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Speaking Engagement Contract
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Prepared for:
[Speaker Name]

Prepared by:
[Host Company Name]
Speaking Engagement Contract
This Speaking Engagement Contract (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") is entered into and shall be effective as on
[Date] (hereinafter referred to as the "Effective date")

By and Between

[Speaker Name], (hereinafter referred to as the “Speaker”), residing at [Address], and;

[Host Company Name], (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), with its principal office at [Address].

The Speaker and the Company are collectively referred to as the "Parties" and individually as "Party".

WHEREAS the Company desires to hire the Speaker to educate and engage the audience;

WHEREAS the Speaker agrees to render the speaking services at the event

WHEREAS the Speaker has the expertise and experience required to speak at the event described herein.

THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and commitments contained herein, the Parties do hereby agree as follows.
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Company Specifications

The Speaker shall align with the Company's specifications as mentioned below:

1. The Speaker shall engage the Company's audience for [Number of Hours].
2. The Theme of the Speaker's speech shall be [Mention Theme].
3. The Speaker shall align with the event's Purpose and not digress from the Theme.
4. The Speaker shall refrain from using foul language.
5. The Speaker shall adhere to the decorum of the event.
6. The Speaker shall not raise liability concerns for the Company.
[Add More]
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Event Description

The Speaker shall speak at the [Mention the Event Name] event. The purpose of the occasion is to [Mention the Purpose].

The details of which are as follows:
  • Date: [Mention Date]
  • Venue: [Mention the Location]
  • Time: [Mention the Event Time]
  • Speaker Slot: [Mention the Speaker Slot]
  • Dress Code: [Mention the Dress Code]
  • Company Contact: [Mention the Point of Contact]
Note: The Speaker shall reach the Venue [No. of Hours] before the event begins. This shall help the Speaker be familiar with the location, learn the event flow, rehearse and test audio quality.
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Guest Profile

The guest of honour for the aforementioned event shall be [Mention Guest of Honour Name]. The other notable inclusions are the senior management, Company's customers, and [Mention the notable attendees].
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Terms and Conditions

1. Compensation

The Company shall compensate the Speaker as follows:
1. Speaker Renumeration
2. Overtime Allowance
3. Stay
4. Meal
5. Conveyance
6. [Add More]
Total (Inclusive of all Taxes)

2. Term

This Contract shall start on the Effective Date and shall end post the completion of the event.

3. Intellectual Property

Any proprietary information shared by the Speaker during the tenure of the Contract is rightfully the Speaker's existing intellectual property. The Company shall not claim any ownership over such intellectual property. However, ownership may be claimed only if the Speaker agrees in writing, to transfer such rights to the Company.

4. Recording

The Company may record all or part of the Speaker's presentation. The master copy of the recording shall reach the Speaker within [Number of Days] days after the event ends. The Company shall keep the recording for internal use only and shall not sell these copies. Should the Company wish to make other recording or distribution arrangements, the Company shall seek written permission from the Speaker.

Please Note: The event shall see the footfall of media channels, and therefore, requests such as photographs, sound bytes, etc., may be entertained. The Company shall specify the limitations regarding such activities to the Media, and the Speaker shall abide by the same.

5. Equipment and Materials Specifications

The Company shall provide to the Speaker with the following equipment and materials:

1. [List the Equipment and Materials]

Please Note: The event location shall have [Mention the Facilities]. If additional equipment and materials are required, the Speaker shall in writing extend such requests. The Company shall provide the needful on the basis of the feasibility of such requirements.

6. Payment Policy

1.The Company agrees to pay the Speaker a total sum of $[0.00]. The Speaker shall receive an advance of $[0.00] and upon completion of the event, the balance amount shall be paid.
2. Any reimbursements or pending payments shall be processed on the basis of the mutual discretion of both parties. However, the Company shall have the final say.
3.The Payment shall be made in USD through [Mention Payment Mode].
4. In the event payments are not made within [Number of Days] of the event, the Speaker has the option to consider the Company in breach of this Contract and claim a late penalty of $[0.00]. The Speaker shall issue such claims in writing to the Company Point of Contact mentioned in the Contract.

7. Cancellation

Both Parties may cancel the Contract without obligation to the other; as per the requirements mentioned below:
1. Written notice of such cancellation to be provided at least [Number of Days] calendar days before the date of the event.
2. If such notice is not given, the following rules shall be adhered to:
a. If the Speaker cancels, it shall pay compensation for the expenses incurred by Company. The notable inclusions are advance payments, partial cost of tickets, promotional costs, etc.
b. If the Company cancels, the Speaker shall be paid a compensation of $[0.00] as a token for the inconvenience incurred.

8. Relationship of the Parties

The Speaker, in the performance of this Contract, shall act in the capacity of an independent contractor and not as a partner, agent, or employee, of the Company.

