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A purchase order is the terminal expression of the interest to buy. The purchase order is where the specifics of the transaction between the buyer and the seller are detailed. The products, the associated quantities, the pricing, the expected delivery, and the terms of the transaction. Once accepted, the purchase order becomes the contract between buyer and seller. The beauty of a purchase order is in its simplicity and a purchase order template will help reduce the time spent on crafting uniform purchase orders. With a standard template you don't need to enter the same information each time a fresh order is created!
Reduce time and errors that help both the buyer and the seller.

The anatomy of a well crafted purchase order:

Customer Information:

Clear mention of the buyer, contact person, billing address, and other contact information.

Vendor Information:

Registered address and legal name of the company, contact information and tax details

Shipping Information:

Shipping address, shipping mode, carrier preferences, and other details

Products and Services:

Itemized list of products being sold, quantities and pricing for each item

Delivery and Payment:

When is delivery expected, and correspondingly when payment is expected

Additional Charges:

This includes taxes, freight or shipping costs and sometimes forwarding charges

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