Top 12 ContractSafe alternatives to choose for contract management in 2021

ContractSafe Alternative -12 Best CLM Tools in 2021

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Contract management software undoubtedly has become a crucial building block to an organization’s success. But, in the universe of contract management software, how to find the right planet where your business can survive and thrive? 

We have made it pretty easy-peasy for you.

Read on this blog and find the best ContractSafe alternative for contract management. 

Why look for a ContractSafe alternative?
What are the top 12 ContractSafe alternatives for efficient CLM?
Make the right choice – Find the right contract management software

Why look for a ContractSafe alternative?

ContractSafe is a great contract management solution available today. It is pretty user friendly and easy to set up. Its functionalities empower users in end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) right from contract creation to renewals. 

It provides awesome features like –

  • Intuitive and effective searching capabilities, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Secure contract repository 
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Collaboration 
  • Full control over sharing and roles 
  • Integrations with DocuSign, Okta/SAML 2.0, Salesforce, Active Directory, and other business applications
  • Support and training facilities
  • Unlimited users

and many more. 

ContractSafe offers four pricing plans with monthly and annual billing options ranging from $359/month to $1079/month. 

But that doesn’t make it the only choice. 

Depending on varying business needs, there are certain features that you can’t compromise on, while some can be overlooked. 

Also, multiple factors like – budget, whether you want a tool based on users or based on the number of contracts, does the tool has an electronic signature option, etc. – weigh in to filter out irrelevant tools and find the best fit.

Read the blog – Contract Management Software – An Ultimate Guide, and learn more about the features, functioning, and benefits of a CLM in detail.

Businesses don’t rely on spinning the wheel of fortune. They always go the due diligence way to make informed decisions.  

We are here to help you find optimal contract management software based on your business requirements. Each tool provides unique features that make it distinctive. 

Put your thinking cap on, go through the below list of software solutions, and find the ContractSafe alternative that works best for your business.

What are the top 12 ContractSafe alternatives for efficient CLM?

To help you get crème de la crème, we have thoroughly reviewed a multitude of contract lifecycle management platforms and narrowed it down to the best 12 ContractSafe alternatives based on the functionality and key features.

1. Revv7. ContractWorks
2. Gatekeeper8. Outlaw
3. Concord9. Parley Pro
4. Icertis10. Lextree
5. PandaDoc11. Conga
6. Contract Insight by CobbleStone12. DocuSign

Here we go!

1. Revv

Revv- the best contract management software with awesome features.


Revv is a great ContractSafe alternative. It is one of the best contract and document management systems. It is an all-in-one software solution with out-of-the-box features and generous pricing plans that work well for all kinds of businesses. The user interface is attractive, quick, and intuitive, which makes it easy to understand and work on without any training.


Template library – Revv offers a library of 1000+ legally vetted and ready-to-use contract templates and other document templates. This speeds up the contract creation process and provides a defined structure and credibility for your contracts. 

Rich editor – The editor comes with massive customization capabilities – images, text, quote tables, tables, page break, empty space, etc. The businesses can also design the contracts as per their brand guidelines – add a logo, choose the right font, color, etc. – to give a consistent look across all contracts. 

Automated approval workflows – Streamline the contract approval process by configuring the conditions and the actions and automatically redirecting the contract to the right approvers when a condition is triggered. 

Collaborate – Revv frees up users from painful and confusing email exchanges. It facilitates users to come together, review, make necessary edits, add notes and comments, and tag other users using the @mention feature – all within the contract. 

Tracking, review, and redlining – Gain complete control of activity on documents, reviews, approvals, and signatures. Revv makes a detailed log available to you. It tracks who opened the document, how many times, whether it was accepted, rejected, approved, and when it was shared or sent.

Form-based templates – It turns a contract template into easy-to-fill form fields with multiple-choice options and default values. It saves time and speeds up the contract creation process. All users have to do is – pick a template and fill the form fields.

