Great salesperson possesses numerous skills which make them effective and efficient. Current uncertainty in the economy has made selling more challenging with prospects, and customers also going through a tough time.  So instead of focussing more on selling, sales teams across the globe are now focussing on building strong relationships with customers and prospects. This calls for a salesperson to maintain a sales skill set that goes beyond the tool expertise (Quoting, CRM, CLM) and focusses more on enhancing the sales soft skills. 

Be on top of your game

Here are some sales skills listed to focus on and relevant resources and courses to help you work your way through them.  


Sales prospecting is a critical part of the sales process. It helps you build the pipeline of potential customers. But with a dramatic shift in customer behavior during the last few months has made the sales teams to relook their prospecting strategies. For prospecting to be effective amidst the pandemic, salespeople need to develop specific approaches depending on i) industry they belong to and how severely it’s impacted, or ii) the region that they were operational in.  

Active listening 

Sales teams are the eyes and ears of any business. Interaction of a salesperson with existing customers and prospects gives a broader view of the market and helps in identifying trends or changes in customer behavior. Active listening presents you with insights that allow you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and grasp a broader view of the impact of the current situation. This will ensue discussions to help mitigate the impact on business and support customers in the best way possible.  

Business acumen 

This is one sales skill that you need now more than ever. A salesperson should be skillful enough to use business-level information (like reading a financial statement) to navigate sales conversations around relevant pain points or understand trends and patterns that affect customers and take timely and judicious decisions. With good business acumen, you can chase the right prospect and expect conclusive results (in terms of conversion from prospect to customer) 

Time management and planning 

It is critical that a day is planned, managed, and utilized in the best possible way. Every salesperson gets the same number of hours to work. Setting clear goals for yourself could be a good start and then prioritizing your tasks as per the requirements. An untimely response or delay in sharing critical customer documents can result in businesses losing deals. Having a sorted time-table and calender can make the overall working experience more convenient and easy to manage. 

Increased and better communication

Strong and effective communications are the foundations for building a long-lasting relationship. How you communicate with your customer is very critical. The tonality of your sales emails should be and can be adjusted as per the ask in any situation. For eg- With the on-going pandemic situation, businesses have been severely impacted. So it’s important that you are being considerate of the situation by being empathetic and not tone-deaf when approaching prospects and customers. The way you communicate can be a make or break factor in establishing a trustworthy relationship with your customers

Resources to refer

Holding onto these sales skills is critical for a salesperson. They play a key role in structuring their work. It’s skills like these that help you mold with any crisis situation and enable you to work while being compliant with the crisis requirement. The coronavirus outbreak has brought changes in customer buying behavior. Now is the time to be proactive by brushing up your skills and focus on the shifting customer needs, priorities, and approach to risk alleviation to design your next steps as a business. Sales and service teams should have the right techniques and priorities in place to bring useful insight into the new landscape to influence their customers and build long trust for the long term in these uncertain times. 

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