Here are 7 critical documents used by admin function and can be easily created. using a document management software

Top 7 Documents That Are Critical to Administrative Business Function

The administrative function of any business performs duties and responsibilities to look after its – operations. They act as the support pillars for their organizations. But being successful requires them to multitask which adds to the need to keep a record of these tasks. Formal documentation of the critical tasks performed or managed will ensure the smooth running of business processes. So as not to miss out on any crucial document or important information, the administrators are encouraged to use a document management system.

A perfect document management system will enable administrators to create, manage, and store documents – all in one place.

To give a head start, we have put a list of 7 documents that should be on the checklist of every administrator. This will help them to manage their team and business operations in a smooth and efficient manner.

Commercial Lease Agreement
A commercial lease agreement is a contract between the landlord and business to rent a building, property or office space. Commercial lease agreement assumes that the property will be used for business activities and not residential living. A commercial lease agreement is also known as –
• Business lease
• Industrial lease
• Office space agreement 
• Standard commercial lease 
Purpose of the document
• Negotiable document that is easily customizable
• Provides remedy in case of breach
• Legally binding to both the parties
Key elements
• Details about the party
• Lease duration
• Description of property for lease
• Use and exclusivity clause
• Provisions for assigning and subletting
• Rent amount and provision for rent (Increase) changes

Do you want to create a lease agreement? Here is a Commercial lease agreement template to get you started.

Agreement of Sale
An agreement of sale comprises the terms and conditions for the sale of property by the seller to the buyer. It is a critical document ensuring that the conditions are clearly communicated and understood by both parties to the agreement.
Purpose of the document
• Sales deed is prepared based on this document
• The promise of transfer of ownership to the buyer
• Acts as legal proof
Key elements
• Details about the buyer and seller
• Negotiated amount of the sale
• Terms and conditions governing the sale
• Method of payment
• Payment date

The agreement of sales from a business perspective will only include the sale of any office property.

Equipment Inventory Database
Companies hand out different equipment like laptops, monitors, mouse, keyboards, data cables, etc., to their employees to ensure smooth business operation. An equipment inventory database document will keep a track of all the equipment distributed.
Purpose of the document
• Helps to keep track of the equipment and the user
• Essential for budgeting purpose
• Lets you keep a track of equipment stock in the company
Key Elements
• Equipment name
• Equipment number
• Name of the person who is assigned to the equipment and the team they belong to
• Quantity of equipment assigned
• Duration for which it is assigned

Most of the admin functions in any business are still maintaining records like equipment inventory databases in Excel or Google sheets. This leads to the data being subject to loss or error due to many issues that these files project –

  • Excels and Google spreadsheets start crashing when as the file size increases
  • These documents can be stored in any drive on your computer which makes it difficult to locate it quickly

Having a document management system for an administrator with spreadsheet integration will make it easier to create and maintain records like these. A single platform to create, manage, review, update, track and store all your database records. Click here to see how Revv integration with Google Sheets can be helpful to your organization.

Insurance for commercial property
Insurance is vital for any business. While the HR department takes care of employee insurance, the admin function works to get the insurance done for business property. This insurance document protects the business from natural disasters, fire, theft, vandalism, and unexpected events.
Purpose of the document
• Acts as a negotiator in case disagreement
• Clearly specifies the claim and premium amount
• Protects the businesses investments
• Provides liability protection
Key Elements
The insurance cost and the plan that you opt for or get by your insurance agent will depend on a lot of things. These will be included in your Insurance document –
• Location of the property
• How is the building constructed
• Details about the business
• Fire and theft protection (How far is the fire station? What security system does your business use?)
Equipment Maintenance Log
An equipment maintenance log is a simple document that consists of all the actions performed on particular equipment. The document contains general information about the equipment and some special remarks or comment that can be useful for future reference.
Purpose of the document
• Keeps track of maintenance history
• Helps save upfront costs as the log will have enough information to let you know when is the right time to replace the equipment
• Throws light on common trends in your equipment
• Increases the safety of operators
Key Elements
• Name of the equipment
• Model or manufacturer
• Serial number
• Location
• The person responsible for equipment
• Date when the action was performed
• Description of the action taken
• Name of the person performing the actions
Expense Reports
An expense report tracks the business spending. It itemizes The admin function in specific tracks expenses such as office supplies, expenditure on food, office rent, employee perks, office celebrations, etc.
Purpose of the document
• Keeps a check on the business spend
• Can be used for determining team budgets by using previously recorded data
Key Elements
• Date of the expense
• Details of the vendor from where the purchase is made
• Purpose of the purchase
• Name of the purchaser
• The total cost of expense
• Any additional clarifying notes
Delivery Note
Also referred to as a dispatch note or goods receipt, a delivery note is a document that contains the list of all the goods included in the delivery.
Purpose of the document
• Used as a checklist
• Serves as the proof of delivery
Key Elements
• Name and address of the seller
• Name and address of the buyer
• Date of order, shipment and expected delivery
• Description and quantity of goods

The curious case of administrators document daze

Juggling between admin tasks and document creation, let RevvSales manage your documents for you

Carol Dunne, 35 is the administrative head for Zing Ltd. She is a people’s person. Always there to help others out, she is living up to her job expectation building the best admin support function for the company.

Taking a new to manage documents, give RevvSales a try

But simply building an efficient support function is not enough. She needs to document all the important tasks they perform within the team, the different activities they manage, and the quintessential records and logs that they create.

Carol knows the importance of documentation but is not a big fan of taking up this difficult task. Creating documents might be a process simplifier for the organization in the long run but is a big challenge for her. She struggles to find what terms to include and what to exclude. Managing and storing documents is a big headache because she saves them on her computer and is never able to find them on time.

List your document issues and find a document management tool that fits your business needs

Document management system for the rescue

RevvSales - a document management softwarre comes with exclusive features to create & manage documents with ease

After her fair share of struggle, Carol decided to find a solution for her document sores. She ended up trying Revv – an all-in-one document management system that is used by many administrators across the business function. This tool helped her overcome most of her challenges. Some of the features that made her jump in glee are –

  • Template library with legally vetted templates – She can just use a template for any particular document that she needs to create instead of drafting the document from scratch.
  • Manage documents in folders – She can organize her document in folders within the document management system used by several administrators and save time on document hunting with an efficient search option within the tool
  • Collaborate with multiple people – The system allows Carol to collaborate with the Administrative Head of the other branch who is located miles away from her. She can mention comments for him within the documents, add notes, or even set up approval workflows for review.

Are document creation issues troubling you too? It’s time to stop complaining and start looking for a document management tool that fits the needs of your administrator and the requirements of your organization. Most of the tool has an option for a free trial, you can use the tool and assess whether it is the right fit or not. Revv offers customized plans suiting your business.

Here is a list of the top 18 document management systems that are available for you to try before you make the final decision.


Take the hard work out of drafting documents. Explore Revv’s template library

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