RevvSales - There are multiple agreements that are used in any business by different teams. So it's important that you know about them.

It’s All About Agreements!

“Agreements Agreements everywhere, 
but the deal cycle still did not shrink ????
Agreements Agreements everywhere,
Simplify documents and close deals in a blink ????”

Agreements are critical documents that facilitate transactions between two parties by ensuring clear communication of their obligations and responsibilities. They are prevalent throughout organizations and across different industries. It is critical that you know the different types of agreements that are involved in a deal process. 

Any business deal is incomplete without an agreement – but the use of technical and legal jargon drives the non-experts away from working on or around such agreements. This results in misinterpretations and disagreements between the parties. But the presence of a legally binding agreement provides a sense of security that prevails in case of any dispute. With companies now modernizing their systems of agreement, the future is all about digitization and automation.  

Agreements are the foundation of business, and they are everywhere – be it a start-up or a business that is going on for some time now.  Here is a list of agreements used by different teams at different stages and for a specific purpose. 

Sales Order Processing Event Registration
Customer Account Provisioning Customer Communication Approvals
Special Deal Terms Mass Mailing/Email Approval
Referral Agreements Event Vendor Agreements
Reseller Agreements Rebate Agreements Sponsorship Agreements
Partner Agreements Promotion Agreements
Sales Support Advertising Contracts
Loan Documents Press Release Approvals
Support Agreements and Renewals Brand Licensing Agreements
__Media Plan Sign-offs
Account ChangeOffer Letters
Service/Work OrdersNew Hire Paperwork
Terms ChangeCandidate NDA
Self-Service RequestsOn/Off-boarding Checklist
ComplianceEmployee Policy Distribution and Signature
Field ServiceContractor Agreements
New Policy ApplicationsNon-disclosure
Policy Cancellations/ SuspensionsPTO Management
Independent Agency LicensingPerformance Appraisal
EFT AuthorizationBackground Checks
Invoice ProcessingAsset Tracking
Expense ProcessingChange Requests
Capitalization ManagementRequirements Sign-off
Audit Sign-offAccess Management
Policy ManagementIncident Reporting
Inventory Sign-offProduction Change Authorization
Asset Transfer/RetirementMaintenance Authorization
Grant ApplicationsAuthorization
Sales and Use Tax ReturnReal Estate Approval
Consumer Account OpeningProject Budget Approvals
Deposit Products__
NDAsFront Desk Sign-In
Contract ManagementWork Orders
Internal ComplianceLease Agreements
IPMove-In/Out Requests
LicensingParking Permits
Patent ApplicationsBuilding Maintenance
Board MinutesConstruction CAD Drawings
AffidavitsEquipment Loan Agreements
SummonsChange Justification Forms
Engagement LettersBuilding Permits
Memoranda of UnderstandingChange Orders
ManagementPurchase Order
Change ManagementStatement of Work
Release ManagementMaster Services Agreement
Code Review ReportingRFP Sign-off
Requirements AcceptanceSupplier Compliance
Release Scope CommitmentService Level Agreements
Policy ApprovalTermination Letters
Beta/SDK AgreementsSoftware License Agreements
Developer Program EnrollmentRate Cards
Product Development MethodsInvoice Processing
New Product EvaluationSubcontractor Agreements
New Offering AnnouncementVendor Contracts

In an agreement, knowing exactly where you stand is important. It helps to work in a more efficient manner and in case of any disagreements, you have a piece of paper that lays down the rules of what should have happened from the outset. 

Do you frequently work with multiple documents? Try out Revv to create and manage agreements. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below or tweet to us!


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