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Share Transfer Agreement
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Prepared for:
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Prepared by:
[Transferor Company]
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Share Transfer Agreement

This Share Transfer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is entered and shall be effective as on [Effective Date],

By and Between

[Company Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Transferor”), having its registered place of business at [Address], and;

[Company Name] (hereinafter referred to as the “Transferee”), having its registered place of business at [Address],

The Trasferor and the Transferee are collectively referred to as the "Parties" and "Party" individually.

WHEREAS, the Transferor is the registered proprietor of shares and is desirous of transferring the shares to the Transferee

AND WHEREAS, the Transferee has agreed to acquire the shares from the Transferor

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration with the mutual covenants and promises made by the Parties hereby agree as follows:

Terms and Conditions

1. Transfer of Shares

The Transferor transfers the title of the shares to the Transferee in consideration of the amount 'Specified in the Transfer Price'. The transfer is absolute and includes all the rights to capital, voting rights, dividends of the shares. The Transferor will transfer the shares to the Transferee on the effective date [Date].

2. Transfer Price

The shares shall be transferred on the price [Price] as agreed by the Parties.

3. Cost of Transfer

Any cost incurred during the transfer of shares shall be borne by the Transferee.

4. Warranty and Indemnity

It is agreed that the Transferor is the true and lawful owner of the shares and is entitled to all the benefits. There are no charges or obligations over the shares. The Transferor has the authority to transfer the shares and enter into the Agreement.


The following comprises shares for transfer:
Name & Address of the Company
Number of Shares
Class of Shares
Face Value
% Paid Up
Company 1
1 each
Company 2
1 each
Company 3
1 each

6. Termination

The Agreement will be terminated if any of the following events occur:

  1. Either Party breaches the Agreement
  1. The Company does not provide the necessary internet services to the Client
  1. The Client does not make the payment on time

7. Arbitration

In the event of any dispute arising in and out of this Agreement between the Parties, it shall be resolved by Arbitration. There shall be [Number of Arbitrators] which shall be appointed by [Party(s) Name]. The place of Arbitration shall be [Place of Arbitration] and Seat shall be [State of 'State']. The arbitrators’ decision shall be final and will be binding upon both Parties.

8. Miscellaneous

  1. Severability: In the event, any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or part, that part shall be severed from the remainder of this Agreement and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect as valid and enforceable.
  1. Governing Law: This Agreement and the rights of the Parties hereto shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the [State] District and Federal courts. Both the Parties hereto agree that any disputes arising regarding this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court. 
  1. Variation: This Share Transfer Agreement shall be varied and any such variation shall be made in writing by both the Parties. The Transferor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Transferee against any damages arising out of this Agreement.
  1. Notices: Any notices required or permitted by this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered by certified mail or courier to the mentioned address.
  1. Entire Agreement: This is the entire Agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the Company’s engagement. It supersedes all other agreements between the Parties whether oral or written.

Acceptance and Signature

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Agreement as on the day and year mentioned above.
Transferor Transferee
Assign signer 1
Assign signer 1
Assign signer 1
Assign signer 2
Assign signer 2
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Free Share Transfer Agreement Proposals & Templates

Here's our Share Transfer Agreement template for the transfer of shares between the transferor and the transferee which specifies the detailed information with respect to the share transfer and also legally binds both the parties.

What is a share transfer agreement?

A share transfer agreement is an agreement that transfers the shares from the seller to the purchaser either by sale or gift. It can also be used as a transfer form.

A share transfer agreement is signed between two parties. It serves as proof that both parties have mutually agreed to the terms and conditions of the share transfer.

What is a share transfer agreement proposal?

It is a document that is required for the transfer of shares in a company. It outlines the particulars of the party transferring the shares to another party. It can be amended as per the terms and conditions set out by both the parties.

What are the core elements of a share transfer agreement?

The following are the core elements of a share transfer agreement -

  • Definition of transfer of shares
  • Definition of consideration of shares
  • Date of transfer
  • Purchase price
  • Payment
  • Liability
  • Creditors
  • Representations and warranties

How to draft a share transfer agreement? What are the components of the entire agreement?

A well-written share transfer agreement primarily consists of the following sections. You can add or remove sections and customize them depending on the needs of the prospective client.

Cover page

This is the first section in the entire agreement proposal. It includes basic information like your service company name, transferor, and transferee name.

Transfer of shares

Here, you mention the number of shares that are transferred to the transferee along with the voting rights, dividends, and capital.

Transfer price

This section mentions the transfer price of the shares as agreed by both the parties.

Cost of transfer

Here, the transferor mentions the cost of registration of the transfer and who will bear the fixed sum for transferring the shares.

Warranties and indemnities

Provide details on the transfer of shares with respect to agreement warrant and agreement indemnities, for instance - mention the true owner of the shares, rights, and obligations, powers, approvals, etc.


Mention if any notice has to be given to any of the parties with respect to the share transfer agreement.

Terms and conditions

This is one of the most crucial sections of this agreement. It sets out the rules and regulations between the parties to avoid any future conflicts. Mention all the clauses that govern this agreement - payment terms, warranties, liabilities, termination, or any other such provision as per your business needs.


This is the final section of the proposal. Here, both parties intend to sign the document and enter into a final written agreement.

Tips to write a successful share transfer agreement

Leverage templates

Leveraging a share transfer agreement template brings uniformity and structure to your proposal and saves time and effort.

Keep it simple

A proposal should be straightforward and crisp. Keep the sentences short and avoid including business jargon.


Proofread your share transfer agreement. Make sure it is formatted with no grammatical errors.

Use small paragraphs

To write an effective share transfer agreement it is essential to use small paragraphs. Breaking up your content into small paragraphs improves readability.

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