Learn how to create handwritten esignature online.

How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online

Since the birth of the internet, companies have dreamed of a paperless office. The idea of running a business without a pile of printed documents has finally become a practical reality. 

Email has long been used to send documents and files. Before electronic signatures, those files had to be printed and signed before they could be considered binding. A paperless office needs more than just digital documents. It needs the ability to sign documents without printing them. We’re here to explain the ins and outs of online signing. 

Why eSignatures?

If you still need convincing, there are tons of benefits to a paperless office.

Paper documents are costly. Consider the paper itself, the ink for printing, and the upkeep of office equipment for printers. For many businesses, these costs can become substantial over time. 

In-person signings are also more efficient. Picture the traditional document signing scenarios. 

In the first, the signer comes to your office and signs the document in front of a witness. Once they have signed multiple copies of each contract, the document has to be filed. 

Filing that document requires labor as these. Documents don’t file and retrieve themselves. It also requires physical space to house filing cabinets in your office or storage area. 

Alternatively, physical contracts can be sent to signatories who have to sign and return them. These documents can be sent to the signer through mail or email. The latter requires clients to print documents before mailing them back to your office.

In either situation, physical signing adds several time-consuming steps. Mailing physical documents adds shipping costs for your company, and waiting for snail mail lengthens the process trip. Emailing places the burden on your recipient to immediately print, sign, and return the contract to you. 

In both instances, the recipient is responsible for securing a witness and getting the document notarized before returning it to you. This delays the process further and adds another layer of inconvenience for the signee. 

In today’s competitive climate, that lost time can backfire. When you inconvenience your customers with outdated business practices, they’ll take their business to a more efficient service provider. 

eSignatures let your clients sign and return documents quickly, ensuring customer retention. eSignatures are reliable and legally binding, so you have no reason to worry about making the switch.

How to create a handwritten signature online

Now that we have established the value of eSignatures, we can talk about how it is done. 

Some options don’t even require a handwritten signature. These allow you to type your signature and use software-based security to verify your identity. The ensuing signature is a font-based recreation of a handwritten signature.

If your client or company prefers a handwritten eSignature, creating a handwritten signature electronically is easy with the right software. Revv can make the process quick and painless. Save a reference copy for comparison, and use Revv to apply this signature to every document as you create them.

If someone sent you the document:

If someone sends you a document (especially one created with Revv), it’s easy to add a handwritten signature. The document creator would be able to optimize for handwritten signatures using Revv’s simple interface.

Just click on the document you want to sign, and follow the steps provided by Revv to complete your eSignature. 

Once your eSignature has been added, save the document and send it back to the sender. It’s that easy! Revv will store your document indefinitely in the cloud, so you and the sender can access the document whenever you need it. You don’t need to print anything, and there is no paper copy to file.

To create the document:

If you are creating the document, you can allow your recipients to easily add their eSignatures. Revv walks you through every step of the way.

Start by filling out one of Revv’s customizable templates. There are over 1000 templates available to suit all of your needs.

If you want something more personalized, you can modify your template or create a new document from scratch using Revv’s simple drag and drop tool.

After creating your form template, you can save it for repeated use. This allows you to have commonly used business documents files available whenever you need them. Since Revv allows you to share an account with up to 50 users, you can create documents for your business that everyone can access and streamline company operations.

Once your document is completed, drag and drop the signature box wherever you want it. Assign the signature type, and Revv will make sure your signatories provide the correct information.

With these simple steps, you are ready to send your document to be signed. With Revv’s simple tools, easily send it as an email attachment to your recipients. 

Revv will let you know when the recipient receives the message, when they open it, and when it is returned. All the signer has to do is complete their online singing and send it back to you.  

With Revv, you have options

There are three legally-binding ways to e-sign a document. Typically, you will know which type of signature is required for your industry. If you are unsure, a quick internet search or a consult with your attorney will tell you which type of signature you need. 

For many documents, you may want the ability to recreate the wet signature that would be used for a physical contract. You will need a touchscreen or touchpad to use this type of signature.

For most functions, the easiest way to eSign is by typing your full name. The software will convert it into a font representation of your signature. This might seem less secure, but software security features in eSign programs like Revv make this typed signature secure and legally binding. 

If you only need to demonstrate your acceptance or consent to a provided form, you can use a clickwrap eSignature. For example, if you are approving a change to a contract before it is finalized, you can check a box to signify your consent. Think of the “I agree” button on software terms and conditions. Using clickwrap consent like this is helpful in situations where speed is more important than ironclad legal liability. 

Regardless of which signature you need, Revv is ready to help. Revv works with every signature structure, from standard eSignatures to algorithmically-secure digital signatures.

Creating a handwritten signature for your online needs is extremely easy. With a touchscreen device or scanned written signature and a highly functional software solution like Revv, you can write contracts and have them signed the same day, all from the comfort of your own home. 


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