9. Liability

The Speaker agrees to provide its own liability insurance. This insurance shall safeguard the Speaker against any claims resulting from injuries and/or damages to property and person at the event.

10. Backstage Guests

The Speaker agrees to notify the Company in advance about such guests who shall be using the backstage. The guests shall conform to the decorum of the event. If any violation occurs, the guests shall be asked to leave the backstage premises with immediate effect.

11. Confidentiality

During the speech, both Parties shall disclose private information such as the Speaker's qualification, background, expertise, etc. In addition, information such as Company strategy, mergers, aspirations, etc. Both parties shall only disclose such information that has been mutually agreed upon. Disclosure of excess information shall be considered as a violation of the terms of this contract.

12. Warranty

1. The Speaker warrants that it has the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to perform the speaking services at the event.
2. The Speaker shall take special care while providing such services.

13. Dispute Resolution

In the event, a dispute arises between the parties with regard to the rights or duties mentioned in this Contract, or in the event of a breach of this Contract by either party, the parties agree to meet and confer in a good faith effort to resolve the dispute.

14. Indemnification

Each Party indemnifies and holds harmless the other Party and its authorized persons from and against all losses suffered or incurred by them arising out of or in connection with this Contract.

15. Miscellaneous Terms

1. Notice: Any all notices to the parties, physical or digital, shall be made to the respective parties through their certified mailing address.
2. Governing Law: The Contract and all the terms contained herein shall be governed by and construed as per the laws of [State].
3. Severability: In the event that any provision in this Contract is held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability will not affect any other provisions of this Contract and all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.
4. Force Majeure: If either Party is unable to perform its obligations under the terms of this Contract because of acts of God, strikes, equipment or transmission failure or damage reasonably beyond its control, or other causes, the Parties shall not be held liable for such damages.
5. Assignment: This Contract herein is binding upon the Parties and all other affiliates of the Parties undersigned. The Speaker shall refrain from assigning this Contract, partially or as a whole, to any third party without mutual written consent.
6. Amendments: No modification or waiver of the provisions of this Contract shall be valid or binding on either Party unless in writing and signed by both Parties.
7. Legal and Binding Contract: This Contract is legal and binding between the Parties as stated above. This Contract may be entered into and is legal and binding in the [State/Court/Region]. The Parties each represent that they have the authority to enter into this Contract.
8. Entire Contract: This Contract and other annexures, therefore, constitute the entire Contract between the Parties concerning the subject matter hereof and thus, supersedes all prior Contracts, purchases, understandings, and negotiations, written or phonated, between the Parties.
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Acceptance and Signature

The Parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the Contract and provide their acceptance by signing below:
[Speaker Name]

[Host Company Name]
Assign signer 1
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Thank You

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DISCLAIMER: The content provided herein is for general information purposes only, and shall not constitute legal advice. Revv and its partners make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information mentioned hereunder. The use or reliance of any information contained herein is solely at your own risk. You are advised to obtain independent legal advice before taking or refraining from any action on the basis of the content provided here.

Free Speaking Engagement Contract Templates

Now drafting a Speaking Engagement Contract became easy with our pre-drafted and legally vetted contract templates. Our templates are ready to go, or you can customize them according to your choice.

What are the essential terms of a speaking engagement contract?

While hiring a speaking engagement service or a speaker for an event, it is important to have a contract, as it outlines both party’s expectations. However, it is even more essential to know the terms and conditions of the contract before signing it.

Mentioned below are a few important terms of a speaking engagement contract:

  • Introduction of contract, where details of both parties are included
  • The event description is given by the event host to the speaker
  • A complete description of the services the speaker should provide
  • Payment details for the services provided
  • Copyright ownership for the intellectual property of the speaker
  • Equipment and materials that the speaker will receive at the event from the host
  • Cancellation policy if either party wants to cancel the deal
  • Other standard legal clauses
  • Acceptance using eSignature

How to Create Powerful Speaking Engagement Contracts?

A speaker is essentially hired to educate or entertain a mass audience. When an event host or a planner wants to avail such speaking services, it is best to set certain rules in writing. An effective speaker engagement contract shall outline the important terms and conditions of both parties. This helps avoid liability concerns as per laws of the state or federal law of the country (such as the United States).

However, drafting such documents may not be easy or legally sound. Most small businesses come with limited resources making it challenging to take any legal advice. For them, one of the simplest ways is to use readymade contract templates available online like those available in Revv.

Let’s learn more about speaker engagement contracts.

What is a speaking engagement contract?

A speaking engagement contract (also known as a speaker contract, or a speaker engagement contract) is a legally binding document signed between two parties for speaking services at an event. The two parties are normally the speaker or the speaking service provider and the event host.

Speaking engagement contracts are signed for both small and big events. For instance, it can be used for a speaker to talk in large gatherings like seminars or conferences, or it can also be used for small events such as house parties or weddings.

