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Office Cleaning Proposal
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Office Cleaning Proposal

About Us

[Company] established in [Year], is a pioneer in providing superior cleaning services.

We provide high quality, flexible, and affordable service that caters to the specific needs of our customers.

With our expertise in commercial cleaning, we aim at providing the best cleaning services to our Clients.

Executive Summary

Our holistic approach and professionalism have been the key to our success. We, at [Company], always aim to provide cleaning services that are both cost-effective and efficient. As such, we have been regularly rated as one of the top commercial cleaning service providers in the city for the past [Number] years.

Our Services

We create custom cleaning services that cater to the requirements of our clients. Our services include:

Job Type

Est. Time

Starting Price

Furniture Cleaning - [Details]
[Number] Hours
Floor Cleaning - [Details]
[Number] Hours
[Service Name] - [Details]
[Number] Hours

Pricing Plans

You can also time the service and the frequency as per your convenience on an hourly basis per day, or on regular basis per month.

Regular Plan

(Hourly Plan)

Enterprise Plan

(Monthly Plan)

Starts $[0.00]
Starts $[0.00]
[Job Type]
Everything in Regular Plan + 
[Job Type]
[Additional Features]


Our team understands the virtues of cleanliness and strives for a neater and cleaner workspace for our Clients.

  1. [Director]
  1. [Supervisor]
  1. [Account Executive]
  1. [Cleanliness Expert]

Client Testimonials

Since our inception in the year [Year] we have been consistently rated as one of the top cleaning services in [Loccation]. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

[Client Testimonial 1]
[Client Testimonial 2]
[Client Testimonial 3]

Terms and Conditions

1. Payment

The Client shall make the payment once the invoice is received from the Company. The mode of payment shall be [Mode of Payment].

2. Performance and Scope of Work

The Company hereby agrees to provide the highest quality standards in performing the office cleaning services. The Client shall provide the Company with necessary details that are required for performing such activities at the Client's workplace.
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Acceptance and Signature

If you'd like to select our services, please provide your signature below:
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Free Office Cleaning Proposal Templates

Are you looking forward to sending out an office cleaning proposal? This template will specifically attend to your purpose and present your best features for a stunning impression on your potential clients.

What is an office cleaning proposal?

An office cleaning proposal defines how you will provide the services to make the cleaning process seamless and professional. It should specify how your business will help resolve the clients’ problems. To design an effective office cleaning proposal, identify your client’s pain points and provide the right solutions that hold the client’s attention.

What services are rendered by an office cleaning service provider?

An office cleaning service provider (Janitorial services) renders various superior cleaning services that are conducted by a cleaning business. It includes the following services -

  • Office deep cleaning
  • General cleaning
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Office bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • AC grill cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows, mirrors, and ceilings
  • Sanitizing all the surfaces

What are the critical elements of a winning office cleaning proposal?

A great office cleaning proposal template includes the following sections. However, you can add/remove the sections as per your clients’ requirements.

Cover page

The cover page is the face of your proposal document. It includes basic information like your service company name, the prospective client’s name, and the proposal's name.

Executive summary

Introduce your business proposal with an incredible executive summary. Outline the details stating why you are sending your proposal; why is your business solution right for potential clients. Mention the benefits of your company’s services.

Follow these simple steps to draft a precise executive summary -

  • Outline the overview of the problem
  • Provide the expected outcome
  • Render the necessary business solution
  • Call to action

About us

This is the place where you introduce your office cleaning service company. Mention your company vision, mission, expertise, company overview, details of team members, and other necessary information about your company. Also, include client testimonials to add credibility and instill confidence in your clients.

Approach and services

This section will mention how you plan to solve the client’s problems and the necessary steps to implement the plan. Provide a detailed plan for office cleaning, how you intend to approach the problem and provide customer satisfaction. For example-

  • Mention the time frame (monthly/weekly/yearly) the company will take to complete the services
  • Mention the type of office cleaning service being offered
  • Mention the method of deep cleaning the office
  • Specify any necessary precautions to be taken after rendering the services to the client

Project and timeline

The project and timeline should be clearly defined. Highlight the deliverables involved in every stage of the project and provide a tentative timeline for each deliverable.


This is where you include the financial cost of your services. Break down the pricing quote to ensure your client knows what exactly are they paying for. You should add a pricing table with payment details so the client can quickly review the options.

Terms and conditions

This is an essential section in a business proposal. It sets out the legalities that bind both parties in a contract. Include payment terms, warranties, termination, liabilities, and other vital clauses for your business needs.


This is the final section of your business proposal. Here the company and the client signs the proposal and turn it into a formal contract.

Tips for drafting a successful office cleaning service proposal

Incorporate the following tips into your business proposal to pitch to your potential client -


The most crucial part of creating an office cleaning service proposal is conducting research. Do an assessment and gather all the necessary information like the client’s competitors, pain points, industry, business, etc., required for your proposal. This way, your research will be comprehensive and thorough.

Go visual

Adding well-designed images, tables, graphs, etc., makes the business proposal more readable and easily understandable. Create a visually appealing proposal that grabs the attention of your prospective client.

Customize your pitch

The proposal needs to be customized as per the clients’ requirements. Opt for professional proposal software that allows you to easily customize your proposal as per company guidelines and client requirements.


Proofread your proposal. Ensure your office cleaning proposal is legally vetted with no grammatical errors.

Be precise

Your proposal should contain all the necessary information in a precise manner. Keep your sentences short and straightforward with minimal use of business jargon.

Modernize your office cleaning services proposal with Revv

Revv is an all-in-one document automation system and eSignature platform that simplifies the sales process and drafting of proposals. With its advanced features, it offers solutions that help you win new customers and gain more sales.

Readymade templates

Revv’s free proposal template eliminates the scope of errors and saves time on drafting a proposal from scratch. The office cleaning proposal template includes all the information that you are looking to amaze your clients.

Drag and drop editor

With Revv’s rich drag and drop editor, you can quickly add/remove (images, texts, tables, etc.). This helps in customizing your proposal template easily.

Real-time tracking

Revv’s activity tracker offers real-time tracking. It provides intelligent insights into the office cleaning proposal - who has viewed, commented, signed, accepted, etc. This helps to make informed decisions.


Revv’s eSignature feature accelerates the signing process. Both parties can eSign the proposal within seconds and close the deal.

Seamless collaboration

Revv's collaboration features - notes, tagging through @mentions, and attachments let you have crucial discussions within the office cleaning proposals.