Integration with other software – Revv also offers integration of other apps – Salesforce, Zoho, Google Drive, Zapier, Slack, and many more – to its contract management system. Its native API integration seamlessly moves data between your documents and business apps such as CRM, Accounting Software, and more.  

Machine learning – Revv’s metalens feature comprehends and analyzes contracts quickly and highlights important data such as parties, dates, clauses, and more. It extracts data and intent from business documents to scale up business processes.

Payment integration – The users can collect payment online by simply integrating stripe within the contracts.

Electronic signature – Revv’s built-in eSignature feature is secure, fast, and easy to use. It enables businesses to get the contracts signed quickly from any device.

And we are not done yet! Here are some more features from Revv –

  • Smart document repository with support for attachments
  • Automated alerts
  • Full audit trail
  • Centralized contract repository
  • Clause management
  • Version control
  • Pipeline management

These features make Revv a one-stop solution to manage contracts smartly. For more clarity, here is a chart comparing Revv’s and ContractSafe’s features.


Revv offers extremely cost-effective and flexible pricing options so that no business needs to ponder over its budget. Moreover, Revv also liberates businesses from the pain of buying additional licenses for extra users when the company grows. 

Revv offers both monthly and annual billing. The annual plans save up to 20% compared to the monthly plans. 

Here are its three pricing plans based on monthly billing –

  • Basic – Free plan for up to 2 users
  • Pro – $19/month for up to 10 users
  • Pro Plus – $59/month for up to 50 users

All paid plans include unlimited users, unlimited documents, unlimited downloads, 24×7 customer support, and dedicated onboarding.

Find here details about Revv’s pricing plans.

2. Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper contract management software


Gatekeeper, another ContractSafe alternative, is an AI-driven platform with a core focus on contract lifecycle management and vendor lifecycle management. Its offerings fit well for all business functions – IT, sales, finance, operations, procurement, legal, and vendor management teams. 


Its advanced set of features like AI extract, Kanban workflow engine, eSign, eNegotiate, and integration capabilities make it apt to manage even the most complex contract management tasks.

It also provides expandability with additional modules like employee portal, vendor portal, market IQ, risk module, etc., that are needed to scale up the business. 

Here are the other key features –

  • Comprehensive contract repository
  • Automated reminders
  • Workflow & compliance automation
  • Microsoft Word-compatible redlining
  • Integrated eSignature
  • OCR search and analysis
  • Multi-currency support
  • Contract templates & clause library
  • Integration capabilities


There are four pricing packages offered by Gatekeeper. All of them are billed annually by default. All the plans include hosting, unlimited storage, unlimited users, unlimited eSign, and daily backups and support.

  • Essentials – $775/month for 150 suppliers and 150 contracts
  • Pro – $1855/month for 500 suppliers and 500 contracts
  • Enterprise – $3325/month for 1000 suppliers and 1000 contracts
  • Enterprise custom – A customized plan to cater even big requirements (1001 to unlimited suppliers and 1001 to unlimited contracts)

Find here details about Gatekeeper’s pricing plans.

3. Concord

Concord contracts


With an inbox-like user interface, Concord is easy to set up and work on. Its robust and simple-to-understand features make contract management a breeze. 


  • Template building and clause library
  • Real-time editing & redlining
  • Automated versioning
  • Private/public chat & commenting
  • OCR search
  • Automated approval workflows and custom reports
  • Electronic signature
  • Full audit trail
  • Storage system
  • Automated alerts
  • Automation with Concord’s open API and integration with Salesforce, Google Drive, SSO, DocuSign, Dropbox, and box


The pricing of each plan is based on the number of users. All plans include unlimited contracts and unlimited eSignatures. Here are Concord’s pricing plans –

  • Free 
  • Standard – $339/month for five users and afterward $17/additional user
  • Pro – $419/month for five users and afterward $34/additional user
  • Enterprise – Get a custom quote

Concord also provides full onboarding support for all plans except the free plan.

Find here details about Concord’s pricing plans.

