What Does an Electronic Signature Look Like

How should your electronic signature look like?

If you have had to complete any online forms recently, there is a better than fair chance that you have used an electronic signature, perhaps without even really knowing it. There are multiple standards for electronic signatures, and the term has different meanings in different contexts. To explain what that means, let’s explain the different […]

Why Businesses Need Online Electronic Signature Management

Do you know why businesses need online electronic signatures?

If your business requires contracts and agreements in order to get paid, there may be no more horrifying fear than the loss of your contracts. Imagine, if your warehouse burns down with all of your forms and backups inside or a hurricane or tornado hits, scattering your files, then soaking and ruining them. A leaky […]

What Is a Wet Signature? Everything You Need To Know

What is a wet signature? How is it different from electronic signature?

Some things sound more unique and exotic than they really are. A great example of this is the phrase “wet signature.” It sounds like something that you might hear in reference to government ops or environmental science, but a wet signature, in short, is a signature—an old fashioned signature that starts with something wet (ink), […]

Best Electronic Signature Software: Comparing the Top Brands

Which is the best electronic signature service provider out there?

Since the advent of the internet, people have sought to do as much as possible from home. Any process that makes completing tasks from home more convenient will have no problem finding an audience. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world that many things we thought required face to face functionality can be done from […]

Digital Signature vs. Electronic Signature: What’s the Difference

What are the differences between a digital signature and a wet signature?

The words “digital” and “electronic” in most situations can almost be used interchangeably. When it comes to signature software, there are some distinct differences, and also a lot of overlap between the two. Understanding those differences will help you to decide which solution is right for your business, and this understanding will allow you to […]

Choosing the Best Software for Free Online Contract Signing

How to choose the best electronic signature software?

There was a time when contracts were signed in formal ceremonies with witnesses and documents in triplicate. It used to be mandatory to schedule a contract review, drive to a designated location at a designated time, and watch each other read the contract so one could sign on a dotted line or two. This was […]

Choosing the Best Free Electronic Signature Software

How to choose the best esign software?

One of the greatest changes to business operations in the last year is the rise of remote work. We have learned, as a society, how many of our in-person interactions are not absolutely necessary. Many job functions that were carried out face to face in 2019 suddenly became distance functions. The phrase “this could have […]

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?

Are eSignatures legally blinding?

Electronic signatures are commonly used in lieu of inked signatures to virtually sign documents and solidify agreements. While they are convenient, the question naturally arises as to whether or not they are legally binding, and if so, what requirements are in place to keep them safe and enforceable.

How to Sign a Contract Online

How do you sign an online contract? What signatures are valid?

Creating a contract to email a client is easy, but what about executing it electronically? Signing a contract online is legal and enforceable. Using an online business partner like Revv to help you send and receive electronically signed contracts is a smart choice that will save you time, money, and manpower.