negotiations and discussions over emails and chats are difficult to track and result in chaos. 

Revv collaboration features like notes, tagging, and attachments help users close their discussion within the document without any back-and-forth.

Real-time visibility into your documents and processes

Revv's 'Activity' tab helps you monitor all the activities and actions taken on proposals. It helps you gain clarity on your proposal's progress like - is it opened by the sponsor, the number of opens, is it signed, etc.

Payment integration within the proposal

Delight your sponsors by making the whole deal closure process smooth and comfortable. Integrate the payment button within your proposal. All you need is a PCI DSS compliant Stripe account integrated with Revv, and you can initiate the payment process within the proposal.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get a music sponsor?

Follow these steps - Create a list of target sponsors and research about them. Identify how the music event goals and target audience can help the potential sponsors in their business. Creating a compelling case for each sponsor and a personalized sponsorship package can help you onboard a music sponsor. 

How do you get sponsors for music festivals?

Find potential sponsors by using your social network, researching about companies that have sponsored similar events, or seeking help from professionals to reach the right sponsors. Follow these tips - Make your event sponsor-centric, and Create a customized sponsorship package that favors their business.

How do I get sponsorship money for an event?

It starts by finding the right sponsors for your event. Seek help from local communities, your existing network, your social media network, or from professionals. Create a customized sales pitch and a compelling case highlighting the business benefits for each potential sponsor. 

What companies sponsor music festivals?

It all depends upon how big or small the music festival is, the type of music performances, and the target audience. Look for companies online that have sponsored similar events like yours. It will help you to find the right sponsors for the music festival.

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