4. Icertis

Icertis contract managment


The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform possesses the capabilities and intelligence to manage the complete contract lifecycle right from contract request to renewals. It is a smart ContractSafe alternative. The AI-powered platform connects the dots and digs out invaluable insights from contracts turning them into strategic business resources. 


  • Intelligent contract setup through flexible configuration, intuitive and personalized experience, integration-friendly cloud architecture, and enterprise-grade security to manage highly sensitive confidential contracts
  • Powerful collaboration tools to support contract negotiation and execution
  • Flexible, rule-based contract generation and self-service contracting
  • Risk and compliance management tools
  • Dynamic approval workflows
  • Contract templates
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Robust searchability and visibility to contract data
  • Advanced contract analytics and reporting


The pricing information is not available on their website. Please contact their team to obtain the same.

5. PandaDoc

Pandadoc contract management


PandaDoc is a SaaS company that provides a cost-effective and flexible contract management solution. It is an intuitive software to exceptionally manage the entire contract lifecycle.


  • An enterprise library of pre-approved templates and clauses
  • Rich editor
  • Contract authoring
  • Salesforce and other CRM integrations
  • eSignatures
  • Automated approval workflows
  • Redlining
  • Contract repository
  • Collaboration with in-line commenting and document chats
  • Document tracking
  • Payment processing
  • Microsoft Word support
  • Alerts and notifications
  • API to integrate other applications


PandaDoc offers flexible subscription options through its monthly and annual plans. The annual plans can lead up to a saving of 24%. Here are the four pricing plans from PandaDoc –

  • Free 
  • Essentials: $25 per month per user 
  • Business: $59 per month per user 
  • Enterprise: For the businesses that require more capabilities, PandaDoc offers a customized solution and package

PandaDoc provides 24/7 email and chat support on all paid plans.

Find here details about PandaDoc’s pricing plans.

6. Contract Insight by CobbleStone

Contract Insight


CobbleStone’s 20+ years of CLM experience makes it a recognized player in the contact management software industry. 

Contract Insight is available in three editions – Enterprise, Express, and Workgroup – to match the different business needs. It further provides web-based access, SaaS, and on-premise deployment facilities. Find here the features comparison for all three editions. 


  • Contract drafting and unlimited user-defined fields
  • Check-In tracking & version control
  • Dynamic contract templates & clauses
  • Search & full-text indexing
  • API plug-ins and data integration with leading CRM, vendor management, supply chain, ERP, and other standards-based software
  • Document management with version tracking 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • eSignatures
  • Email, task, and calendar alerts
  • Custom report design and generation
  •  Workflow management


The pricing details for Contract Insight are not available on the website. You can fill a form and request pricing.

7. ContractWorks



Enabled with artificial intelligence, user-friendly interface, customization, and automation capabilities, ContractWorks fits well for small-to-medium and large organizations. It is easy to set up and implement.


  • Document templates
  • Customizable form fields
  • Secure contract repository
  • Smart document tagging
  • OCR and advanced search capabilities
  • Audit trail
  • Electronic signature
  • Unlimited alerts and notifications
  • Customized reporting
  • Permission-based user roles
  • Salesforce integration


ContractWorks provides three pricing plans. All plans are billed annually and offer unlimited users, but there is a cap on the number of documents for each plan.

  • Standard: $600 per month for 2,500 documents 
  • Professional: $800 per month for 10,000 documents 
  • Enterprise: $1,000 per month for unlimited documents

Find here details about the pricing plans of ContractWorks.

8. Outlaw

Outlaw contract management


Outlaw’s contract management system is an excellent ContractSafe alternative. It is a feature-rich platform powered by AI-driven analytics available in flexible and affordable subscription options. It combines contract generation, document automation, in-app collaboration & negotiations, and a smart repository into a single user experience.


  • Pre-vetted dynamic templates
  • Redlining and version control
  • Built-in dynamic clause library
  • Automated workflows
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Tracking
  • API access for seamless integration 
  • Dynamic fields
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • AI-powered OCR
  • Personalized saved searches and dynamic foldering
  • eSignatures


Outlaw provides two pricing options available in monthly and annual subscriptions. The yearly billing can save up to 20%. 

