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Teacher Contract
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Prepared for:
[Teacher Name]

Prepared by:
[School Name]
Teacher Contract
This Teacher Contract (hereinafter referred as to "Contract") is effective from [Date] (hereinafter referred to as the "Effective Date"),

By and Between,

[Teacher Name] (hereinafter referred to as the "Teacher") a citizen of [Country/ State Name] with address at [Teacher's Address], and,

[School Name] (hereinafter referred to as the "School") an institution established at [School's Address]

The Teacher and the School are collectively referred to as “Parties” and individually as "Party." 

WHEREAS, the School desires to hire the Teacher for teaching [course/subject] at the School and believes the Teacher has the necessary qualifications and skills to perform its duties and responsibilities;

AND WHEREAS, the Teacher accepts the offer of the School under the terms and conditions of the Contract herein.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the terms and conditions set forth below and other good and valuable consideration, both the parties hereby agree to the below terms and conditions.
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Terms and Conditions

1. Term of Employment

The Teacher shall start working from [Date] (hereinafter referred to as the "Commencement Date") as a [full-time/part-time] employee and shall continue for [number of years] years.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Teacher shall execute its duties and responsibilities in good faith and with due diligence. It shall perform its duties as per the School's policies and the teacher's code of conduct.
  • The Teacher shall teach students to the best of its abilities and within the guidelines put forth by the School.
  • The Teacher agrees that it shall maintain the records of its students' attendance, progress, and academic performance.
  • [Add duties and responsibilities]

3. Work Schedule

The Teacher shall provide its services from [Monday] to [Saturday], from [Start time of school] to [End time of school].

4. Salary

The Teacher shall receive a monthly salary of $[0.00], to be paid on [Date] day of every month.

5. Benefits

The Teacher shall be entitled to all the benefits and incentives provided by the School during the term of employment. The benefits are further described in Exhibit [List Exhibit Letter].

6. Holidays and Leave of Absence

The list of all holidays is attached to this Contract. The Teacher shall also be notified of these holidays by the Principal of the School from time to time.

The Teacher can take leave from the work only for serious and genuine reasons, and with the prior approval of the Principal, unless the absence is immediate.

7. Materials

The School shall provide all the text books and other materials necessary to the Teacher for teaching its subject.

8. Performance Evaluation

The Teacher's performance shall be evaluated by its supervisor, every [number] months.

8. Proprietary Rights

The Teacher understands that during its employment with the School, it may be exposed to the School's confidential information. The Teacher agrees to hold all proprietary and confidential information in complete confidence during the term of this Contract and after the termination of this Contract.

9. Termination

Either party can terminate this Contract upon [number of days] days prior written notice to the other party, with or without cause.

10. Miscellaneous

  1. Governing Law: This Contract shall be governed following the laws of the [State/Court/Region].
  1. Assignment: Neither party shall assign this Contract or the rights and obligations thereunder to any third party without the prior express written consent of the other Party which shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  1. Non-Wavier: Neither Party can waive any provision of this Contract, or any rights or obligations under this Contract, unless agreed to in writing by the Parties.
  1. Separability Clause: If any term, clause, or provision hereof is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, all other terms will remain in full force and effect until the Contract termination.
  1. Counterparts: This Contract may be executed in multiple counterparts, each of which shall be deemed original and all of which together shall constitute as one and the same.
  1. Entire Agreement: The Parties acknowledge that this Contract sets forth and represents the entire Contract between both the Parties. If the Parties are willing to change/add/modify any terms, they shall be in writing and signed by both Parties.
  1. Notice: Any notice that is required by this Contract shall be in writing and shall be given to the appropriate party by personal delivery or certified mail, postage prepaid, or any such delivery service provided.
  1. Force Majeure: Neither of the Parties shall be liable for any failure in performance of any obligation under this Contract due to causes beyond that Party's reasonable control (including and not limited to any pandemic, fire, strike, act, or order of public authority and other acts of God) during the pendency of such event.

Acceptance and Signature

The Parties hereby agree that they have understood the terms and conditions of this Contract, and demonstrate their agreement to the same by signing below.
[Teacher Name]

[School Name]
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Free Teacher Contract Templates

Make the best use of this Revv’s Teacher Contract template to onboard a new teacher and outline his duties, rights, and benefits offered by your school.

Teacher's Contract: Why should We Sign One?

A teacher's contract is normally set by a school board of a particular district and signed by the teacher and school. However, the teacher and the school should be aware of all the provisions mentioned in the contract as it provides safety and protection to both parties.

What is a teacher’s contract?

A teacher's contract is a legally binding document that binds a teacher and a school during the teacher's employment. Usually, the terms and conditions of a teacher’s contract are set by a school district (or a school board). This contract defines the rights, benefits, duties, obligations, and other conditions of the teacher and school in a clear manner.

The educator gets clarity about their job role, rights, and responsibilities, and a school sets employment standards with its employee (or staff). Overall, a teacher’s contract is an important document that every school including high schools and public schools should implement while hiring a teacher.

