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An e-Signature Solution that lets you do more at a fair price

Revv is an advanced document solution with seamless eSignature functionality to help you power through the deal closure process successfully.
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Finally, an e-Signature Solution Equipped With Powerful Features to Scale-up Your Business!

Revv is an advanced all-in-one document workflow automation platform with in-built eSignature software, which altogether gives unbeatable value for your business.
With Revv, you can upload a PDF file or Word file, add a signature placeholder, and send it for legally-binding e-signature.

Upload & Send Your PDF or DOCX Files

Create documents using Revv, or upload existing files, edit them, add the signature placeholders, and send for signature.
With Revv, eSign a file by clicking, adding signature image, drawing sign (with mouse/fingertip/stylus), or with name initials.

Liberty to Choose The Signature Type

Revv provides three types of signature options to choose from, when sharing the document for eSign - click-to-sign, draw a signature, or click-to-initial.
For security and privacy reasons, Revv's OTP-based authentication ensures that your file is in correct hands for signatures.

OTP-Based Identity Authentication

Mitigate risks, decrease fraud vulnerability, and ensure document security with Revv’s One Time Password (OTP) based authentication.
Revv allows users to send a link via SMS for signatures.

Option to Send Documents for eSign via SMS

For easier access by the recipient, users can send a link to eSign document via SMS.
Monitor the status of your file's signatures through Revv's 'Activity' feature, get email notifications.

Document Tracking & Notifications

Monitor users’ activity on documents - who opened the email, who viewed the document, and who signed it.
Get evidence summary and audit trail of your online signature.

Evidence Summary for eSigned Documents

For every signed transaction, Revv captures extensive Evidence Summary, that shows the actions taken on the document.

Option to Select a Flexible Alternative to eSignature

Documents that don't need signature but the recipients' consent - such documents can be signed off using Revv's 'Send for Acceptance' feature.
Revv is the best signature tool - create a document with Revv's rich document composer and send it for online signature.

Drag & Drop Document Composer

Revv’s easy-to-understand and straightforward document composer helps users to draft documents in no time.
Revv is the right signature tool to select templates and sign documents online with legally binding eSigns.

Professional & Legally-Vetted Template Library

Create professional documents with Revv’s 1,000+ ready-to-use and customizable templates.
With Revv, eSign a PDF or DOCX file, or send your document for legally binding digital signature - the best signature tool.


Use documents as forms to upload information, image, or other attachments, and eSign the filled form.
Draft and share files for online signature in bulk using Revv.

Create & Send Documents in Bulk

Draft & send multiple documents at once using a CSV.

Collect Data From Recipients Before They Sign

Gather crucial data from the signers in text or image form using the ‘Fill and Sign’ feature.
Revv's integration with the Stripe app enables users to collect payments within files.

Payment Integration

Direct integration with PCI DSS compliant payment providers such as Stripe enables users to collect payments through documents.
Through Native API, Zapier, and Retool integration, organizations can seamlessly connect their business products with Revv.

No-Code Integration With Your Favorite Apps

With Zapier and Retool integration capabilities, seamlessly connect your Revv account with other apps (like Hubspot CRM, Google Drive, and others) and streamline your document workflows.
Revv allows users to collaborate and communicate with others within the document.

Collaboration With Internal & External Teams

Converse with teams within the document through notes, @mentions, and attachments.
Use the Revv app to share a document online with the recipient through live or snap links.

Online Sharing & Magic Links

For faster processing, a user can send documents to recipients using live or snap links. It lets recipients access the documents with just a click, without any download.


Top 4 Reasons Why Professionals and Teams Love Revv’s Workflow Automation and eSignature Platform

Revv is an all-in-one document automation partner to over 10,000 businesses, agencies, service providers, and consultants. Its advanced and ever-evolving features give your business the speed it needs.
Revv is an advanced e-signature tool that protects your document with top-notch security and compliance.


Top-Grade security and compliance

Revv complies with the latest industry standards and ensures your documents are safe and secure.
Revv ensures the security of your business documents with multiple levels of encryption. Compliance with various legal acts, Cloud Security certifications and eSign certifications.


Paperless and contactless, no more downloads

Say NO to erroneous and manual paperwork!
Take control of your documents and make them efficient.
Create, send, sign, store, manage, automate, and track your business documents in a secure environment.
Create perfect documents with our rich text editor and send them for eSign.
Use our soft-sign to close documents that need consent but not eSign.
Organize folders the way you want - based on resellers, partners, customers, business type, etc.
Integrate your other business apps with Revv and automate your document workflow end-to-end.
Whether you want to send your file for online signature or want to eSign PDF or DOCX file - Revv is the best tool for you!
Revv allows collaboration with other users. Sign a file with signature images, by clicking/drawing signature, or with name initials.


Smarter collaboration, faster closing

Work together from anywhere, anytime.
Revv documents are optimized for signing on all types of devices - be it a computer, a tablet, or a mobile device.
Invite your clients or internal team members to instantly create and close documents in a single frictionless workspace.
Securely share documents with stakeholders via magic links or snap links for faster reviews.
Track path to closure by monitoring each action on the document.
Get an audit log after the closure to track document history.


