How to Add a Signature to a PDF

You can now add signature block to pdf documents and send for signatures easily.

Make signing PDF documents easy with Revv Regardless of whether you’ve spent time in an office environment, you have definitely encountered PDFs. The PDF is one of the most common document formats. Nearly every document word processor will export to PDF if you want a secure document that can’t be easily manipulated after production.  PDFs […]

Digital Signature vs. Electronic Signature: What’s the Difference

What are the differences between a digital signature and a wet signature?

The words “digital” and “electronic” in most situations can almost be used interchangeably. When it comes to signature software, there are some distinct differences, and also a lot of overlap between the two. Understanding those differences will help you to decide which solution is right for your business, and this understanding will allow you to […]

Choosing the Best Free Electronic Signature Software

How to choose the best esign software?

One of the greatest changes to business operations in the last year is the rise of remote work. We have learned, as a society, how many of our in-person interactions are not absolutely necessary. Many job functions that were carried out face to face in 2019 suddenly became distance functions. The phrase “this could have […]

Working With Digital Contracts: Everything You Need to Know

How do you draft an online or digital contract?

Digital contracts are a great way to finalize contractual agreements. Digital contracts are legal and binding provided they comply with the requirements of law. You can create professional digital contracts easily and in rapid time by using Revv’s document creation software.