List of 11 sales document template that are critical for any sales function

11 Must-Have Sales Document Templates to Ensure a Smooth Business Process

Sales as a function is very critical to any business. It operates on a two-way street. On one side it brings insight from customers to make the product or service better. While on the other hand, it fulfills the customer’s demand. This not only helps in retaining an already established customer base but also grow it by converting prospects to a sale. This can be achieved with the help of several sales document templates like sales agreements, sales orders, proposals quotations, and many more.

We have listed 11 such sales document templates (that include documents for both internal and external use) that will help you establish a sales process that flows and grows.

Quotations or Quotes or Price Quote
A quotation or a quote is a sales document that lists the price of goods and services offered by the seller. This document is used to convert that information to potential buyers before they make a purchase. Quotations are not usually legally binding but it is generally committed that a sale is made if the customer accepts the quote.
Purpose of quotation
• Helps the buyer to make a sound decision
• Helps the seller to engage with the right buyer
• Sets the bar in case of negotiations
Key elements to be included
• Price list of goods or service offered
• Time schedule (duration of the service to be provided or scheduled of goods delivery)
• Company details (Business name, address, contact info, email address)
• Terms or provisions of modifications and its impact on the quoted price

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Sales Proposals
Convincing a potential client to buy your products or avail your services is a challenging task. A sales proposal document helps the salespeople with this first step. It outlines the details of the goods or services that the seller offers and lists down the benefits, deliverables, and costs associated with it. Proposals are drafted after extensive research to be customer-centric, addressing how the offering of their goods or services will help the customer.
Purpose of Sales proposals
• Makes it easier to reach out to prospects
• Provides solutions and benefits that address the buyer’s requirements
Key elements to be included
• Executive summary
• Details about the product or service
• Pricing details
• Benefits and reason to buy
• Details about the company
• Info on how it helps the

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Sales Agreement or Sales Contract
It is a legally binding sales document that contains information about the ownership or possession of goods or entitlement of services. The agreement confirms that the goods and services are to be transferred from a seller to a buyer in exchange for a specified sum of money. It also contains the terms and conditions of how the transfer will take place between the two parties and lists provisions to deal with unexpected situations.
Purpose of Sales Agreement or Sales Contract
• Legally binds the parties
• Acts as s working documents for the contract term
• Serves as a mediator in case of disagreements
Key elements to be included
• Parties to the agreement
• Agreements to sell and purchase
• Consideration amount
• Terms and conditions of the agreement
• Restricted covenants
• Warranties and indemnities

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Statement of Work or SOW
SOW is a very important sales document. It defines the scope of work. It provides clarity to the seller regarding the exact requirements of the buyer. The document defines the responsibilities and conveys a detailed specification of what service is required and how it should be provided.
Purpose of a Statement of Work or SOW
• Clearly defines the deliverables
• Legally binding for parties involved
• Used both internally and externally to govern the project activities
Key elements to be included
• Purpose and scope of work
• List of deliverables
• Deliverable due date
• Responsibilities and liabilities
• Criteria for acceptance

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Change request
A change request document is usually drafted in furtherance to an SOW. This document will include a list of modifications requested by the buyer against the already drafted scope of work. These modifications need to be conveyed to the seller and addressed as per the terms mentioned in the sales agreement that was approved by both parties.
Purpose of a Change Request
• Able to modify services or goods as per the requirement of the customer before the final deliverable
Key elements to be included
• List of modifications
• Terms governing the change
• Due date to deliver
• Signature of both parties approving the change

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Pro Forma Invoice
A pro forma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale that is sent to the buyer ahead of the delivery of his goods by the seller.
Purpose of a Pro Forma Invoice
• Streamlines the sales process
• Represents good faith by avoiding buyer from being exposed to unexpected charges on final transactions
Key elements to be included
Most pro forma invoices usually list the sale price and estimate commission and shipping costs. But some extra specifications are required to pass goods through customs in the US which might require you to add the following details to your document
• Information about the buyer and seller
• Description of goods
• Quantity of goods
• Value of all the shipped items
• Location of purchase
Sales Order (SO)
A sales order is a commercial document issued by the seller to the buyer. It specifies the details about the product or service along with its price and quantity. This is used by the seller as a confirmation document that is sent to the customer.
Purpose of a Sales Order
• Useful for the seller to track orders
• Vital for inventory and order management system
Key elements to be included
• Sold-to-party
• Pricing date
• Document date
• Billing schedule
• SO number
• Shipping address

The above-listed sales document templates form an integral part of the process when you are working with the customer.

Here are some sales document templates that your teams can use to use to make your internal sales process more efficient and productive.

  • Sales performance report – This report provides information on the estimates of the total sales values and expected value in your pipeline. The document will give a performance overview of all the sales activities within your company. This will act as a measurement criterion against the current system. This will help you in improving or planning a better sales strategy. The performance report also highlights how your sales representatives are doing.
  • Daily sales report – This report provides the managers and sales representatives with the most relevant daily sales data which includes closed deals, opportunities created, deals closed, and other required sales KPIs. The managers and sales reps using this report will take the data to control the process metrics like the number of phone calls they make how many prospects do they email too or schedule a meeting with.
  • Sales compensation report – Compensation is a critical factor in getting the right talent. It is important to have a well-laid compensation structure when hiring salespeople because it can get tricky at times. The structure along with the basic salary also includes variable payouts which can be misleading. A structural breakdown will provide clarity and will be more effective. Well-compensated employees are always more efficient and motivated to add to your company’s revenue flow.
  • Sales commission report – The biggest motivator for any sales team is the commission associated with their sales activity. Unlike the base salary, salespeople receive a higher or lower commission depending on their performance. Salespeople should be clearly handed out the terms and conditions that govern their commission payout. Companies should aim to design realistic but balanced commission plans to keep the sales engine running.
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Managing sales document – A changeover you need

A change in the process of managing documents can enhance your sales process - RevvSales

Jean Williams, 28 is a newly appointed Sales Executive at Galaxy Ltd. She is the budding star in her team who is filled with motivation to excel. Her aim to achieve her assigned sales quota well within time.

Take a new approach with sales document templates

This job was a fresh start for her and she was quick at catching up with the basic tasks but was soon bogged down with several documents. From drafting proposals and sales orders to reviewing sales agreements, all these were keeping her up all night. And don’t even talk about coordinating with other departments like legal and finance. Oh! What a nightmare. The process being followed by the team was too manual and redundant.

A document management tool can help you with all the document issues - RevvSales

The exertion pushed Jean to her limits, which compelled her to find a hack. After wisely analyzing her problems, Jean did her research. She was able to find a document management tool that would be a perfect fit for her and her team.

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The tool that she opted for provided solutions to most of her problems. From drafting to reviewing to collaboration to something as simple as finding the document, it was all packaged in one document management tool.

Are you also facing the same issues as Jean? Create document templates with ease and find a tool that fits best with your needs and requirements. Here is a sales document template library that you can explore and use to create documents within Revv. Give it a try and you might find the solution to your document issues.

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