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A Sales quoting software gives you the power to deliver custom Quotes within a matter of minutes.
With RevvSales, you have the best quoting software that will amplify your sales efforts through features like Custom Templates, Analytics, Actionable insights, Workflows & Controls, Document Management, 24X7 Email Support, and much more!

When a prospective buyer expresses interest in your offerings, responding with an impeccable sales quote will help you create a positive impression. A sales quote, at times, will lead to a legally binding bargain under said conditions, so you can’t afford to mess up. So, how do you go about it?

First, let’s have a look at the traditional approach without a sales quoting software, followed by many companies even today. To start with, you’ll have to manually prepare the price list of all the products to be included in the quote. Saving all the quote-related conversations with the client is important. But most organizations follow a fragmented approach that randomly uses emails and phones, which will only lead to untrackable changes.

Again, having to depend on spreadsheets to store your product and pricing information will end up making things confusing in the long run, especially during renewals. As such, you run the risk of creating a botched-up sales quote that is replete with errors and data discrepancies. When a single mistake could lead to your entire quotation getting discarded, imagine what multiple inaccuracies could do.

A quoting software, on the other hand, will not only help you create an ideal quote in minutes but will also help you keep track of its progress – a tough task in itself. For this simple reason, investing in a quoting tool should be on top of your to-do list.

So, what features do sales quoting software need to have to be worthy of your money? Let’s check it out.

Well-structured & resourceful templates

To ensure consistency among your quotations, it’s important to have a set template corresponding to a specific opportunity. For this, it’s necessary to go for a quotation tool that provides a rich set of templates. The tool should have the provision to add and subtract the components from the draft, enabling you to fully customize your template. An ideal tool will provide you the means to quickly and conveniently populate a pre-compiled template with the help of a well-defined form.  

Simplified tracking with multiple viewpoints

Once you share the quote with prospects, the tool should be able to provide you with a real-time, or at least, a near-real-time view of your quote’s status. Moreover, it should let you club quotes having similar status into a defined group. Such a grouping will also give you the snapshot of the progress made by each quotation across different stages, making it much easier to track and address the ones that are awaiting specific actions like reviews or approvals.

Centralized repository for all types of documents

When it comes to approved quotations, it’s important you save them carefully for future reference. This is why you need a sales quoting software to provide you with a simplified, yet robust feature to store and retrieve your quotes, templates, clauses, etc. Look for a tool that also lets you organize them based on different requisites like date or type, making it easier for you to retrieve them when needed.   

Provisions for Storing & accessing multiple pricing-books

A product catalog with a corresponding price list is what transforms a generic document like a proposal or marketing collateral into a quote. So, it’s important for a quotation tool to provide you with the option to update, store, and manage your comprehensive pricing books with ease. Moreover, the sales quoting software should also let you export the information from a third-party tool like a CRM if you’d like to.

Simplified & intuitive user-interface

What would you do if a sales quoting software has all the features you want, but is it quite difficult when it comes to accessibility and navigation? Well, you might want to give up on some advanced but complex features in favor of simplified accessibility and user-interface, won’t you? Yup! So, go in for a tool that gives a reasonable amount of features but doesn’t compromise on essential features, especially the ease-of-use. 

The sales quotation software from RevvSales is one such solution that has an ideal mix of ingenuity, simplicity, and functionalism. In addition to all the above mentioned essential aspects, it also provides some highly-effective features that can spice up your quote-building initiatives.

  • Provision for internal & external communication

Imagine having a real-time interaction with the prospect in the form of messages that appear in a panel right beside the quote. So, when prospects want to discuss the quotation with you, they do not need a separate messaging tool like an email or chat to communicate. Amazing as it may sound, the sales quoting software also allows peer-to-peer interaction among individuals who are responsible for the creation and approval of the quote, capturing and storing all the communication about the history of that quotation – from draft to signature, all in one place under the comment section.  

  • Workflows & approval management

Every quote has to go through multiple approvals and revisions before it finally gets accepted and signed. However, to ensure the approval process follows a set of predefined rules to keep the document in line with the business needs, it’s important to chart out the workflows. Being one of the best quoting software, it offers exactly that and much more. It gives you the option to use dynamic fields to create customized workflows. As such, the fool-proof workflows and user-level authorizations make it much easier to manage the process, never letting things spin out of control.

  • E-signature for remote authentication

You no longer have to travel miles to get the signature of your clients who have accepted your quotations, saving you enough time and effort. Even though the quotation as a document is not legally binding, a signature from authorized signatory would always give it a sense of authenticity, which can be done much more easily through the integrated e-signature feature provided by this tool.

  • Data-driven process map

In addition to providing the real-time view of document status, the sales quoting software also has the requisite features to manage the associated risks. This can be really vital when you have to understand and minimize the bottlenecks, letting you to constantly improve the usage and efficiency of the resources.

Being a cloud-based insight-driven tool, the best quoting software from RevvSales covers all essentials aspects from higher efficiency, stronger control, and better decisions through real-time collaboration. So, if you’ve decided to move away from shared drives, spreadsheets, and untrackable docs to a seamless, intuitive and simplified way to build, share and approve your quotations, RevvSales should ideally be your first choice.


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