From RevvSales to Revv – a Shorter Name With a Bigger Hug!

Not so long ago, two entrepreneurs came together to tackle a problem that forms a crucial part of almost every business – the sales document dilemma! What document to create at a particular stage of sales? Who is supposed to review the proposals or quotes? Is the contract legally sound to send out for customer signature? Too many questions about documents remained unanswered consequently paving way for RevvSales.

The basic idea of simplifying the end-to-end document process for sales function led to the inception of RevvSales. But soon into the process, Rishi and Sameer received feedback from our customers, making them realize that the scope of documents is much wider than expected. As founders, they were intimately aware of the challenges of running a business and the mountains of paperwork it brings along with it. This prompted them to provide users with an intelligent business partner to manage their documents.

Let’s Revv your business

Documents kickstart your business. Documents grow your business. Documents run your business. Everyday!!! The move in a new direction – an all in one document management software, was to bring in simplicity in the document management process.

The most significant impact of this change reflected in our name. Formerly known as RevvSales, we now identify ourselves as Revv. A self-service SaaS product that helps you run your business, one document at a time.

With Revv, we have expanded our circle of inclusion by creating space for documents beyond the sales world. This makes us relevant for individuals and small and medium businesses alike, all those who need a partner like Revv to meet the everyday demands of business documentation.

We’re now playing for the little guys – the passionate entrepreneur who is putting everything on the line to realize their dreams. Revv is their self-learning, organized and analytical business partner who is always on alert to meet business documentation needs. Be it an offer letter required by the HR executive or a quotation to be prepared by a freelancer – Revv is their all-in-one platform for all things document.

The revamp also offers a whole new intelligence layer that makes comprehension and analysis of existing documents easier and straightforward. While at the same time making selection and creation of new documents a walk in the park. Revv lets the users create documents that are both human readable and machine actionable, so they don’t have to manually move data between their documents and systems of record that they use.

We’re changing to make it more convenient for you
We’re gearing up to make you faster
We’re organizing to make you more efficient
We’re learning to make you smarter
We’re transforming to transform you

Some ideal offerings from Revv that answer several document management process issues –

  • Drafting documents made easy with vetted templates
  • Collaboration and review process simplified with secure shareable document links
  • Tracking activities within the document made possible
  • Receiving consent with a click of e-signature
  • Secure storage folders to help file your documents virtually
  • Well established support system at your fingertips
  • Integrations that makes life easier

Revv envisions a world where all the paper documents holding a dollar value are digitized and stored securely. Because the documents are the brain of the business, and Revv is the heart of documents.

The Revv logo – up and ahead

The rebranding from

The hues of Revv

At Revv, we want our users to feel invited. We want to provide a platform that not only does the job but emits a sense of comfort and care towards the user. We have tried to communicate such emotions with the users through the hues of Revv.

The colors of Revv represent emotions from comfort and warmth to  growth and revitalization
  • Perfect purple – In the world of colors, we choose Purple Nebula to convey the nobility in our principles and business. This color provides a sense of comfort to the user ensuring that Revv is the solution to all of their document problems.
  • Sold at gold – The hint Quasar Gold in our palette cultivates a feeling of optimism and dynamism. This brings forth the speed and agility that Revv brings to your processes.
  • True to blue – The hue of Cerulean Blue adds the emotion of trust on the palette. At Revv we believe that in order to build a strong business one first needs to build trust with its customers.
  • The teal appeal New teal comes with an appeal that will revitalize your working process. Revv brings life to document drafting and management that can get mundane after a point in time.
  • Keen on the greenEmerald green in the color card connects with the evergreen growth. Be it an individual or a team or a business, they all function with an aim to grow into something bigger and better from where they started. With Revv we created a tool that catalyzes the growth of our customers.
  • Inked in pink – As the saying ‘ All work no play makes Jack a dull boy’. The playfulness of Flamingo Pink can be seen in the way Revv represents and communicates itself with the audience.

The artists of Revv can be seen immersed in these color buckets, painting the walls of the Revv (our website and in all of our communication,) beautifying it with their special artwork.

Walk the talk

As the famous David Ogilvy said “ The better you write, the higher you will go”

A similar force drives the creative folks at Revv. Whether it’s an informative blog post or a product update email being sent out to the users, the communication is always kept simple and conversational. Our social media posts share the same tone – highlighting a use case and how Revv is the ultimate solution.

This simplification of tonality helps us to stay true to our core objective, which is to empower entrepreneurs.

This emphasis on simplicity comes from an important observation, i.e. ease of use. Most businesses have tech stacks that are either too complicated or require additional resources and support – reducing productivity. With Revv, we want our users to bring back their focus in doing what they do best – run their organization while we manage their document requirements.

Revv represents change – a change to help entrepreneurs worldwide to never stop being what their passion drives them to be. We’re here to help you reach your goal, we’re invested in your success, we’re your partners, we’re your friends in need. Let’s win!


Want to take the hard work out of electronic signature? Try Revv’s eSign feature now

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Diksha is a Product Expert at Revv. She works with the creative marketing team to come up with new and exciting content for you. When not working, she can be found engrossed in the world of fiction novels while foot-tapping to Coldplay's tunes.

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