Types of teacher’s contracts

A teaching job in a school works differently than all other types of jobs. While hiring an educator, any independent school can go and implement a contract with them, which can be as short as one month or can even extend up to a year. This all depends on the school and the district policies under which it is located.

There are three major types of teacher’s contracts, each with a different time period (or notice period). The contract types are:

1. Probationary contract

A probationary contract is common for new teachers who are new to the teaching profession or for teachers who are new in the town or county. This contract helps the school and the school board to understand the teacher and their job stability. It is usually signed for a short duration, such as a month, a semester, or a school year.

2. Term contract

This contract is usually signed for one or two years and should not exceed five school calendar years. Under this contract, the school or school board usually renews the teacher’s agreement and extends the employment period.

3. Continuing contract

This contract lasts for an indefinite period, and all the contractual rights last until the teacher retires or resigns. The rights mentioned in this contract are often similar to that of a term contract. This contract also doesn’t include an annual nomination or re-appointment components.

When does a teacher’s contract become void?

A void contract means it is no longer valid or legally enforceable under the district or federal law. A teacher’s contract is considered to be void and can be terminated under the following circumstances:

  • If either party is involved in illegal activities or crime
  • The rules stated in the contract are against the policies of the local or school board
  • Terms and conditions are severely one-sided
  • In case the teacher fails to fulfill the state licensure requirements of providing necessary documents such as his/ her bachelor's degree or master's degree
Every state has its own rules and regulations for teachers and schools. However, once a contract is considered to be void, then neither party will benefit from the agreement and its terms.

What is a teacher’s contract breach?

A contract becomes crucial during situations like a breach. If any breach happens then the affected party can report the breach and can lead the contract to void. Often times this is also reported in a collective bargaining agreement which is an agreement between an employer and union (like that of the American Federation of Teachers or AFT).

Below are the three major reasons for a teacher’s contract breach:

  • A breach can happen when a school terminates the employment of a teacher, even though the teacher has not violated any terms and conditions of the contract
  • When a teacher may have taken personal days or leave of absence that doesn’t violate the employment terms, and the school decides to terminate the teacher due to the absence
  • Lastly, a teacher may breach the contract by resigning from the school before the contract term ends

Resolution to breach

In case, the school board or the administration breaches the contract, then the school owes the teacher for all the damages. Usually, the teacher is given some monetary compensation. In some cases, the teacher may obtain reinstatement and continue to teach in the same school instead of taking monetary compensation. This is usually decided between the teacher and the human resource department of the school.

However, if the teacher breaches the contract, then the damage happens to the school district, as they need to find a substitute teacher. Nowadays, many contracts include this provision, where they add the amount of compensation a teacher must pay for damages if they terminate the employment before the end of the contract.

What does a teacher’s contract include?

A contract helps teachers work in better condition and simultaneously helps the schools to retain a skilled teacher for a certain period of time. However, both teachers and schools should be aware of what they are signing for.

Mentioned below are the essential terms that a teacher’s contract should contain:

  • Parties to the contract: This section contains details of the teacher and school, like their name and address.
  • Term of employment: Here, the employment commencement date is included along with the tenure of employment.
  • Salary schedule: In this section, all the salary details (or stipend) are included, like, what is the monthly salary and on which school calendar day will it be credited.
  • Duties and responsibilities: This clause outlines all the duties and responsibilities that the teacher should execute in the complete employment period.
  • Holidays and leave of absence: It specifies the holidays, how holidays will be notified, how many leaves a teacher is entitled to, and under what conditions. It also includes the total number of teacher's work-day, and also the days granted for professional development.
  • Proprietary rights: This clause specifies that all the confidential information that the teacher is exposed to in their tenure should not be disclosed.
  • Acceptance: When both parties agree to all the terms and conditions, they sign the contract as an acceptance.

What are the benefits of a teacher’s contract?

A contract allows both parties to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment and provide protection and clarification. However, there are other benefits of having a contract:

  • Compensation: Typically, a contract contains details about the compensation and benefits provided to the teacher. It includes details about salary, bonuses, or incentives in writing which the school board or the administration is bound to pay. The compensation might also include insurance benefits like health insurance which may be stated in this component of the contract.
  • Recruitment and retention: While hiring a skilled teacher, a school should prioritize the contract. A teacher with the right expertise and qualifications like an advanced degree in a particular subject would be difficult to replace. With a contract and terms in place, the school gets a skilled teacher for an agreed period.
  • Dispute resolution: All the provisions regarding how to solve a dispute are mentioned in a contract. Usually, the parties choose their preferred way and include it in the contract, which comes in handy during any disagreements.
  • Additional benefits: In the account of recent events, where the covid-19 has taken over the world, a lot of schools are also offering other necessary benefits like immunizations that will protect teachers and children alike.

Why is Revv ideal for a teacher’s contract?

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  • Revv contains a wide range of easily editable and ready-to-use contract templates
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