Why is Revv the Best HubSpot CPQ Alternative?

Why is Revv the Best HubSpot CPQ Alternative?

Going by its name, CPQ Software sounds self-explanatory – configure, price, and quote. But, beneath the iceberg of CPQ lies a web of complicated calculations, automation, and intelligence. These parameters differentiate one CPQ software from another.  When it comes to pinning down on one CPQ software for your business, there is no room for compromises. […]

Ins and Outs of CPQ – Definition, Functions, and Examples

Know everything about a CPQ software and choose the best for your business.

Sales is the backbone of a successful business. Sales managers and other sales professionals work hard, deal with an ample amount of rejection, and handle piles of paperwork before they can pool in customers to contribute to the company’s growth. The company’s responsibility is to adopt tools and techniques that assist their salespeople in working […]

Three ways a CPQ tool helps to close deals faster

Read about the three ways a CPQ tool helps to close deals faster

Every business operates with an intention to create offerings that meet the needs of its target audience. When a customer agrees to avail your offerings (be it products or services) and requests a quote, they are interested in doing business with you. This is when you, as a seller or service provider, need to jump […]

Who Should Use a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Software and Why?

Configure Price Quote or CPQ software lets you manage your products and create accurate quotes

Timely drafting and sharing of sales quotes with prospects and clients is a crucial part of the sales process. But, sending generic quotes and proposals to meet the timelines does not always prove fruitful for the business. The increased competition in the B2B industry has seen a rise in demand for highly customized products and […]

CPQ vs Business Quotation Software: The Tool You Actually Need

Are you looking for CPQ or business quotation software? Read here to know which is better suited to your organization.

All businesses worldwide aim towards managing existing sales and efficiently grabbing new ones to accelerate growth with increased profit and success. A smooth sales process is vital for growth. But, manually looking after multiple functions gets exhaustive for salespeople and reduces the overall productivity of any business. Business quotation software and other such tools are […]