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From generating documents, automating document workflows, to e-signing documents- streamline your document process with Revv. From generating documents, automating document workflows, to e-signing documents- streamline your document process with Revv.


Livspace Automates the Invoice Process and Cuts its Turnaround Time by 70% with Revv

Reduction in invoice cycle
4% -> 0%
Error reduction
Data accuracy
Efficiency and productivity of business teams

About Livspace

Livspace is a home interior and renovation company. It provides interior design and renovation services in Singapore and India. Founded in 2014, Livspace aims to create a unique experience for homeowners and scales the job of interior designers. It allows users to discover and customize designs and styles, place orders, get the requirements delivered, and furniture and furnishings installed for their home.

The challenge: Call for change

Before Revv, the whole invoice process was manual. Generating and processing 250+ invoices monthly for Livpreneurs was a tedious and humongous task.

Who is a Livpreneur?

The Livpreneur (LP) program of Livspace is the biggest community of freelance designers turned entrepreneurs. The Livpreneurs get to choose their hours, the number of projects they work on, and earn commissions on them.

Overburdening manual tasks and erroneous data

First, the LP details like name, email, and address were added to the Google Sheets, and then a Google form with empty fields was mass-mailed to the LPs. If there was a change in the invoice-related information like invoice number, bank details, etc., the LP could revise that information in the respective Google form fields to update the Livspace team.

After receiving the form, each LP went through the process of

form download print write sign scan attach submit the form.

Once submitted:

  1. The link to each signed invoice was added to the Google Sheets.

  2. The business team had to go through each invoice, see what’s changed, and update that information in the Google Sheets.

This led to manual data entry errors. Bad resolution quality and sometimes the confusing handwriting also added to misinterpreting data and data errors.

Perpetual follow-ups

The Livspace team had to reach out to each LP individually to submit the form when there was a delay. Being in transit and the lack of facilities to complete the form download/invoice upload also resulted in response delay from some LPs.

Performing these tasks for a volume of 250+ invoices every month made the whole process chaotic leading to complicated invoice management, eventually increasing turnaround time of the invoice cycle and delaying payment processing by the finance teams.

Livspace was looking for ways to:

  • Automate the whole process

  • Reduce the time spent on processing invoices

  • Double down on the accuracy of data

  • Increase compliance

  • Enhance productivity by freeing the team from manual tasks and exhausting email communications

Solution: Revv

Invoice workflow automation that increased the efficiency by 100X

Livspace chose Revv to streamline their invoice workflows end-to-end and speed up the eSigning process.

Here’s why the Livspace team fell in love with Revv:

Custom templates: Easy template formatting with Revv’s rich drag and drop editor enabled Livspace to create and customize their invoice templates in no time.

Automated data collection from signers: Revv form fields feature eliminated the need to follow up with Livpreneurs for the updated information. Now, Livpreneurs can update the information right within the invoice before signing it.

Robust integration capabilities: Revv made it easy for Livspace to integrate their Google Sheets with Revv via Zapier and make the whole process self-driven.

Real-time bi-directional data sync: Once a new row is added, Revv fetches all the associated data into the invoice template, generates an invoice document, and sends it to the LPs to fill and eSign. Once the invoice is filled with updated information and eSigned, all the information gets written back to the Google Sheets, ruling out the discrepancies of manual data entry.

Compliant and lightning-fast eSigning: Revv transformed the whole signing experience for Livpreneurs, making it ‘a few clicks’ work. Revv complies with the global and local eSignature laws. All invoices signed are legally binding. Both Livspace team and Livpreneurs get access to the ‘Evidence Summary Certificate’ - a legal proof with audit trails of the eSigning transaction.

100% transparency with notifications and real-time tracking: Now, the Livspace team gets to see all the actions taken by Livpreneurs on the document- when it is opened, viewed, or signed. No more follow-ups with LPs as Revv automatically sends reminders to LPs to complete the process.

No more location constraint: Revv empowers LPs to fill and sign the invoices anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Forever and organized invoice storage: All the invoices are stored in Revv’s repository in a structured manner, making them easily retrievable and searchable in the future.

After Revv: Automated, intuitive, and streamlined invoice workflows

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How do users around the world evaluate Revv?

Administer all the paperwork

Revv gives you the ease of administering all the paper works for your team and clients. This software will definitely beat those focused apps as Revv offers all-integrated functionalities for document management - from creation to signing and filing.
Founder & Managing Director
Winsight Marketing

Powerful contract management software

A great tool that allows my company to create contracts quickly. Its ability to allow my team to collaborate on negotiations and features like logic-based approval workflow rules, color coding based on contract status, e-signature, and document sharing are really helpful. Its automatic template creation and custom fields in the document have eased our quote creation process extensively.
Co-founder & Managing Director
Nexsys Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Integrates well into our existing tools

I love the combination of e-signature, custom document authoring tools, and pipeline management in one. It’s a one-stop shop for our document management and integrates well into our existing tools and processes.
Co-founder and CEO

Offer the templates you need

What I like best about Revv - Where do I start? It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need, which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.
Chief Marketing Officer
Robertson Marketing & Branding

Solves the problem

It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customers having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!
Salesflow, Inc.

Accelerated quoting process

Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
Account Manager, Sales

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