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Window Cleaning Proposal
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Window Cleaning Proposal

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Many people think cleaning windows is a tedious task. Wait until you try and clean the screens. Window Cleaning is a project many people put off as long as possible if they even tackle it at all. Keep in mind, this is not an inside job. This is where you can take the help of Window Cleaning Services.

[Company] Overview

We appreciate your interest in [Company Name]. Whether preparing for the holidays, in the midst of spring cleaning enhancing the look of your business, let us take this tedious task and make it worry-free. From sunrooms to showrooms, and skylights to storefronts, we do it all. If you are looking for a one-time cleaning for your home or your business demands weekly cleanings, you can rely on us to get the job done. We are ready meet to your window cleaning needs.

With more than [Number] years experience and offices in [Geographical Area], we’ve turned window cleaning into an art form. At least that’s what we hear from our satisfied commercial and residential customers.


Our philosophy is to provide a professional approach to ensuring the “final product” results in unsurpassed quality whereby our client has the peace of mind they hired the right company regardless of the job.

Residential Services

When you hire us for your home cleaning services, we’ll work with you to create a customized schedule that fits your needs. Some of the customizable services are:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Detail Bathroom cleaning and Sanitation including hard water and mildew remediation
  • Kitchen detail cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Linen services/bed changing
  • Detail spring cleaning
  • Floor stripping and Waxing
  • Whole-home or partial space cleaning services

Commercial Services

Commercial services include but are not limited to: nightly office cleaning, all-inclusive resort janitorial maintenance services, restaurant nightly contracted janitorial or on-demand servicing, pressure washing commercial spaces, or final construction cleaning as mentioned, both for remodel or new building commercial or residential projects, to name a few.

  • Construction Final Clean, both residential and commercial projects.
  • Move-in/Move-out cleaning.
  • Property Maintenance services.
  • Office Janitorial services.
  • Floor specialty services: wood, tile, linoleum, stripping, cleaning, sealing, waxing.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Unique and minimally disruptive Stone polishing expertise.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Restaurant cleaning/kitchen cleaning specialty services, on-demand service, or nightly contracted services.
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We believe in offering best services at affordable prices;
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Residential Services
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Commercial Services
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$ 0.00

Terms and Conditions

Health and Safety

The company takes all issues of Health and Safety seriously. This includes the wellbeing of its Clients, Operatives, Staff, Customers, and members of the General Public.

Prior to commencing work, a Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be carried out in line with our Health and Safety Policy.

If we deem any conditions unfit or hazardous, work will not continue until conditions are improved.  This specifically refers to (but is not limited to) Hazardous Areas due to Construction Work or Stored Materials, Broken Fences and Perimeters, Overgrown Trees and Plants, proximity to dangerous Chemicals, or Fuels or other corrosive substances, surfaces made dangerous by eg Algae, Moss, etc.

Areas that are inaccessible will not be cleaned.  Our Operatives are trained to work safely, and if asked will not undertake work that is unsafe.

All items or obstacles should be removed by the Client from the areas the Company Operatives need to access. Our Operatives need reasonable access to perform their duties safely.


Payment for Cleaning Services can be paid directly to the Company by Bank Transfer or cheque. We extend no more than 30 days’ credit at the point of Invoice and request that invoices are paid within this time period. 

We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for any reminders that need to be sent in case of late payment. Any bank charges incurred due to a Client’s cheque being returned unpaid will be passed to the Client. Should the Client claim to have made a payment, the onus is on the Client to prove payment has been received into our bank account.


The Client may terminate the cleaning contract by giving 30 days prior notice. The Client agrees that the company will carry out any cleaning that is due within the 30 days notice period, and be paid in full for this service.


[Company Name] shall not be responsible for any damage to property due to acts of nature, fire, vandalism, misuse, or abuse. [Client Name] should be aware of normal deterioration of equipment that occurs over time due to exposure to chemicals, sunlight, and, in some cases, other corrosive materials.

Also, [Company Name] is not responsible for any damages or deterioration caused by the failure of a [Client Name] to perform other services recommended by [Company Name], or by the failure of [Client Name] to properly maintain Windows and equipment between visits.

