Creating an Electronic Signature Workflow

learn all about electronic signatures and how to create an electronic signature workflow.

Explore the different aspects that make business workflows complex, how you can simplify and automate them within Revv’s document management and electronic signature platform.

What is a Digital Signature Certificate and How to Use One

Know more about a digital signature certifacte and how to use it when required.

In today’s world of online documents, video meetings, and eSignatures, there’s a long list of new skills you’ve added to your resume. There are more tech skills and terminology than most of us could imagine.  You may never become an IT professional, but there are a few things in the digital business world that you […]

How to Sign Documents From Your Phone

Signing important business documents using your phone can speed up the process. Read the blog to know how to sign documents from phone.

As technology advances, more and more aspects of our lives are being moved online. Before 2020, many companies were already shifting their business online and going paperless.  There are many benefits to accessible and signable online forms, even predating the COVID-19 pandemic. Online documents are eco-friendly, time-saving, and convenient for both businesses and consumers alike. […]

How to Sign Documents From An Android Explained

Sign crucial business documents using your android phone and keep your business

It’s official: businesses are making the transition to online paperwork and for good reason. Electronic forms and documents are easily accessible on your device or on the cloud. They’re better for the environment, they are legally accepted, and they’re more convenient than an in-person meeting. It’s great to see an eco-friendly, easily-accessible evolution in the […]

How to Electronically Sign Documents on iPhone and iPad

Read the blog to know how to sign documents using your iPhone or iPad easily.

We’ve learned a few things in quarantine: how to make bread, how to stay inside for months on end, and how to transfer our business functions online. Conducting business online removes the need for in-person meetings and lets us stay home for the safety of ourselves and others. Signing paperwork, contracts, and other business agreements […]

How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online?

Learn how to create handwritten esignature online.

Since the birth of the internet, companies have dreamed of a paperless office. The idea of running a business without a pile of printed documents has finally become a practical reality.  Emails have long been used to send documents and files. Before electronic signatures, those files had to be printed and signed before they could […]

How to Add a Signature to a PDF

You can now add signature block to pdf documents and send for signatures easily.

Make signing PDF documents easy with Revv Regardless of whether you’ve spent time in an office environment, you have definitely encountered PDFs. The PDF is one of the most common document formats. Nearly every document word processor will export to PDF if you want a secure document that can’t be easily manipulated after production.  PDFs […]

Electronic Signature Sample: Different Ways to eSign a Document

There are different ways to eSign a document . Learn the various ways and get your signatures faster than ever.

As businesses strive to envision what the future of work will look like in this continuously evolving workplace, one thing is certain: remote working is here to stay. Workers have learned they can get as much done at home in sweats as they could in their offices, with no two-hour commute required.  To keep up […]