RevvSales will soon be found in Salesforce Appexchange

RevvSales launching shortly on the Salesforce AppExchange

The world’s fastest-growing deal desk software, RevvSales will soon be available on Salesforce AppExchange. At the push of a button, users can create, negotiate, sign, store and renew deals from within the Salesforce environment, powered by RevvSales’ superfast user experience. 

Leveraging Salesforce as the source of truth, RevvSales incorporates all aspects of the sales deal: Opportunities, Contracts, Collaboration, Deal Analytics, and Workflows into an intuitively blended system. Since it’s a Salesforce Composite app, subscription business’ quote-to-cash process gets all the flexibility of Salesforce but none of the complexity. This also means quicker response times, frequent updates and timely resolutions.

RevvSales provides a SAML enabled SSO (single sign-on) to ensure a seamless transition between SFDC and RevvSales. RevvSales backend is securely running inside an AWS VPC. While the basic integration will be available right out of the box, a no-code custom configuration and hassle-free implementation will be possible too. 

In most companies, sales operations is busy designing and running the sales engine that makes the sales reps effective and efficient. What they require is a tool that allows them to empower sales teams, yet sets up guardrails and gives users control, visibility, and predictability into sales operations.

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Aditi is a Product Consultant at Revv, a leading document management software company that provides document templates that help run your business. All about chasing sunsets, her thoughts collide with everything SaaS and oscillates between the midnight musings of a poet and her fav authors. Can be mostly found near dogs or in a cafe with a book.

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