Acceptance and Signature

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Window Cleaning Proposal & Quote Template

Want to send a winning window cleaning proposal to your client? Check out this detailed proposal that will help in gaining potential clients for your business.

What is a window cleaning proposal?

A window cleaning proposal is a document that outlines the services you render to your clients. An effective proposal should specify how your window cleaning services will help resolve the clients’ problems.

What are the services rendered by a window cleaning company?

Window cleaning service providers are skilled cleaners who offer reliable cleaning services to residential and commercial customers. The services include -

  • Dry dusting the entire structure
  • Cleaning window panes
  • Removal of dust, dirt, and cobwebs
  • Wiping the window sills and blinds
  • Cleaning the tracks for sliding windows

What are the components of a window cleaning proposal?

Executive summary

An executive summary captures the brief of the entire proposal. It highlights why your business solution is right for the client. A good executive summary needs to be persuasive and benefit-focused.

Problem statement

In the problem statement, mention how you really understand the window cleaning service industry. Identify the issue that your client is facing in their business and propose how your services can help them solve the issue.

Proposed solution

Now that the problem statement is defined, paint a picture for your prospective client on how you plan to provide the desired solution. Specifically, outline the methodology for tackling the issue in as much detail as possible. However, keep it clear and concise.

About us

In the about us section, explain who you are and what your company is all about. Mention your company values, vision, mission, strengths, etc. You can also include client testimonials to increase the credibility of your company.

Approach and services

Here’s where you mention the entire process, detailing exactly how you intend to approach the problem and the necessary steps to implement the plan. Demonstrate the potential challenges and provide customized solutions. For example -

  • Mention the method of window cleaning services
  • The equipment and tools used for removing the dirt
  • Determine the number of times the window cleaning services will be provided
  • Specify any necessary precautions to be taken after providing the services to the client.

Project and timeline

In this section, outline the key events and deliverables involved in every stage. Provide a realistic timeline for each deliverable.


Clearly specify your fees and payment terms for the services. You can add a pricing table to make it easier for the client to understand the cost of the services.

Terms and conditions

State the legal aspects of the deal by including the terms and conditions in a contract. Add clauses such as - payment terms, warranties, liabilities, termination, and other necessary clauses as per your business needs. Include the standard legal requirement to make the contract enforceable.


This is the final section where both the parties agree to enter into a contract by signing the document.

Tips on drafting an effective window cleaning proposal

Now that you know what components to include in a proposal; here are few tips to keep in mind for drafting an effective proposal -

Know your client

Having clarity on who your audience is, their pain points, budget, timeline, etc. helps in addressing client’s issues in the right manner. This will also help in positioning your business correctly.

Put your brand upfront

Incorporate your company’s guidelines on brand identity, while drafting your proposal templates. This brings consistency to your proposal and also highlights your brand.

Add more visuals

Let your reader be engaged by including photos in the about us section - photos of your work, infographics, and more. Make your proposal aesthetically pleasing by adding visual content in describing certain key aspects in the document.

Read and re-read

Your proposal should define the quality of the work that you provide to the client. Make sure your proposal is free from grammatical errors. Proofread your content before sending it to the client.

Customize your window cleaning proposal with Revv

Revv is an all-in-one document automation system and eSignature platform that accelerates the process of drafting proposals and improves the overall sales process. It offers solutions to help win new customers and gain more sales.

Professionally designed templates

Revv’s ready-to-use legally vetted templates accelerate the drafting process and enable businesses to create proposals within minutes.

Drag and drop editor

Revv’s editor provides flexibility to personalize and edit your templates. You can customize it with brand logo, right font color, etc, and let your business shine.


Revv enables quality conversations within the proposal with its real-time collaboration feature via - tagging, notes, and attachments.


Revv’s built-in eSignature feature empowers businesses to get the contracts signed quickly and effortlessly from anywhere using any device.

Real-time monitoring

With Revv’s activity tracking feature, you get a detailed log of actions taken on the proposal - who has viewed, accepted, rejected, eSigned, etc.