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Document and Form Composer

Powerful Template Composer

Create your own template, or convert a Word document into a powerful form template to fill, share, and sign

Simplify Data Collection

Use forms to collect information, images, and other assets from vendors, partners, customers, employees, and more

Flexible Form Fills

Automate form fill and document generation, allow recipients to review and fill data, extract filled data for downstream workflows

Publish Forms Online

Share or publish form URLs, gather customer information, registrations, and applications at scale

Activity Tracking

Get real-time activity on email and chat (Slack, Google) notifications when documents are opened and signed

Kanban Dashboard

Set document stages and jobs to be done, track document lifecycle in a Kanban dashboard

Clickwrap and Electronic Signature

Tamper Proof eSignature

ESIGN Act & UETA compliant eSignatures with Bank-grade security, protected by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Multiple Consent Options

Support for clickwrap, electronic signatures, and video consent, choose the best option for your business process

Automate Sender-Side Sign

Authorize once and automate sender-side signatures when signing documents in bulk. Revoke consent anytime to prevent misuse

Custom Branding

Customize the eSign emails with your logo, text, language, and domain to personalize the eSign experience

Text the eSign Link

Send the link to sign document over email and text message, add flexibility for your document recipients

Two-factor Authentication

Add a verification and assurance layer by sharing a PIN/password over text message, secure your eSign process

Document Automation

Data Studio

Easily setup relationship between your Salesforce, Hubspot fields or Spreadsheet columns and form fields, transform data as it moves from one system to another

Bulk Send

Send thousands of documents in one go for eSign. Use spreadhseets, Zapier, and our APIs to select, fill, and schedule documents delivery

Document Lifecycle

Define the document lifecycle stages (lanes), configure the lane transitions, and select pre-defined tasks completed in each lane

Document Export

Setup automatic document export to Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRMs, or storage such as Box once the document is signed. Store along the evidence summary, attachments, and metadata

Schedule Reminders

Configure reminders for document actions such as eSign & approval. Send reminder notifications over email, SMS, or chat

Robust APIs

Use our rich and robust APIs to trigger document creation from your system of records. Collect signed documents, document status, and metadata back

Document Workflow

Jobs To Be Done

Define tasks and actions (such as email notifications) for each stage of a document. Define separate stages and tasks for each template as needed

Document Approvals

Configure serial or parallel approvals, define approval groups. Set up alerts via email, SMS, or chat, and track using the Kanban Dashboard

Advanced Approvals

Configure approvals for specific field values and selections. Pre-define approval guidelines to reduce unnecessary document flow

Enterprise Security and Access

SOC2 Compliance

Our app and infrastructure is SOC2 certified. We follow the highest standards for industry practices to keep our customer data safe and secure

Single sign-on (SSO)

OAuth and SAML2.0 support for one login access between your business apps and Revv. Use Revv seamlessly within your enterprise environment

Certified Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are certified using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for tamper-proof documents to comply with eSignature laws worldwide

Highly-rated Support

Best and Top-Rated Support

Round the clock support over email, chat, phone, and Zoom. We are consistently rated high on G2 and Capterra for our support

Dedicated Account Manager

Go-live superfast with our dedicated onboarding and implementation team. Get a designated account manager for all your queries and reports

Performance Reports

Custom reports designed for your business to measure impact and team performance

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10,000+ Companies trust Revv with their eSignature workflow

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.

Raphael R.

Chief Marketing Officer
Robertson Marketing & Branding
What I like best about Revv - Where do I start?  It is very easy to navigate. They offer most of the templates you need which can be customized easily. Using the software is very easy and less time-consuming. And lastly, the support is so so so good and easy to avail.

Eric Yohay

Salesflow, Inc.
It is a great product that allows you to send proposals with quotes embedded in it. This solves the problem of customer having to download an attachment to view their options. And Revv's support is awesome!

Matt Gorgun

Account Manager,Sales
Revv helped to speed up our quoting process for sales and was successful in replacing our current solution. It is built in a good way to deliver to our customer over the cloud.
The transparency and operational efficiency are very high while using Revv because it resolves all the operational problems. Our team are highly benefitted in terms of saving turnaround time and operational cost. The eSign feature of Revv is as good as in-person doing this exercise ensuring the legality of eSigns and documents.

Yogesh Bhat

Co-founder and Senior Vice President
Masai School

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