Decoding eIDAS Regulation – All You Need to Know

A full guide to understand eIDAS regulation & its implementing acts and discover electronic identification & trust services.

This blog is an extensive guide to eIDAS regulation. Gain an in-depth understanding of its constituents, benefits, and how to keep your electronic transaction eIDAS compliant within the European Union.

UETA and ESIGN Act – A Practical Guide

This guide gives you a full understanding of the US eSignature laws – the UETA and ESIGN Act. Go through this guide and learn how to ensure the legal validity of electronic signatures in the US.

Revv | The Best Electronic Signature Platform to Process FDA Documents

Use Revv, a modern electronic signature platform, to send FDA documents for eSign.

All the efforts and pursuits of the US Food and Drug Administration are directed towards the advancements of public health nationwide. It exercises strong leadership to ensure we use good quality food and drugs. The FDA formulates rules & regulations, carries out inspections, grants research permissions, and whatnot to protect the quality of drugs, biologics, […]

Secure Document Workflow with Electronic Signatures

In this fast-paced digital world, people need to do business electronically. The global pandemic only heightened the need for remote authorizations since people couldn’t meet in person. It’s essential to stay on top of your technological game if you want your organization to keep pace with the competition. That’s why Revv is taking you on […]

How to Fill Out a Form Online

Creating a form online is quite easy with Revv. As a business, you’ll collect info from the counterparty,  then put that info into documents and then send it out. Instead, you could Send out documents that have fields of info the counterparty needs to fill in to complete the document. The recipient will be able […]

Best Practices for Building Your e-Signature Workflow

You’ve probably started receiving eSignatures from a plethora of different avenues. It is extremely exciting to do the signing process online, but one big question remains: how valid is the eSignature process?  The simplicity of the process has made it far easier for businesses to get documents signed, but what are the best practices for […]

How to Electronically Sign a Document

Know more about electronically signing documents using Revv and take your business ahead.

In 2021, it seems that electronic signatures are the answer to all our problems. Gone are the days when you needed to use archaic technology like printers, scanners, or fax machines to send and receive signed documents. This answer couldn’t have come at a better time, considering that everyone is doing all they can to […]

Simplifying eSignature Workflows

You can simplify your esignature workflow using Revv's document management system.

With many business operations going online, it only made sense that the popularity of eSignatures would grow. Electronic signatures have proven to be an easy-to-use alternative to signing physical documents. This process is even better with the right platform and support. If you choose the right platform you can simplify your eSignature workflow and allow […]

Creating an Electronic Signature Workflow

learn all about electronic signatures and how to create an electronic signature workflow.

To achieve maximum productivity in today’s business world, creating a comprehensive workflow that utilizes electronic signature is vital. This is why, to keep up with the changing times, it is important to find the right kind of automation tools that can handle all of your documentation needs in an efficient manner. What is an electronic […]