Build and sign documents within minutes

Use our professional and extensive template library to create documents that accelerate your business.
Our templates are pre-formatted, legally vetted, and 100% customizable.
You can further edit them based on your company's brand guidelines. Include cover pages, images, tables, and many more elements to your documents and impress your clients.
Convert documents into forms with radio buttons, checkboxes, & drop-down options for faster selection and closure of deals.
Create flawless business documents with Revv’s 1,000+ templates. You can also download the document as a pdf file.


10,000+ Companies trust Revv with their eSignature workflow

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.

Raphael R.

Chief Marketing Officer
Robertson Marketing & Branding
What I like best about Revv - Where do I start?  It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.

Eric Yohay

Salesflow, Inc.
It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customer having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
The transparency and operational efficiency are very high while using Revv because it resolves all the operational problems. Our team are highly benefitted in terms of saving turnaround time and operational cost. The eSign feature of Revv is as good as in-person doing this exercise ensuring the legality of eSigns and documents.

Yogesh Bhat

Co-founder and Senior Vice President
Masai School

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about Revv? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us at


How many documents can I send for eSignatures?

With Revv you don't have to worry about any limit with eSignatures. All our plans offer unlimited legally valid, tamper proof eSignatures.

What is an electronic signature?

While the definition of electronic signature varies slightly from country to country, in the United States, the Federal ESIGN Act of 2000 provides the following definition -

The term "electronic signature" means an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

Which documents require electronic signatures?

An electronic signature can be used for various document types. Examples of these documents are -
  • Sales and business proposals
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Employment offer letters and agreements
  • Non-disclosure or non-compete agreements
  • Leases & rental agreements, both residential or commercial
  • Forms used by banks, loan providers, insurance companies, and other financial institutions
  • Application and onboarding forms for Schools
  • Consent and permission slips (such as a time-off request)
  • Operations-related documents like change request forms, service level agreements, delivery agreements, etc.
However, some documents that need to be notarized or registered with a court of law may not support eSignatures. Please check your local regulations for signatures on such documents.

Why should I use an electronic signature? What are the benefits?

There are a number of reasons why businesses should consider using eSignature -
  • An eSignature helps close document virtually, without any physical presence
  • You waste both time and money shipping documents from one location to another. eSignatures become a faster and more cost-effective option than handwritten signature requests
  • eSignatures are more secure and tamper-proof
  • For the most part, eSigned documents are considered legal replacements for handwritten signatures
  • Digital documents are easier to track, store, and organize
  • It is easier to extract data from digital documents and build workflows
  • eSignatures are eco-friendly
  • eSignatures make your business more productive and efficient


Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes. Electronic signatures are legally binding and recognized as a substitute for handwritten signatures by various countries across the world.

There are local nuances and legality that may vary slightly based on the governing authorities, but they usually define how an electronic signature needs to be captured to deem them legal. Primarily, this pertains to ensuring that the person signing the document was the correct person, had the intent to sign, and the process can be audited for compliance.

We advise you to check with your local legal counsel to affirm if an electronic signature is valid in your country and if there are any special requirements for the business process.

Which kinds of businesses require e-signatures?

Whether you are a small business owner, freelancer, consultant, or a big organization, all businesses need legally binding eSigns to close formal agreements with other parties - employees, vendors, customers, partners, shareholders, suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders.

What are electronic signature requirements?

Here are the requirements that make eSigns valid -

1. According to the ESIGN Act, you should inform the client of the below points and get their consent on the same -
  • The client will be signing the document electronically
  • How the client can get a physical copy of the document and any cost associated with it
  • The client can withdraw their consent and should be explained how to do that
2. The client should be briefed on the hardware and software requirements of eSigns

What types of eSignature options are available at Revv?

Revv provides three eSign options -

Click-to-Sign: Here, a user just needs to click on the signature block to complete the e-signing process.

Draw signature: Here, a signer can draw a handwritten signature on a computer with their mouse or draw a signature by using a stylus or their fingertip on any touch screen device such as a tablet or a mobile device. This way of e-signing documents minimizes the risk of forgery.

Click-to-Initial: This signature method allows the signer to include their name initials on a document. Click-to-Initial would typically be used in conjunction with the Click-to-Sign signature method.

Can I send documents in bulk for eSign?

Yes, Revv allows you to create multiple documents from the same template and send them to the recipients for signatures in one go.

Choose a template with form fields to be filled, and from which you want to create the documents.

Download its CSV format. You then enter data in the corresponding form field cell in the CSV, one row for each document you want to create. These values will get auto-populated at respective places in the created documents when you upload the CSV and generate documents from it.

Is there any alternative to eSignature?

Yes, Revv’s ‘Send for acceptance’ feature is a flexible alternative to e-signature. This ‘clickwrap’ or ‘soft signature’ is best for the documents that don't require e-signature and can be closed with recipients' consent through Accept/Reject.

How do I know that my document is signed?

Once your document gets signed, Revv sends you an email notification along with the link to the document. Alternatively, you can monitor the document’s status in Revv’s ‘Activity’ tab. Revv also captures an extensive Evidence Summary with Audit Trail that you can download from your Revv account and view it.

What do I need to eSign documents in Revv?

All you have to do is sign up and login using your id and password.
Revv also offers a free trial and a forever free plan.
Once signed in, you can create your own document from an existing template, add details of signers, and send the document for signature. You can also upload your PDF or DOCX file, add a signature placeholder, and send it for signature.

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