To E-Sign or Not to E-Sign?

Remote working has led way to e-sign becoming the new normal for businesses

Electronic signature is one of the fastest-growing market across the world. It has made a huge impact on modern business and is the way forward now. So what drove such a dramatic shift in this market?

Remove your ‘Fear’ of Understanding Contract Clauses!

Remove your ‘Fear’ of Understanding Contract Clauses!

A sales contract is a combination of legal, financial, and sales clauses that are intertwined to act as a governing document. It helps to establish a relationship, ensure facilitation of work, and manage risk in a standard way. Reading and reviewing such extensive documents with clauses written in cryptic language might be challenging! But is […]

Graduating from Spreadsheets to Deal Desk

Looking for ways to upgrade your deal desk? Learn how from this blog by RevvSales

To be able to personalize deals and offer customers the right product mixes with multiple plans or add ons, it is necessary to give some freedom to the sales reps.