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3 Essential Tips to Create Powerful Sales Proposals

Convincing your potential customers and clients to avail your product or service can be a daunting task. Approaching them with a powerful sales proposal will ensure your first step in the right direction. Powerful proposal makes an impact on the customer’s mind. Sales proposals with a good structure positively help your close rates. 

To help you rock with your next proposal we’ve collated some tips &tricks  and best practices that will navigate you through the process. 

Understand your prospects

Lacking clarity on the requirements and issues of your prospects will reflect in your proposal pitch. Avoid making it look like a guessing game. It’s critical that you put out the fires in the right places. You need to uncover the problems your prospects are dealing with and create an unbeatable proposal addressing how your service or product can help with it. You can get this information either from the request for proposal or through your initial conversations with the prospects. This helps in structuring a more clear, authentic, and tailored sales proposal.

There is a next step to it to where you gather details they haven’t told you. You can do a deep dive to collect data on any recent updates about the company (funding rounds, significant hires), track the content they share, and conversations they have on social media or events and seminars that they are a part of. This helps with an overview of the prospect’s operations and behavior. While you might not use this data directly in your proposal but it will help your proposal to be more prospect focussed 

Leverage your existing customer data

Gain insights from your tried and tested methods by revisiting the data of your most successful deals and customers and apply them in new scenarios. Most successful customers can be the one who has been in business with you for the longest time or has the highest number of repeat purchases. Analyze these conversations that made them your successful customer. You could also recall the evaluation process that the customer adopted and ultimately what made them pick out your solution. It helps to understand the customer’s way of thinking. You can leverage such insights now and create a win-win scenario by laying a strategic plan that instills confidence and ensures value in terms of your product and service.  

This data can also help you with the transition process. You have a successful case study of smooth transition with your old customers to generate trust amongst your prospect to opt for your tool. Here’s how you can use Revv to create sales proposals and share it with your prospects and close deals faster.

Use templates for sales proposals

Doing extensive research and working long hours to ensure you create a perfect proposal? A good way to accelerate this process is by creating customizable sales proposal templates. Templates are already filled with crucial information that gives you a head start and results in being a huge time saver. Many modern tools allow sales reps to change the look and feel of the document (created using templates) by making it more interactive and visually engaging. A proposal with media or supporting visual aids has a high close rate. Having a template library with multiple such templates makes your work easier and efficient. 

Want to explore and create templates for your business? Try the Revv and go crazy with your sales proposal templates library created just for you!

Wrap it up

Proposals are crucial documents that should do the talking for you. An ideal proposal should address the pain points that your prospect’s business is facing and a pitch to resolve the issue. Creating powerful sales proposals ultimately comes down to knowing your potential clients and customers and successfully conveying the value of working with you. 


Want to take the hard work out of drafting proposals? Try Revv’s proposal templates

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