Importance of a speaking engagement contract

A speaker engagement contract safeguards your interests through the necessary terms and conditions you establish. Both parties shall be relieved from any mishaps which might occur in the process. For instance, establishing an intellectual property clause shall assure the speaker that the host will not gain ownership over any proprietary information the speaker shares during its presentation. Likewise, a cancellation policy shall help the host, when the speaker fails to extend their services on the event day. Therefore, it is crucial to look deeper into the terms and conditions you include in a contract.

Framework of an impactful speaking engagement contract

Nowadays, a professional speaker is hired by a lot of corporate organizations especially for seminars, meetings, conferences, and huge official gatherings. With changing time, the terms have also changed, now the contracts are not just about the event and the payment anymore. If a speaker helps to make the event successful through his/ her session, then the company does not hesitate to go beyond the contract and appreciate their work through corporate giftings. These perks motivate the speaker to perform extraordinarily in any event.

Once both parties agree to the services, then they can have a written contract. However, while signing a contract it is better to know about the clauses.

The framework of a speaking engagement contract is as follows:

  1. Cover page - This is the face of your contract. Make it look engaging. Include the name of the contract, the parties, and add a logo to it.
  2. Recitals - This is a preamble to your contract where you establish the basic subject matter. Mention the effective date, event hostname, speaker's name, and respective contact information, in this clause. Also, in addition, a statement declaring that both the parties’ compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  3. Company specifications - In this section, you mention the instructions to be abided by, by the speaker.
  4. Event description - In this section, you elaborate on the details of the event. Notably the address, time, contact information, dress code, etc.
  5. Guest profile - This section provides information on the background of the people invited to the event.
  6. Terms and conditions - This section is the most fundamental part of your contract. Ensure it is crisp and clear. Avoid scope for loopholes. The reference structure is as follows:
    1. Compensation - This section defines the total sum that shall be paid to the speaker. It also provides the breakup summary such as travel expenses (like the local ground transportation), lodging, etc.
    2. Term - Term section declares the validity period of the contract.
    3. Intellectual property - This clause is meant to protect the creative copyright of the speaker. It declares the host will not gain any ownership over the speaker’s existing intellectual property without a prior written consent of the speaker.
    4. Recording - Here you establish boundaries on the display rights (usually presentations or videotapes) of the host. Any recording of the speaker’s presentation shall be strictly for internal reference only. Also, if there is the involvement of media, the host shall notify the speaker about such an occurrence.
    5. Equipment & materials - This section defines the deliverables which the speaker will receive. It also outlines any additional facilities readily available at the event location. In addition, a provision, facilitating the speaker to request additional deliverables.
    6. Payment policy - Payment policy includes details about the advance sum, the payment mode, reimbursement policy, and within how many business days the payment will be done.
    7. Cancellation - In this clause, you declare the notice period for any cancellation and the compensation which both parties shall incur for any such non-compliance.
    8. Relationship of parties - This clause states that the speaker is an independent contractor and that no party shall form a unique relationship that binds both parties. For instance, partnership, employee/employer relationship, and more.
    9. Liability - Here you define the speaker's liability insurance. This insurance shall protect the speaker against any unexpected claims resulting from any injury to a person or property that is out of the control of the speaker.
    10. Backstage guests - This section is crucial to maintain the decorum of the backstage. We must ensure the atmosphere is amicable, allowing the event to happen smoothly.
    11. Confidentiality - This section defines the limit of discrete information, that is allowed to be revealed to the public.
    12. Warranty - In this clause, the speaker warrants the event host by claiming special care while rendering such speaking engagement services.
    13. Dispute resolution - This clause states that if any conflict arises between the parties, then upon close scrutiny a solution shall be found. This consensus shall be mutual and in good faith. If no such solution is found, the conflict shall be resolved as per the laws of the state.
    14. Indemnification - This clause shall indemnify and hold either party harmless from any losses arising out of the contract.
    15. Miscellaneous terms - This section includes other essential legal terms pertinent to the contract. Clauses such as entire agreement, severability, force majeure (act of God), governing law, waiver, amendments, and more.
  7. Acceptance and signature - The host and the speaker grant the document by signing. This serves as a written consent of both parties. Hence, the speaker agreement becomes legally binding.

Revv’s ready to use contracts

We ensure building ready to use professional document templates. This speaker engagement template shall help you focus on hiring a speaker as it will fit your requirements accurately.

Leverage these key points to customize your speaker engagement contracts:

  1. Research - Ensure you research about the current market trends and then establish your provisions accordingly.
  2. Language - To avoid confusion, ensure the language is simple and legally sound. Make sure that the terms and conditions mentioned are easy to understand.
  3. Purpose - Be clear on your objective. It is best to pre-determine the use of your speaker engagement contract. This shall help you get the best results.

Let’s get started! We hope your customization process will be effortless with Revv. Our speaker engagement contract template is user-friendly to ensure maximum utility. Your one of a kind contract handout shall be ready in no time.