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From generating documents, automating document workflows, to e-signing documents- streamline your document process with Revv. From generating documents, automating document workflows, to e-signing documents- streamline your document process with Revv.


PeopleStrong Powers up its Commercial Documents Workflows and Reduces the Turnaround Time by 50%

Reduction in
turnaround time
Transparency and greater control
Efficient and empowered team
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About PeopleStrong

Rated among the top five in the Asia Pacific on Gartner Peer Insights, PeopleStrong is Asia’s leading SaaS-based HR technology company. The capabilities of PeopleStrong span across the lifecycle from hire to exit, including Human Capital Management, Payroll, Talent Acquisition & Management, and Collaboration.  The company partners with over 400 large enterprises and simplifies work for over a million users.

The challenge: Call for change

The existing commercial documents process had multiple stops calling for manual participation, bringing down the productive time and efficiency of PeopleStrong Team.

Grinding and error-prone price quote creation process

Before Revv, the team maintained 40+ Excel Sheets to manage pricing for 100+ products across geographies. To create each price quote for a commercial document, the team member had to copy the associated product and pricing details from Excel Sheets, and fill the deal information in an Excel template. This meant:

Generating each document from the ground up, every time

For each customer, the team member had to draft a commercial document in a Word doc and copy-paste the calculated price quote manually from Excel Sheets.

Sluggish, manual, and email-dependent internal approval process

Before sending a commercial document for the final sign-off from customers, it was emailed to the finance, sales, and legal team for their approval. Tracking each document manually in the approval chain was difficult and time-consuming. The sender had to scroll through non-ending email threads to check on approvers’ feedback and whether the document was approved or rejected. This further increased the turnaround time and delayed sending it to the customers.

PeopleStrong was looking for ways to:

Solution: Revv

Standardized and automated commercial document workflows

Revv brought the entire commercial document process under one roof, bringing consistency and speed to it - from creation to approval and eSignatures.

Form-based templates to speed up document generation: The team created 55+ business templates spanning across different business categories by using Revv’s easy-to-use and feature-rich editor.

What further eased the whole document creation process is Revv’s form fields feature. This is one of the favorite features of the PeopleStrong team. With it, the team converted the repetitive fields in a document (like name, company name, etc.) into form fields, the fillable placeholders in a document. The moment they enter the detail in a form field, it automatically populates throughout the document, wherever that form field is added.

In-built quoting engine to create price quote within the document: Now the sales team picks the product and pricing details and creates a price quote right within their commercial document.

Revv’s quoting engine has made this possible. It has also eliminated any scope for ambiguity among the team members regarding the accessibility of the latest price books. The price books are created and standardized at the organization level, leaving no room for inaccuracy and data errors.

Increased control and compliance over document content: The Commercials Team controls the accessibility of templates by assigning them only to authorized users. This allows the creators to maintain confidentiality and it doesn’t overwhelm or confuse the users with unnecessary templates.

Formalized internal approval workflows: Now the internal approval process runs on logic and moves in a controlled manner. It only gets triggered when the data meets the defined criteria. The approvals move in a specified manner among the approvers.

Automated email notifications are sent to the approvers to take action on the document. The sender and approvers collaborate within the document to discuss the changes, thus eliminating the pain of back and forth emails.

Faster closures with bank-grade eSignatures: Final sign-offs by customers are made simpler with Revv’s legally enforceable electronic signatures. The customer signs the document electronically in just a few clicks using the device of their choice.

Enhanced visibility and transparency with real-time tracking: The team keeps a tab on all the actions taken on a document through the Activity feature. This includes the date and time when the document is created, when it is sent for approval, where’s the hold-up, who has opened and seen the document and who hasn’t, etc. The team is now capable to intervene at the right time, remove the roadblocks, and speed up the document closure process.

"As we’re expanding beyond geographical boundaries, it becomes extremely crucial to empower our team & standardize the process to minimize human errors. Through intensive shortlisting on contract management tools, Revv stood out."

Rupali Nirmal, Manager Commercials - Global Market


Revv impact

Empowered team, winning proposals, and simplified management

Since implementing Revv, the PeopleStrong team has accomplished the following results:

50% reduction in turnaround time: By leveraging Revv’s document automation features, the team has effectively reduced the document turnaround time, minimized admin work, and increased compliance.

100% transparency and greater control: The team can now clearly see through what’s happening inside the process, who is doing what, and who should be given access to templates and which templates.

Faster response: Configured approval workflows, device-and-location-independent eSignatures, and real-time document monitoring has helped the team to

More efficient and enabled team: The team used to spend hours putting up documents, creating quotes, and initiating and running approvals and signature processes. With each step automated and accurate and updated information stored in Revv, the team now routinely saves hours of productivity. It allows the internal teams to work autocratically without limiting their dependency on each other.

Top-notch quality, consistent commercial documents: With the ready-to-use templates and in-built quoting engine, the team has all the information readily available. They no longer need to worry about the right template or pricing, bringing precision and standardization throughout the document.

"Revv allowed us to not only accommodate our multiple types of contracts but also to withhold our compound-level approval on quote level. With Revv’s expertise, we’re also able to incorporate new changes in our processes."

Rupali Nirmal, Manager Commercials - Global Market


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Administer all the paperwork

Revv gives you the ease of administering all the paper works for your team and clients. This software will definitely beat those focused apps as Revv offers all-integrated functionalities for document management - from creation to signing and filing.
Founder & Managing Director
Winsight Marketing

Powerful contract management software

A great tool that allows my company to create contracts quickly. Its ability to allow my team to collaborate on negotiations and features like logic-based approval workflow rules, color coding based on contract status, e-signature, and document sharing are really helpful. Its automatic template creation and custom fields in the document have eased our quote creation process extensively.
Co-founder & Managing Director
Nexsys Controls Pvt. Ltd.

Integrates well into our existing tools

I love the combination of e-signature, custom document authoring tools, and pipeline management in one. It’s a one-stop shop for our document management and integrates well into our existing tools and processes.
Co-founder and CEO

Offer the templates you need

What I like best about Revv - Where do I start? It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need, which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.
Chief Marketing Officer
Robertson Marketing & Branding

Solves the problem

It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customers having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!
Salesflow, Inc.

Accelerated quoting process

Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
Account Manager, Sales

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