The plan divides users into two types – core users and collaborators. Core users own the account with complete control of templates, reports, and teams. The collaborators are active users and signers who can draft, collaborate, and manage contracts but cannot edit templates.

The payment plan starts with a core user. Later, the collaborator seats can be added to the plan once there are more than five core users. The following pricing is based on the monthly billing –

  • Core users – $125 per user per month
  • Collaborators – $60 per user per month

Outlaw provides onboarding and customer support services for plans having more than five core users.

Find here details about Outlaw’s pricing plans.

9. Parley Pro

Parley pro contract management


Parley Pro is a collaborative cloud-based contract lifecycle management platform. It automates and streamlines the complete contracting process and also enables a better negotiation experience. 


  • Contract templates
  • Contract attachments
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Integrations / APIs
  • Reporting, insights, analytics, and dashboards
  • eSignatures
  • Approval workflows
  • Notifications
  • Searchable contracts
  • Smarter and faster negotiations with full control of comment and change visibility


The pricing plans for Parley Pro are not mentioned on the website.

10. Lextree

Lextree contract management


Lextree from Berkman Solutions is a SaaS-based contract management solution packed with automation features that are secure and easy to use.


  • Central contract repository
  • Automatic alerts
  • Custom workflows
  • Built-in reports
  • Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Track and monitor compliance obligations

Lextree also offers entity management software that brings all legal documents, data, and entities in a single place.


There are three pricing plans from Lextree –

  • Professional – $99/month offering single user, unlimited contract, 10 GB storage, and more
  • Business – $399/month offering unlimited users, unlimited contracts, 100 GB storage, and more
  • Enterprise – $699/month offering unlimited users and contracts, 100 GB storage, custom app development and url, and more

Find here details about Lextree’s pricing plans.

11. Conga

Conga Contracts


Conga CLM empowers users at every stage of the contract lifecycle, streamlines the processes, and reduces cycle times. Conga’s merger with Apttus in 2020 has further strengthened the portfolio and brought more visibility and power to contract management.   


  • Central repository
  • Contract templates
  • Clause library
  • Integration into other systems – CPQ, ERP, etc.
  • Negotiation tools
  • eSignatures
  • AI assistance
  • Dynamic add-ons to edit contracts in MS Word
  • Review and redlining
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics, reporting, and search capabilities
  • Integration with other software like Salesforce, SAR Ariba, Kira, Coupa, etc.


Conga’s pricing details are not available on the website but can be obtained upon request. Contact them for the same.

12. DocuSign

Docusign contract management software


DocuSign CLM has varied features to speed up the contract lifecycle by automating the contract steps and making them more efficient.


  • Configurable workflow
  • Searchability
  • Centralized repository
  • Template and clause library
  • Document tracking
  • Collaboration
  • API integrations
  • eSignature facility (sold separately)


The pricing plans of DocuSign CLM are not provided. Please contact their team to find the right plan based on your business needs.

Please note that all the information in this ContractSafe alternative blog is taken from company websites, comparison websites such as GetApp, G2, Capterra, and others. Since companies keep adding features, some of the information may be out of date. Let us know at if there’s any information that needs change. We’ll verify and update as quickly as possible.

Make the right choice – Find the right contract management software

A myriad of contract management tools are available if you are looking for a ContractSafe alternative. Some tools might offer basic features, while others might have award-winning functionalities. 

Many organizations prefer more flexible and scalable solutions to meet the increasing complexities of their business as it grows. Hence, they pin on SharePoint based contract management solutions with tailored features as per their business dynamics and industry demands. 

What’s important is that the platform should suffice all your business demands while fitting in your pocket at the same time.

We highly recommend you to try out Revv’s feature-rich, flexible, and intelligent contract management system to manage contacts smoothly with extremely cost-effective plans.

Power your contract management process with Revv!

Reach out to us at


Want to take the hard work out of drafting contracts? Try Revv’s contract templates

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