To E-Sign or Not to E-Sign?

Remote working has led way to e-sign becoming the new normal for businesses

Electronic signature is one of the fastest-growing market across the world. It has made a huge impact on modern business and is the way forward now. So what drove such a dramatic shift in this market?

Hone These 5 Sales Skills to Standout in 2020

Master these 5 sales skills and make your sales process more effective and efficient by RevvSales

Great salesperson possesses numerous skills which make them effective and efficient. Current uncertainty in the economy has made selling a challenging task. So here are some sales skills that you should focus on in 2020.

Webinar – A Deep Dive into Customer Retention and Acquisition

Customer retention or customer acquisition - where does business sustainability lie during corona times.

The current situation is posing multiple challenges to businesses but the most crucial of them all is ensuring business sustainability and continuity. So what do you do to ensure that you are functional when a cloud of uncertainty is hanging over your shoulders?