Ins and Outs of CPQ – Definition, Functions, and Examples

Know everything about a CPQ software and choose the best for your business.

Sales is the backbone of a successful business. Sales managers and other sales professionals work hard, deal with an ample amount of rejection, and handle piles of paperwork before they can pool in customers to contribute to the company’s growth. The company’s responsibility is to adopt tools and techniques that assist their salespeople in working […]

Your Data is Securely Managed With Revv: We are SOC 2 Compliant

Warren Bennis once said, “Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work.” It is a fundamental factor for growth in all business relationships as less time is spent protecting oneself from being exploited and more towards productive outcomes. With great dependency on SaaS (software-as-a-service) and cloud computing platforms, peoples’ worries surrounding […]

Who Should Use a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Software and Why?

Configure Price Quote or CPQ software lets you manage your products and create accurate quotes

Timely drafting and sharing of sales quotes with prospects and clients is a crucial part of the sales process. But, sending generic quotes and proposals to meet the timelines does not always prove fruitful for the business. The increased competition in the B2B industry has seen a rise in demand for highly customized products and […]

Revv | The Best Electronic Signature Platform to Process FDA Documents

Use Revv, a modern electronic signature platform, to send FDA documents for eSign.

All the efforts and pursuits of the US Food and Drug Administration are directed towards the advancements of public health nationwide. It exercises strong leadership to ensure we use good quality food and drugs. The FDA formulates rules & regulations, carries out inspections, grants research permissions, and whatnot to protect the quality of drugs, biologics, […]

List of Accounting and Tax Documents You Can eSign

Use Revv to send your accounting and tax documents for electronic signatures.

The tax and accounting industry involves tons of paperwork. Managing piles of crucial tax documents and files can be an overwhelming job as tax professionals and CPAs (certified public accountants) have a lot of responsibility. They must be – Updated about the concerning state laws surrounding tax forms and other related documents Abide by a […]

Secure Document Workflow with Electronic Signatures

In this fast-paced digital world, people need to do business electronically. The global pandemic only heightened the need for remote authorizations since people couldn’t meet in person. It’s essential to stay on top of your technological game if you want your organization to keep pace with the competition. That’s why Revv is taking you on […]